9 A break before entering the woods
10 Verification of magic skills

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The next morning, I broke up with the store fairy and me and Rousha went into the woods.

It's a bright, walkable forest, and it doesn't seem to be a problem as an environment for collecting. Nevertheless, it seems vast and no one goes further than through the woods, so caution should be exercised.

"Apricot grass grows in magical places… it has to go pretty far."


Looking pretty deep, Lucha looks behind the woods as she narrows her eyes.

Is the long elf ears moving a little tingly because they're exploring signs of demons or something? For now, there doesn't seem to be any demons near the entrance.

For one thing, it was decided to walk away at regular intervals with marks on the trees and the like so as not to get lost in the road.

"If you scratch it with a knife, it's certainly easier when you come back. What do we do when it's off?

When I marked the tree with a knife, Lucha asked with a dull laugh. I'm not going to make any more mistakes falling off the cliff, but it's also true that I don't know what it is.

Put your arms together and worry, think about what to do.

Although it would be safer to return if it were meant to be, that makes it difficult to see how far Lucha has returned.

"All right, if it detaches, let's go to the last place we mark it unless it's dangerous. If we meet up there, you know we're not ahead of that, right?

"Oh, well. Sure, you can't tell how far back I should go if it's the way I came. Okay, let's do that."


Moving on for a while, a slime appeared from the bush.

"Slime till you come to the Devil's Lands...... something looks different"

It's a slime with black colors and parts of my hands like demon feathers. He tried to jump right at me and started hitting me.


... Well, you can probably avoid slime attacks without any problems.

Though it was the first look I saw, so I was just a little thrilled. Lucha, with an arrow behind me, said, "It's Demon Slime!" I raise my voice.

"Demon slime?"

That's another noisy name......

"They're pretty aggressive, but they're relatively easy to knock down because they're slow and easy to understand."

"I see. You're a great healer for me."


Lucha releases an arrow with a laugh, but unfortunately right next to the demon slime...... stabbed him to the ground.


"All right, let's go!

Lucha turns on two arrows at once and releases them toward Demon Slime. One of them hit brilliantly and defeated Demon Slime.

I can knock you down with one blow, and classify you as a miscellaneous fish and you don't seem to have a problem.

Relaxed and walked out into the woods again.

◆ ◆ ◆

Walk. Okay, but there seems to be a lot of plants growing in this forest.

Most of them don't even know their names, but clear flowers, trees with multiple colors of fruit, big mushrooms as tall as my hips.

"You're just something I've never seen. Is it a herb or something that could be some kind of ingredient?

"Yeah, a lot of things can be ingredients for potions. Many people use that as a spice, and they can eat mushrooms."


What Rousha pointed at was purple nuts. When rinsed and dried, it is said to be popular to use as a spice.

Apparently it was a major plant in this world just because I don't know it.

"The apricot grass you're looking for, on your little bud, has a slightly larger, light-eyed orange fruit, right? It doesn't look like a very tall tree growing off the ground, so you might want to take a closer look down there."

"Oh, you sure do"

Don't look at my feet properly. I missed it, then it's not funny.

"Though I may have to walk a few days to the back,"

"It's a place of great magic. What kind of place can I give you?

"Places like spring water, caves, that kind of thing, they're magical."

As Lusha breaks her fingers, she tells us "Fountains, Big Trees" and possible places. If it's a spot-like place, it's easy to understand.

"For once, I briefly heard it in the city. The fountain is two days on foot, and the cave is about four days away."

"So you have to walk for at least two days"

"Looks like it. … Ah, it's Demon Slime and Demon Oak"

"You think I should put a daemon on everything... and you use magic even though you're an oak?

"Is it because it's a daemon?

The oak in my sight. The demon oak is equipped with a dokuro necklace and cane, as long as it's a green body.

This isn't the orc I know.

"Does that mean that that orc uses his magic skills to attack...?

Reminds me of a time ago when I lost my feather slime magic skills.

Demons use their skills themselves, not much. That means I guess you should recognize that demon oak as a high-ranking demon there.

The magic skills used by Ruriya Tina are basically becoming obsessed with the target of attack regardless of their hit status. No, rather than in the middle, is it correct to say that the user will land a bullet where he thought it would be when he released it?

Thinking about it, I don't think it's impossible to avoid it either.

... This, too, is going to need to be verified.

"[Shield] [Regene], all the time. Lusha, I need you to wait for the attack because I'm a little concerned, okay?

"What do you care? Nothing good..."

Rousha lowers the bow she had erected and looks at the demon oak that is strangely confronting me. By the way, Demon Slime has been hitting me repeatedly.

Of course it's all a mistake.

Demon Oak has put up a wand and used his magic skills against me.

With the magic of fire, you hit it that it's probably the fire Tina always used. It's not very powerful, and it's slow to get to me.

".................. Yikes"



I was blinded, so I accidentally avoided the Demon Oak fire.

I was going to do an experiment on whether I could avoid it without doing anything, and then this makes no sense. Sigh, it's another challenge.

"But, well, if I avoid it on my own volition, I know I won't hit it, okay?"

"You mean you can avoid magic skills?

"Yes, yes. Physical attacks are good, but there aren't a lot of demons coming at us."

Explain to Rousha that he has not been able to do enough verification until now.

"It was. But demons don't attack skills very often."


That said, Rousha pointed to Demon Oak. When I saw the demon oak, I thought I was ready for the next magic... but the demon oak stood there doing nothing.

... Huh?

"Demon slime is avant-garde, and demon oak is like a pair of back-garde parties."

Haha and laughing, Rusha said, "What do we do?" He asks me.

By the way, Rousha says the cycle in which demons use their skills varies from demon to demon. Even if you weigh your Demon Oak skill cycle, you can't apply it to other demons.

"... I have no choice, defeat it"


Until Rousha defeated him with a total of 12 arrows, Demon Oak didn't even show a bare gesture to use magic......

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

11 Dobon from a bunch of demons