1 Level up in submarine dungeons
2 Rusha's remorse

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Back to the ground from the submarine dungeon, me and Rousha came to a nearby village.

The outer perimeter of the village is surrounded by a simple fence, which prevents wildlife from coming in. I didn't think there would be any demons when they arrived, but because the sea of trees was nearby, the weak demons wouldn't lean around.

"I thought it was small because it's a village, but it's pretty big,"

"Yeah. It's right around the tree sea, and it's like a lot of adventurers are coming"


The tool store is also full of content, says Lusha.

In addition, there are several simple restaurants in sight. The small village had the unsolicited image of an inn and dining room, so I'm purely happy to be able to choose a store.

I plan to stay overnight in this village today and continue along the tree sea that leads to Apricot tomorrow.

"... is there only one inn?"

"Sounds like it. Let's just get a room and have dinner."


In close proximity to the village entrance and exit, there was one two-story lodging.

The ground floor part also has a dining room, which shows the bustle there. The smell of deliciousness tickles my nose, so I don't have to go outside and eat here? And as much as I can think of.

Lucha's at the reception, so I'll just relax and watch the menu.

There was no fixed meal or anything right now, and there were a few dishes mainly made with alcohol. I see, it looks more like a tavern style at night.

Healthy menus are written in the morning, such as bread and soup.

"Well, you expect breakfast. At night, I'd love to have the meat sandwich I just saw."

"Meat sandwich?

Recall that the restaurant just across the street from the inn looked delicious, and Lucha, who had finished the reception, came next to me.

"The diner across the street seemed delicious."

"Sure! Well, let's have dinner there."

I picked up the keys to my room from Rousha and once I left my bags and headed to the diner across the street.

When I went into the store and ordered, it was dishes like kebabs that came out. The bread is well packed with plenty of vegetables and flavored meat, quite chunky.

When I just wore it, the taste of the meat spread across my mouth. So much so that the spicy sauce inspires my appetite and makes me want to eat as many.

"Delicious...... what, Rousha?

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Delicious."

Looking at Rousha sitting across the street, she doesn't look very energetic.

It's a delicious meal because of it, but it hasn't been eaten very well. Could it be that you didn't like it hard? I thought so and asked, "No," I shook my head.

"I've been feeling a little fat lately, so I just thought it would be a little too much."

"Yeah? I'm not fat at all..."

So if you were fat, most women in the world would be fat.

When I told him that with a laugh, Rusha said, "That's rude!," he said, smiling. Seems a little cheerful, relieved.

... I was a little worried you cared about what happened in the dungeon.

It's not that I don't have enough firepower... It would probably have been just fine if the purpose had been to level up, but it was just a little harsh to get out of the dungeon.

Come on, I want to be strong. Of course I am, but even Lusha would want to take the level. Because I want to do a dungeon offense and get it early.

- Though, you have to do something about the lotus curse first.

If he dies, he never will. The Skill Acquisition Book can then be collected in piles. Even Apricot will have a dungeon...

"...... ki"




"What's wrong with being confused already?

"Uh, sorry, I think I've been thinking."

When Rousha called me, I felt a little sauce on my hand. Lick it peppery and eat the leftover meat at once.

"Ha, welcome"


Looks like Rousha was eating too while I was thinking about it, and it was time for the two of us to finish our meals.

◆ ◆ ◆

I wake up thirsty and fuzzy at midnight.

"... what time is it, uh, it's still dark"

It would only be a few hours since we had dinner, went back to the inn and slept. The morning sun rises, it seems a long way off.

Drink up with water in the glass from the drain and stretch your back all the way.

"You're blinding me."

If you lie down, you'll be able to sleep, but because of this, you might want to take a walk through the village at night. Of course, though there won't be any stores doing this in the middle of the night.

Maybe I should ask Lucha out, but I'll just give up that she'll be asleep. After I changed into gear, I gently left the room.

When I left the inn, it was dark outside.

There are not street lights like Japan, so it would be about moonlight to rely on them. I wish I could have used light magic or something, but I can't do that to Priest.

"Well, I wonder where we're going..."

I tried to get to the back of the village, but notice the lights on the building next to the entrance and exit. I guess it acts like a bureau, people stood at the entrance to and exit from the village.


Humans, animals, demons.

I guess it acts like a gatekeeper so something doesn't happen to the village.

I go to the gatekeeper and raise my hand gently.

A man in his forties or so, who was a gatekeeper, called out surprised to see me.

"What, at this hour? You're the adventurer staying at the inn, aren't you?

"That's right. I woke up, so I thought I'd take a walk."

"It's time for the kids to go to bed, not at all."

Laughing hahahaha, I'm relieved that you don't look alert to me or anything. That's a different world. There was no such precaution as to go home like the police.

"Even so, are kids fashionable these days even for night walks?


"The girl with the bow just left the village."

"Girl with a bow......?

"In green clothes, maybe red? She was cute with a ribbon on."

Having a bow, green clothes, and a red ribbon apply to Lucha's characteristics.

But I didn't hear anything about going out - so I didn't come out with a no to Rousha either.

"That kid, he's probably with me... Did he say where he was going?

"Uh, he said he was going to the woods right there."

At the end of the gatekeeper's finger is the forest in front of the tree sea.

A little demons and wild animals lived there and told me that adventurers wouldn't be that dangerous.

"Thank you!

As soon as I heard the information, I ran out to the woods.

"Absolutely, you're dragging about the undersea dungeon...... whoa!!"

I knew the dinner diet was a lie.

I wish I'd cared more, but if I'd said that, I'd be the one who can't be a dungeon offense without Lusha. Well, apart from talking about it if you're just gonna get a crate, that's not the problem right now.

When I ran for about 10 minutes to reach the woods, I heard a bow releasing.

It would definitely be Rousha because of the mixing of stabbing noises in the trees and on the ground. Going closer like a sneak peek, they seem to be after a pig demon in a remote location.

Rousha's method of warfare is a special blow, shoot until it hits.

Perhaps, until now, there has been nothing wrong with that, and it has worked.

"Yikes!? Liar...... Huh!!"

"- Huh!!"

The unleashed arrow slipped away slightly blurring the demon's back.

Of course, you'll notice Rousha, and the demon will attack Rousha before Rousha's second shot hits. Rusha rushes off two shots, three shots and an arrow, but worst of all, it all comes off.

To the pig who bursts into momentum, Lucha keeps an arrow and bows without fear.

If you do give it to me right in front of you, even if the hit is 1, the arrow won't come off...? Such simple questions come to mind, but not now.

"… [Shield]"

At the same time Lucha shoots an arrow, I use my skills.

Although Lucha's arrow struck the pig demon directly, he squeezes his last force and rushes through it. Shields bounced it back.

"Ha, ha..."

Walk slowly towards Rousha, who is breathing on his shoulders.

"Here, don't be tough on your own"


Surprisingly, Rusha says thank you to me for the shield.

"Tell him not to be strong, but Hiroki is stronger"

Puffy, Rousha swells her cheeks.

That's strong, but the standards are a little different. Well, if they say you're strong as a healer, though I wouldn't deny it there. If you think about it on a level or in a vandalism, it's not strong.

'Cause Lusha's better up there.

"You know what?"

"What? Ugh! If I had been stronger, I could have gone through a submarine dungeon, not a tree sea..."

"If they say that, I'll think about what I'd do if Rousha got stronger and the party broke up."


This way, Mr. Rousha, don't look like you didn't have that idea.

He didn't have the idea of breaking up the party with me anyway. Rusha, hearing my words, squirts and laughs.

"You don't have to worry about Hiroki like that!

"There is, because there is so much!!"

You had a hell of a hard time getting me into the Freudians' party!

I tried to say that, but I didn't care about such trivial things when I was looking at Lucha's laughing face.

Take one breath at a time and make some suggestions.

"Do you want me to level with you two like this?"

"!... Ugh!!"

As a result, we hunted till morning and slept until after noon... and stayed in the village for another night.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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