5 The Great Tree of Fruit Trees: Part II
6 Fairy Shop

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

When I wondered if the pinots had taken out the nets, I set fire to them in front of the great tree and began to cook the meat.

... Where the hell were you hiding that big net?

"You have plenty of mushrooms! Let's bake some foil and add some butter"

Lucha also has a pompous mouth on the pinot that is cooking mushrooms in the mood of Run. But soon enough, I get under the pinot.

"I'll help you with something, too. In other words, you have plenty of ingredients..."

"Food is important! It enriches my heart."

I do agree with that, but it will be difficult to execute in the tree sea......

Unlike the Pinots, I don't even prepare cookware because it's mainly preserved food. Pinot said he'd feel free to eat with me, but I'm just sorry.

Troubled, Liliana peeked into my face.

"What's up?

"No, I don't have the ingredients or anything like Liliana and the others."

"Is that so? You don't have to worry, because Pinot has a lot of ingredients. You like delicious things."

So I laugh that Liliana and Hassan are on to something delicious as they escort.

"Well, cooking skills are normal. And then, it's like an ingredient-free doctrine, and occasionally I get a weird meal and I'm relieved."


Speaking of which, the mushroom in mushroom current seemed happy.

On this day we ate meat from the pig demons Hassan had hunted and a sautéed mushroom corent butter. I was surprised that Rousha was going to eat demonic meat, but I had plenty to eat as I thought I could take a bite and be surprised.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Well, that's it because we're on a different route. There's a little distance to the Devil's Lands, so be careful, both of you."


It's the next day, and it's a goodbye to the Pinots' party.

"I'm glad it's easy to have a healer"

"That's right, Pinot is deceptive, so I was glad to have a shield..."

"Uh... be careful with that"

I hear Hassan and Liliana say, and I laugh bitterly.

It'll be pretty hard to escort someone who finds herbs and walks away flustered.

"For now, at the end of the day, [Shields] all the way. Thank you for everything."


When I shielded them, the three of them thanked me happily.

"Well, good luck to you both"

"Take care"

"Holy shit!"

Breaking up with the three waving hands, me and Rousha started walking back into the tree sea again.

Fortunately, the tree sea is a beautiful day.

It is very easy to walk because the sunlight is also plugged in from among the trees that are about to. It's easy to find even with demons, and I hope the weather doesn't collapse like this.

The fog is too harsh to step off my feet again... Oh, my God, I'm sorry.

"... that?


As he walks vigilantly around him, Lucha gives a voice to the pretense.

There is no particular sense of urgency, even though I am in a hurry to see if something has happened for a moment. Rousha's gaze was facing forward, and there shouldn't have been anything particularly unusual about it. - Huh?

As a result of looking forward to following Rousha's gaze, there was something there that wasn't supposed to have happened before.

"... store, huh?

"It's a tree sea here, but you do have a line of merchandise on the seat."

The sheets are spread out on the ground of the tree sea, on which are arranged goods for sale and thoughtful groceries and equipment.

But if I thought I didn't see the store owner... I saw him.


I couldn't help but raise my voice unexpectedly.

Because the owner of the store was - a fairy about 60 cm long.

I can't see its face because I'm wearing a deep hooded robe. Flying through the sky with feathers grown from your back is a little fun to watch.

The fairy looks at us and laughs.

"No, there you are! Good stuff."

"Oh, oh..."

I don't feel dangerous, so I decided to take a peek at the store first.

"This is the Fairy Shop. Take your time!

"I've never seen a fairy before."

"Me, too."

Seriously, if you look at it, the fairy brings it to shyness.

"Hey, is that true? It's an honor to be the first fairy."

"But how did you get a store here?

When Rousha casts a particular doubt, he says, "No, you heard me well!," he says.

"The only people who can come to this store are the ones with the big leaves."

"Huh? You mean this?

The fairy nods as Rousha shows the leaves she gets from the great tree of the fruit tree.

"No, we're careful. That's why we only treat people who Oki admits to."

"Am I okay?

"If you're with someone with a big tree leaf, it's okay"

"I see."

Hear and relieve the fairy in the store.

Apparently, I don't have a problem with the customer category either. Although, it would be subtle if they asked me if I could shop because I didn't have a lot of possession......

Lucha looked at the product with pleasure and said, "What's this?" Ask the store fairy.

"This is the equipment that has been granted. No, it's a really good thing. About a million, I guess."

"High...... eh"

Hearing the sale price, my voice and that of Rusha overlap unexpectedly.

I didn't even have room for consideration.

Rousha lowers her elf ears and says, "I can't buy it."

"Ya, then buy it when you become a fine adventurer. Magic processing of bags and such, recommended!

"Magic processing of bags?

"Yes, we're fairy stunts, we can add space magic to our bags. Then the surprise peach tree, the big tree tree! Nah, you're gonna get a lot of stuff in your bag."

"I want it!"

As soon as I heard it, I couldn't wait to see the bag.

This is commonly referred to as an inventory. It's an adventure necessity that allows you to easily carry what you bought and the demonic materials you got in the dungeon.

And then I realize that Pinot probably had this bag. If so, I can also be convinced of the many cooking tools and seasonings that I had in large quantities.

"Sasu, but keep your eyes on the good part! It's our first anniversary and... hey, I'll process it for $10 million!

"I want to, Muri... eh"

I thought it would be expensive because it's something special that I'm not selling in the city, but possession isn't enough at all.

"Sure, the bag is handy, but it could be a bit of a luxury for us right now."

I don't think that's the case at all, though Rousha's trying to give up with a bitter smile.

If you can pack your bags, you can have delicious rice in the dungeon, and there won't be more baggage, so it will be possible to hold it in the dungeon for a long time.

Isn't that the system you want from a runaway adventurer like us?

Nevertheless, there is no consideration that can be paid.

... Speaking of which, is it Japanese property?


I'll take it out of my bag, including what I got for the ruggers. Though how much is made in Japan and not in this world, is it tough to exchange it for 10 million products?

When I dropped my shoulder saying I had to get rich and get back out, the delightful voice of the store fairy reached my ear.

"Ya, what's so beautiful about that!

"What... this, handkerchief?

"Do you have such a beautiful handkerchief? Hey, that's so good!

What the store fairy has been eyeing is the lace handkerchief I got from the ru. It has a very elegant finish and certainly could be tough to create this by this world standard.

So much so that Lusha, peering in next door, has been seen saying "nice".

"If you'll give me that handkerchief, I'll make it a magic bag for you!

"All right, I got it!

"Oh, I'm so glad!

"Yeah yeah!? No, give it to me!

Lucha is surprised, but we have a deal.

I would have liked to have kept it if I could because it's a lil 'personal property, but now I'm focusing on efficiency. With a magic bag, it must be a lot easier to go to the woods and dungeons to find apricot grass.

The highest priority should be the decursion of the lotus, attached to it.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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