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7 Arrival in Apricot

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"Wow, thanks! You think he's a very rare handkerchief, don't you? You told me to give it back already, because I would never give it back, right?

"Fine, but make it a proper magic bag."

That said, I'll just give you my bag and Lucha's bag.

"He's such a rare handkerchief, and about two bags for... okay?

"Wow... you're tight. Well, fine! It's special this time!

"Thank you"

I tried to ask for it, but the store fairy accepted my request lightly. Now you and I will be able to dive into the dungeons and go into the woods for a long time.

Rusha apparently didn't think it would take magic to get to her bag, and she is surprised to open her mouth gently.

"Mine too!? Thanks, fairy"

"Because this is the only time, right? Damn, I owe you one!

Shop fairies are pun! And as he swelled his cheeks, he received my bag and Lusha's. Then I took out the seat and got my bag flipped over on it.

It's really upside down, not like putting out the contents one at a time.

"Hey, it's a lot more rampant..."

"Well, well."

The store fairy Haru has a cross nose and says, "I don't have much stuff in it." It's an extra favor.

"Let's start with that guy over there..."

"Oh, it's Hiroki"

"Hiroki! Was that Lucha? Well, let's start with the Hiroki one. [Space Expansion Grant] All the time."


Looks like the store fairy used her skills and expanded my bag.

Or do you have such handy skills? I'd love to, but I don't feel I can get it if it's Priest......

"Look, put something in it."

"Oh, oh."

As the store fairy prompted me, I grabbed my scattered bags and put them in my bag. Then he tried to get sucked in all the time, and more and more of his stuff went in.

Ooh, this is amazing...!!

"What exactly is a shop fairy profession? It's a very handy skill, something else..."

"No, no, that's a secret. Why do you have to tell me about me? I just met him."

"That's right..."

I don't know if I'll see you again in the future, so I would have loved to hear it...... apparently the guard is pretty stiff.

I gave up and laughed "when I had another chance".

Then the store fairy expanded on Lucha's bag as well, and we were able to get the magic bag safely.

I'll have to thank you when I see you.

To do this, we need to get through the tree sea and get to the Apricot continent as soon as possible.

"Well, I guess I'll move too."

"Mobile sales?

"Yes, yes. It would be nice to see you again!

Thinking that he would not move on, the store fairy also seemed to move and started cleaning up. It doesn't seem to be a fixed store, and I'm sure we're lucky to have met like we did today.

If Lusha were here, I might see her again.

"Thank you, store fairy! See you later."


Lucha waved loudly and we broke up with the store fairy.

◆ ◆ ◆

We walked through the tree sea checking the map and after a few days of wild accommodation we reached the Apricot continent.

The end of the tree sea is a meadow, with great views. Far ahead are a number of large mountains, and near their top are clouds and thin white.

"Wow, it's a beautiful day! It's been a long time since the sun dazzled the tree sea because the weather wasn't very nice."

"Right. First off, I'd like to take a break and gather some information."

"Yeah. I can see the city so much over there, let's go"

As Lusha shudders, she pulls my hand and walks out.

For once there is still a chance of demons coming out, I would ask you not to walk ahead of me.

That said, there's no sign of demons as far as I can see. It's a beautiful place, so maybe someone else has exorcised you.

I walked a few hours through the meadows to reach my first city on the Apricot continent.

"Oh, it's more normal than I thought..."

"What did you imagine?

"No... he said there was a demon king."

The city was made just like the land of man.

If there is a difference between looking at it all the time, does it mean that demonic props are used more often than in human countries? Exactly, there are only continents inhabited by demonic tribes that can be magically prolonged.

And observe the people who want to go.

You don't look like us. There are horns growing, demonic looks, nothing like that. Instead, he seems to have a lot of fun laughing and standing talkin '.

"You're not much different from a human country."

"Right. Language is with us, so I guess it's okay to keep it normal?

"I see..."

Seems peaceful to me.

... You don't have to bother defeating the Demon King, do you? And I think. I don't know because I haven't met the demon king before, but maybe we can get along better than the human king.

"In the meantime, let's get an inn"


For one thing, it's important to rest your tired body in the tree sea.

Me and Rousha decided to take a break at the inn, Windy Chicken - something went wrong.

"Lotto? The currency here is Rico."

"What, are you in a different currency?

"That's right. It's the quickest way to redeem in the Adventurer Alliance."

I tried to pay a fee at the inn and they told me I couldn't do it in Lotto.

The Loquat continent, where we were summoned, has a currency of lots.

And this Apricot continent, a demonic continent, has a currency of rico.

Well, if the continent does differ, the currency does change. I sigh wondering why I didn't realize the possibility.

If you can redeem in the Adventurer Alliance, it's easy, okay?

◆ ◆ ◆

The adventurer guild that came quickly was much the same build as the Piznut kingdom.

But it's much wider inside, and there's a lot of people using it. It turns out that adventurers are active, and some people here know information about Apricot grass.

Lusha and I just decided to go to the counter and ask for information on the exchange and apricot grass.

"Welcome to the Adventurer Alliance!

"Hi, I'd like to redeem Lotto for Rico. Then I'm looking for something called apricot grass, any information?

Take out 50,000 lots to be redeemed to Rico and use this money to fund your activities first.

"You just got geared up, so you don't have a lot of money either. If we find Apricot grass, we'll get plenty of requests and we'll have to level it up."

"Right. First remove the anxiety element, then."


Apricot grass is the highest priority, so other things are behind us. This is directly linked to the life of the lotus, so I want to accomplish it even if it is rather unscrupulous.

"That's a 50,000 lotto exchange. Now it will be 0.8 rico at 1 lotto. So I'll give you 40,000 ricos, okay?

"Wow, is Lotto worth less..."

It's plain damaging.

The guild's receptionist laughs bitterly when I wrinkle between my eyebrows. All this is not something I can offer a discount or anything, so I will have it exchanged.

If you work here for a while and go back, you're going to feel plain rich.

"And then, that's apricot grass. Unfortunately, it is not handled by our guild. What do you use it for?

"Uh, I want to make a curse potion. If you haven't handled it, I'd like you to tell me where it is because I'm going to pick it."

"Really... but you can't make a curse potion with apricot grass without being a top alchemist"

For one thing I wish I had apricot grass, so needless to say I had my head in the receptionist's words......

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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