7 Arrival in Apricot
8 Apricot Grass Candidates

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"You don't know a first-rate alchemist. Pinot was an alchemist, but I don't know if he's top notch..."

Before the guild's reception, Rousha thinks "Uh-huh" with her arms around her.

I did only assume that I would align the items, and I don't know any alchemists other than Pinot. In the first place, I don't even know if I can conveniently meet Pinot.

The lack of a smartphone is inconvenient......

"In the meantime, let's find Apricot Grass first. In the process, if we had an alchemist, we'd have to speak up."


Refresh your mind and ask the guild's receptionist where the apricot grass is growing. But the frown lowered and the troubled look.

"It's not what grows in certain places. So I can only tell you where it might be"

"Possibility, is it?

"Yes. Apricot grass is a very rare thing, and it has to be a highly magical place to grow. So wherever it is, it could grow anywhere with a lot of magic..."

Listen to the receptionist and convince me that Lusha and I will be.

Speaking of which, there was also a windy statement in the drawings that they grew up in places with a lot of magic.

"So it's possible… if you look at it on the map, is it around here"


Looking at the map spread over the counter, the receptionist pointed to several places.

Mountains, lakes, forests, seas.

Everywhere seems rich in nature.

"It's likely this forest is among them. It's pretty deep and magical enough to go deep. Demons are also strong, but apricot grass has been harvested in the past"

"You have a proven track record..."

Sure, that's hard to throw away.

By the way, they don't have any records found in the ocean.... Well, I guess it's not something that grows in water. So I decided that mountains or forests seemed likely.

Nevertheless, the fact that the demons are strong is a source of concern.

When I'm worried, the receptionist keeps pointing at the mountain and saying the words.

"Actually, mountains have more magic and more demons than forests. But there have been no reports of apricot grass being harvested in the past."

"Well, it sounds good to go to the woods. I don't know, Rousha."

"Yeah, I think it's fine in the woods too. There's a lot of grass, and I think it's an environment where herbivores grow easily."

"That's settled."

And then if we can get ready to go into the woods and collect apricot grass, the first task will be accomplished.

When you come back to the city, time loses, so you should buy more food and more. Fortunately, I could take plenty because I could have a magic bag in my hand.

They can also recruit alchemists in the guild, so we asked them to process it and we left the guild behind.

◆ ◆ ◆

Food and water bought in, about a week's worth.

Besides, potions that relieve state anomalies.

Also, I would buy a cushion that might replace a pillow. Simple tents and such were prepared by the blacksmith's old man, but because these things didn't have the weight of the luggage in mind.

"You have to work hard and level up. Hiroki, I'll do my best!

"I'll do my best, too, okay?


What we're going to is called the Apricot Forest.

From the city we are in, he said, the entrance is less than a day north by carriage. It seems to be the biggest forest on the Apricot continent, and the ocean is the only thing ahead through the forest, and people don't live there before that.

... It seems quite difficult.

"Hiroki, it looks like the passenger carriage is out of there."

"Departure is tomorrow, but I'll make sure it's time"

Several carriages are placed close to the city's exterior walls.

Something like a timetable is nearby, but unfortunately I can't read the letters. At a time like this, Rousha can count on you.

When we arrived at the boarding carriage stop, it was crowded with many people.

Demons, beasts, elves and there are different races and it's kind of fun just to watch. In the meantime, Rousha checked my timetable.

"Looks like we can get to every city from here. The woods we go to... oh, one a day. Next, it's like tomorrow morning."

"Oh well. Well, you better get some rest early today."

"Yeah, that's right."

Rusha says that if it's a boarding carriage to each city, there are a few out there a day. However, there seems to be only one carriage out in the morning each to a side where there is no city, such as a dungeon.

By the way, they're off duty when they don't have any customers. If you want me to pick you up, they say that if you pay the advance, it will be expensive but they will send out the carriage even if there are no customers.

I see. I nod, and I think I should ask him to pick me up.

It took me a day by carriage, and along the way, there are no cities or villages. I can't get you to pick me up because I'm pretty high on hurdles.

"Looks like you should check the number of users tomorrow and the usual number of users."

"You just can't afford to walk home."

Perhaps I am physically hectic.

If it's about a day, we can wait in the wild...

"Well, let's just make sure."


I went to the passenger carriage counter and I spoke to my aunt at the reception.

"Excuse me. I'd like to go to Apricot Forest, is there a lot of people going here? I was worried if I should ask you to pick me up."

"Welcome! Welcome to the Apricot Forest. Mm-hmm. That doesn't mean there are a lot of users. We don't have guests once or twice a week, and we're off."


That's another subtle number.

"By the way, if you ask me to pick you up, I'll give you a half refund."

"Oh, I appreciate that. … Then please pick me up too"

"Yes. When are you going, when are you coming home?

Hearing that question bothers me even more.

I don't know how far I can find apricot grass in the first place....... but the food I prepared is for a week. If we find it sooner than that, we will still have only a few days left to decurse the lotus curse in time too.

Then you should think about assuming you look even critical.

If there are other guests, you can take that carriage home.

"Lusha, are you okay for a week?

"Of course."

Exactly the girl thought Nojuku was in the woods for a week - but Rousha responded instantly without showing one bare gesture to get lost.

If I were on the side of being asked, I'd have felt somewhat bothered that the week was a long one... Truth is, Rousha is a man.

"Then I'll take tomorrow's carriage. Can you pick me up in a week?

"I get it. One way, 3,000 rico per person. Plus 2,000 rico for pick up. If one of you asks to pick me up, one of you can go home, so you can go home with your brother at 5,000 rico and your daughter at 3,000 rico."

"Thank you"

Me and Lusha, we both thought it was a booking fee, but it doesn't look like it. Conscientious and quite likable.

I paid a total of 14,000 ricos and should be ready to go to the woods.

"Well, don't be late tomorrow."

"Yes, thank you"


After the passenger carriage counter, me and Rousha decided to go back to the inn and rest.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

9 A break before entering the woods