8 Apricot Grass Candidates
9 A break before entering the woods

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After a night's rest, the next day, me and Rousha were rocked by a carriage going to the Apricot Forest.

The carriage part where the two horses are pulling is an easy build with a simple roof. There are three rows of seats lined up to accommodate nine people.

It would be nice to sit in the back row and relax and take a look at the view.

There are no customers but us, so we're rented out. Enough size, but bad roads or bad chairs... I can't even say the ride is flattering.

"Now it's hard to stay on less than a day..."


Unexpectedly he shrugged, and Rusha said, "What's wrong?" and peered into my face.

"No, my ass is going to hurt."

"It does rock quite a bit, but riding a carriage is like this"

"Oh well."

They're used to it. Lusha laughs haha.

It was just a nice shake on the train, and it's gonna take me a while to get used to it. If I'm wrong, I don't feel like I can sleep.

As I looked at her, Lucha pointed at her bag.

"Then why don't you lay the cushions you bought for the pillows?

"Oh, I see."

Surely that would be a lot better.

I nod and try to take the cushion out of my bag, which became a magic bag, and lay it under my ass.... Mmm, I do feel a little better than just now.

Lucha, sitting next to him, also took out the cushion and sat on top of it. Seems to have relaxed my sitting comfort considerably and looks sneery and happy.

It's still going to be a long time till we get there.

◆ ◆ ◆


Did the wheel of the carriage get up on the stone, or is the road bad again? The shaking gets worse, and at the same time the voice of Lucha calling me gets in my ear.

"Hiroki, we're here!

"... what!?"

"At first, you were complaining all the time ~! Well, I was asleep, too."


Thought you couldn't sleep, but you seem to have fallen asleep normally.

I've been getting tired lately, so it could be that recoil. When I stretch all the way, my body is crisp, painful, and I raise my voice.

When I got out of the carriage, the forest was spreading in front of me.

No more unpleasant atmosphere, brightly colored trees. Some branches have nuts, and small animals like squirrels are desperately trying to hold them.

Not demons, but animals live quite a bit too. Right...

"It's a bright forest, but I got out in a carriage in the morning, but it's already evening. You want to go into the woods after a night's rest?

"That sounds better."

Nodding at Lucha's words, he takes the tent out of his bag.

I'm buying ingredients, and I'll be able to make a warm dinner. In order to do that, we have to start somewhere where the fire starts.

"Lusha, I'm gonna pick up a little wood for the bonfire or something"

"Okay! Be careful."

"Avoid, heck"


Lucha laughed at my words and sent me out.

Even so, it doesn't mean we're going that far. A range of fifty meters at best would suffice. Then I expect the demons that come out will also be slime-level miscellaneous fish.

"But for once [Shield] long"

This would be fine if something happened.

Pick up branches of trees that are dry and likely to burn well for now. Wasn't it raining much, most trees and leaves are thirsty.

"Is it because it's still shallow? There's no demons, and they look comfortable... oh, there's some herbs."

It was the healing grass that caught my eye.

It's the most major herb in this world, and I remember taking care of you on your first quest. I have a heel, but I'll pick a few herbs for when it happens.

If you don't want it, you can have it bought off at the Adventurer Guild.

"I don't like it if it comes off like it did before, and you want Lucha to have it"

I bought a few potions, but I've never had items for recovery because I can hold a lot of bags in a magic bag.

When I picked the branches and the herbs for the incineration and went back, Lucha was preparing me under the dish.

"Oh, welcome back! How'd it go? That's a lot."

"There was some healing grass, so I picked it. Rusha's got it."

"Are you sure? Thanks."

Pass Lucha the healing grass and I'll get ready for the fire soon.

That said, it's easy. I'll just stack up the big stones and build the foundation so I can put the pan down for once, but that's about it.

Simply gather the tree branches you've been collecting in one place and use the demonic stones that set off the fire you had prepared for your blacksmith grandma.

The firepower was also strong there, and the fire was quickly completed.

"All right, done!

"It's all over here, too!

That said, Rousha stabbed him in the skewer and showed me the meat seasoned with salt and pepper.

It's a simple, masculine dish, Mr. Rusha.

"Well, I'll make the soup."

"Thanks! I'll get ready for bed while I'm cooking meat!

"Say hello."

I'm in the mood for Run, and Lusha's going into the tent.

It's a simple one, so I can see right away that the material I'm using is also thin and not strong. I think it would be nice to buy a new sturdy tent when I save money.

And I make soup.

That said, it's just an easy dish with onions, several vegetables and mushrooms. The reason why it would be cold at night and if there was a warm soup...... So it doesn't mean I'm good at cooking.

"Sushi ~"

"Oh, that was fast."

"'Cause I'm just gonna give you a cushion or something."

"You know what?"

Surely it is not so much about preparation.

The meat is just cooked and the soup is done. It's where the woods say, "Good smell!" I heard a voice.


"Ah, the fairy in the store!

When me and Rousha looked at the forest entrance, the fairy in the store with the big backpack was standing. I smile, but that gaze looks up at the dish.

... Are you hungry?

"I was going to do business in this forest, find me a face I know! Greetings."

"I see...?

The fairy in the store sat beside me with her backpack down.

Apparently, he's willing to dine with us. I laughed unexpectedly and recommend "go ahead".

"No, thanks! Though, it's not a good idea to get it for free! Let me share the meat."


Listening to the words of the store fairy, Rousha makes her eyes shine.

Removed from the backpack was a large chunk of meat that there would be a light kilo. I put out a net along with it, so apparently I'll bake it.

"Do you want the soup first?"

I'll make some soup to make room for the meat.

The shop fairy immediately burned the meat with a net. Then, in no time, the fragrant smell tickles my nose... what the hell kind of meat is that?

Honestly, it's hard to think of the meat that the store fairy has served as pigs or cows.

Happier not to ask?

No, but I care...

What a thought, the shop fairy cut the meat apart as it seemed finished. Rusha wears it right up and looks happy, "Yummy ~!"

"This is highly recommended meat!

"I thought it was light flavored, but I guess it's because the meat tastes good...... so delicious"

If it's so delicious, can I have any meat?

So I get a bite from the store fairy, too. Then, in an instant, a thick gravy spread in his mouth. It should be chewy, but very soft.

What a strange meat, I think.

"Hey, I'm glad you two liked it. The handkerchief I received before this was a very good product."

"Oh, that one? It's definitely one thing, and it's a good one."

If you go to Japan, you can buy it, but not in this world.

"So I was excited about this meat among the things I deal with."

"Thank you. I've never eaten meat like this before."

When I say thank you honestly, "You bet," the store fairy nods.

"But when you also deal with food... do you also deal with apricot grass?

"Uh, materials and materials aren't for sale, are they?"

I'll ask him if maybe, but he just didn't seem to have handled apricot grass. If you think it's a shame, Rousha puts a scratch in it.

"Even though you handle meat?

"Meat and ingredients, indeed."

When I saw the store fairy, I shook my head.

"You can eat meat as soon as you cook it, but you wouldn't eat the herbs as they are, would you?

"Well, sure"

"I'm sorry I didn't get what I wanted."


That said, the shop fairy cheeked up a large piece of meat.

"Oh, but"

"If it's a request for a finished product, I'll take it."

Feel free to order - but it's definitely expensive.

"... I'd like a curse potion with apricot grass as an ingredient."

"Oh, the curse potion! I don't have a hand right now, do you want to buy it? Prices vary depending on the purchase, so I don't know yet."


I worry about what to do.

I honestly don't know the price is harsh. I don't like letting the king give money here, though the king may give it out if it's for Lotus, who is a brave man.

... but fuck my pride or something.

"Oh, I'll prepare it, but nothing. You'll never have to buy it! Sometimes the cursing potion comes out."

"Really? Then please."

I asked the store fairy for a favor, but it will take awhile to purchase it.

So me and Rousha are going into the woods tomorrow to find apricot grass.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

10 Verification of magic skills