3 Journeys in the Tree Sea
4 The Great Tree of Fruit Trees: Part I

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"Um, I'm sorry, can you knock me down? These mushroom collectors..."

"Time for dinner?

"No, no, no"

Haha the elf kid laughing a lot, looks like he's having fun looking at this one. This is the first time I've seen anyone avoid this much attack, and it seems unusual.

"Bye, Liliana, please"


The girl in the elf called Liliana is the girl with the sausage ear.

Nod immediately and step forward. Apparently, Liliana will defeat the mushroom current... especially without weapons or anything. You're a magician because you don't even look like you're equipped to use physical surgery?

What a thought, it was a moment.

Liliana keeps her hands up and uses her skills.

"[Creative Arrow]"

Lucha also has this skill, a skill that creates arrows from materials. I mean, she's going to be Archer.

It does - I don't have a bow.

I wonder if Creative Bow (Bow) has any skills. If you can make arrows and bows, it seems convenient to go out with a round waist.

"Hmm, one arrow at a time..."

Around Mr. Liliana, an arrow appeared.

10 arrows, the same number as the mushroom current. I can't take my eyes off the arrows that are floating in the universe. Seeing as what the hell you're going to do, that arrow will be unleashed at me.

"I'm coming, [Auto Arrow]"

"- Huh!!"

You don't use a bow!

Mr. Liliana uses his skills, manipulates arrows and knocks down mushroom current. As declared, one arrow attached to one - he's definitely letting it hit him with one blow and knock him down.

The arrows were fast, and the arrow feathers cut the wind and my hair shivered. The more I accidentally spine, the more I get into Mr. Liliana's battle.

Even to the mushroom current that was directly behind me, knock it down through the side of my neck muscle.

"... wow"

Unexpectedly there was an exclamation, there would be no choice.

They showed overwhelming strength. I sincerely think that one day we will want to be like this.

Is that so?

"Bowless Archer?

"I'm a hunter. This is Archer's top position. As for bowless, you're right."


If that's the case, I can certainly snort this overwhelming force as well.

But I didn't think a hunter without a bow existed. Attacking with skill can also result in lack of magic, but I guess it's not impossible if you have a good grasp.

"Hmm, I helped you, and I was wondering if I could get the mushrooms for dinner"

"Ah, go ahead..."

Talking to Liliana, an elf girl is picking up a mushroom that fell from a mushroom current. I thought you were going to eat the mushrooms that were growing out of demons, but they look really just mushrooms.

"Oh, speaking of which, you didn't introduce yourself! I'm Pinot. Alchemist"

"I'm Liliana"

"I'm Hassan. As you can see, Dwarf, avant-garde."

"It's Hiroki. Occupation is a healer."


When I'm named, my voice is raised simultaneously.

Because I was dodging, I guess they thought I was an avant-garde with an emphasis on speed.

"I'm an evasive healer. I can avoid attack, but I can't attack... this is what happens when I'm alone."

"I see...... but then how come you're alone in the tree sea?

"No, I have Archer's partner. But I just stepped off my feet and fell off a cliff..."

Explain the earlier greetings to the strange Pinot.

Then he was seen with pitiful eyes, and he had a frank feeling that he was "dodgy".

"Well, then you can accompany us to our party! It doesn't mean we can stay together forever because we collect herbs, though."

"No, it's helpful enough. Thank you, Mr. Pinot."

I'm relieved that you made an offer to accompany me.

This might allow me to rendezvous relatively quickly with Lucha as well. I'm thankful that no matter how many demons come out, you don't have to worry.

In the meantime, I need to play the role of healer.

"[Heel] [Shield]"

"Ooh, that helps!... but okay? They used heels to scratch the scratches."

Soon Mr. Hassan will be happy to thank me. Of course, I'll reply and ask the three of you if you're okay with the injury.

"Oh, I'm fine. Liliana and Pinot don't have a problem either, do they?

"Thank you, having a shield makes you feel a little easier"

"Of course! Thanks, Hiroki. I don't like being honored, so you can call me off. And of course, Osama and Liliana."

"Not Osama, it's Hassan!!"

When Pinot tells him with a laugh, Hassan's penetration just goes in.

Unexpectedly, I'm laughing too.

"Okay, Pinot, Hassan, Liliana"

"Yeah! I'm worried about Hiroki's partner, and let's just leave!

Thus, I was temporarily admitted to the Pinots' party.

◆ ◆ ◆

The tree sea, the stronger the demons become.

Nevertheless, the difficulty is considerably lower as there are fewer types and numbers compared to submarine dungeons.

"Hey, it's nice to have a shield so you can safely harvest the herbs!


On the road, Pinot picks herbs every time he finds them. That's fine, but Hassan and Liliana are struggling with a pinot that moves a little bit.

"It's you! Don't move on your own! Me and Liliana are your escorts!!"

"Fine, the commission is exciting! Besides, look! I'm weak now because I have Hiroki shielding me. I'm super invincible too!!"

"Oh and more!!"

Is he a comic genius?

When we get here, it's all clear.

So I said to Liliana, "Hmm...?" and look ahead and raise your voice. The immediate reaction to that was Pinot.

"What's wrong?

"There's a trail of battle, isn't it kind of unnatural?

I heard Liliana say that, and I looked forward too - indeed, there are indications that the battle took place. The trees are shattered or the rocks are crushed. I can see that you have carried out the attack with considerable force...... is there a fairly strong demon?

"Shit, what a strange battle trail!

"Did even a strong demon come out?

Pinot screams "Hey!" and Hassan arrives at the same conclusion as me.

But hey - I've noticed.

to the high position of the tree, with a single arrow stabbed......

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

5 The Great Tree of Fruit Trees: Part II