4 The Great Tree of Fruit Trees: Part I
5 The Great Tree of Fruit Trees: Part II

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Definitely, it would be Lucha's attack that didn't hit the demon.

For one thing, I'm relieved to find that there are no problems in the direction of progress, but if it has become a battle with demons, I'm worried about Lucha's safety. Maybe he's hurt.

... We need to hurry.

Worst case scenario, you might want to run out of the Pinot party. What a thought, the three of them all look puzzled by finding an arrow stabbing them in a weird place.

"An arrow stabbed me on a tree like that. Maybe there's a new kind of demon out there that uses super speed or hallucinations..."

Hassan shrugged so as she looked at the arrows and began to be vigilant around her.

I'm sorry I just didn't hit that -...!! I decided, with my head on, to explain to the surprised Pinots.

"Uh... I thought I was a strong demon, too, sorry. I think my partner did it."


What do the three of you mean? And look at me.

I guess so. Speaking of Archers, on fire - high hitting power. With that hitting power of Lusha, huh? Are you sure, Archer? It's not strange to be asked.

Because we're still focusing on firepower now......

"... doesn't that mean the other side of Hiroki is in danger? Let's go to those with traces right away."


What a man.

When I told him why, he immediately decided that Rousha might be in danger and told me to move on. Pinot and Liliana also agreed, so we decided to walk ahead of the tree sea early.

"For once, it looks like you haven't been hit because you have a demon body."

"I haven't hit you, but you have a lot of attack power with one arrow."

As we follow Lucha's footsteps, Hassan and Liliana speculate on the situation from the trail. I'm just a little relieved by that conclusion, but Pinot walking next door is a difficult look somewhere.

Should I tell you something, or should I just leave you alone... when I'm worried, Pinot opens his mouth to the ground.

"Maybe the other side of Hiroki is the elf?

"Yes, but..."

How do you know that?

When I look at Pinot strangely, I'm nodding, "I see," he said.

"What is it?

"Hey? Maybe they'll like it."


I have no idea what Pinot is talking about, though he says something meaningful. When I tried to ask him what he liked, Gasa heard a loud noise coming from the front.

"! It's a demon, and - there's an elf girl!!"


Apparently, the distance between me and Rousha wasn't too far away and I was able to catch up quickly. … but when converted at a distance, it is lightly over 50 meters to the position where Lucha is.

And there, he was with the demon about 3 meters long.

- It sucks if it stays like this!

The distance between Rusha and the demon, I would have just said, is a few meters.

What was under attack was a bear demon with a red colour, about to attack Rousha with his sharp nails protruding his legs.

"Too far away, we won't make it............!!"

"... Huh!

Listening to Hassan in a hurry, I figure out what to do. I also thought with Liliana's arrow...... but the Demon Claw was already approaching enough to cut another meter to Rousha.

Not very much, but I can't make it.

What can I do, do something to get Rusha......!

That's what I thought, but, uh, I had an idea in mind. I've never tried it before, but I just have to put it to possibility. That's the distance to use your skills.

Get it to me!


"- Huh!? Hiroki!!"

When I put a shield on Rousha, I call my name. But the expression remains as gazing at the demons as it was earlier.

Staring, Rousha did not flinch, but set her bow straight and unleashed an arrow on the imminent demon for up to a metre. Not exactly the distance you can take off, so the arrows poke brilliantly at the demon's forehead.

Apparently, I could have knocked my hair down.

"Wow...! She's got a lot of nerve."

"Well... I can't believe it's the same elf as you, not very much, but I don't think so"

Next to Pinot and Hassan praising Lucha, I breathe ho.

Until now, I've only used my skills from a distance of about 10 meters, even if it's far away, but even 50 meters seems to get my skills.

I should have done the test in advance, but I didn't even care about that until now, so I had no choice.

Then Pinot looks at me like he's impressed.

"You have a wide range of activation when it comes to support skills. I know Hiroki is a good healer because he depends on his healing status"

"Thank you. You're going to Lusha's."


I rush under Rusha and find out that the range of support skills depends on the status of my recovery value. I see, I have 100, so I think I can cover it quite extensively.

... Once we've broken through the tree sea, let's get Lucha to work with us to see what the range is.

"Lusha, are you okay? [Heels]"

"Ha, ha... Oh, thank you, Hiroki. I've managed to be safe."

Lucha laughs more as she sees the demons of the defeated bear.

"With Hiroki's shield, you can shoot an arrow without worrying about the attack."

Lucha stretches all the way when she says, "Thank you." And then I saw the pinots slowly walking over here, and I said, "Who?," he tilted his neck.

"I got help where I'm being attacked by massive mushroom currents."

"Oh, speaking of which, there can't be a single Hiroki without a demon."

"... ha"

Immediately convinced, Rousha waves toward the Pinots.

"Thank you for helping Hiroki!

"Fine, because the spirit of help matters! I'm glad you're okay, too!

Pinot laughs with his throat and face, and shifts his gaze straight into the great tree behind Rousha. And keep pointing up and saying, "Look, it's a gift".

"A gift?"

Me and Lusha's voices overlap and look up.

Then a pale, shining leaf fell in a flickering manner. Apparently, although it's a big tree leaf... why is it only glowing one that's falling?

Looking at it strangely, it fell before Rousha. Rusha caught him in a hurry and said, "What is it?" Ask me.

"Come on......? Do you know Pinot?

"Yeah, I know! This," The Great Tree of the Fruit Tree, "applauded Lucha's battle."

"To my battle?

"Yes, yes. Daiki loves elves, so you thought it might be possible. It's so precious, you should take care of it. By the way, when you use it as an arrow material, it's a great thing to use as an attack and a special arrow for one blow."

Hear Pinot explain and accidentally get an exclamation.

Oh well, that's why Pinot said earlier that Rousha might like it. Sure, you can think of it as a favorite that a precious great tree would give you leaves.

That's a different world, anything.

Pinot says there are several great trees in this world.

He says he doesn't dwell on his own chopped leaves, but when Daiki entrusts the leaves with his own will, he exerts strong power, as he does now.

"Big tree of fruit trees...... Leaves, thank you! For the sake of what if I were you, I'd make it a amulet."

"Right. If it's an arrow material, you might be able to use it when you pinch it."


As Rousha looks happily at the leaves, Pinot breathes down his bag.

"Why don't we camp here today? Because I have mushrooms earlier, and I wouldn't recommend walking in the tree sea at night."


So this is Nojuku today.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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