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1 Level up in submarine dungeons

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

From afar, I can hear the sound of Shizukuishi falling Po, and the sound of watering myself, Bashabasha.

It's dim and damp, and there's some sea water coming in from somewhere in the aisle. I don't have to worry about drowning because I only have as much water level as a candle, but it is difficult to walk.

This is a place known as the 'Undersea Dungeon', which is the path that leads from the Loquat continent where humans live to the Apricot continent where demons live.

The reason to go to Apricot Continent is to get Apricot grass. The lotus summoned together as a brave man is cursed and suffering, so to help it.

"... a demon. Lusha, wait for me to bring you in."


At the end of my gaze is a demon looking like a half-fish man... a killer merman. There is ferocity that strikes me with a trident spear.

The offense is high and wouldn't have accumulated if you were exposed to spears. Killer Marman notices me and pushes me this way. The tip of the pointed spear comes in a straight line. If he stabbed me, he would definitely be fatally wounded.

- Yes, if you get stabbed, yes.




Where I dodged Killerman's attack, Rousha unleashes an arrow.

One, the second arrow comes off and hits with the third arrow, but the opponent still doesn't fall.

Even though Lucha's bow specializes in attack power, it's pretty strong if you don't die in one blow...

As it was, seven arrows came off, and the eighth and ninth were hit to defeat Killerman.

In total, you need three arrows before you can defeat them. In Rousha's case, the hit rate is low, so it's roughly a count of 15 attacks to defeat one.... tough.

I can avoid enemy attacks, so I have to say I have no problem, but I can't move on when my annihilation speed drops, and I just want to avoid taking a while to get around.

- I can't attack you. Because he's an evasive healer.

Hiroshi Sakurai, a healer summoned by Japan as part of a brave party.

That said, the formal profession is Priest. If you talk to a healer at the mercy of the game, it happens to be a lower position in Priest, and the summoned kings are mistaken, so they pass by the healer without correction.

It plays two roles: avant-garde and support, as it swings all but the initial value status to avoid.

"Hiroki, are you okay?"

"Oh, no problem"

When I saw that I had finished defeating Killerman, Rousha ran this way.

Lusha Plum.

Lovely pink ribbon for fluffy, pale honey-colored hair. Pearl pink eyes are huge and the yellow green outfit fits well sometimes she is an elf.

My partner, my profession is Archer.

However, you have no hitting power because you are swinging all stats to Attack. Unless it's me the avant-garde can dodge, it'll be hard to throw a party......

"Sorry, I didn't think I'd have this hard time defeating you"

"No, because I didn't really look into demons either..."

Rousha is nagging because it took me a while to defeat him in addition to his thoughts. I guess I'm shocked because I was usually knocking down demons with one or two blows.

"At least if you have a hit power... but if you shake your status on a hit, you can't shake it on your offense."

"Well, you just need to slow down and get to the level. Lucha's attack power is still rising."

"... yeah, you are. You know, yeah, I got a level on Killerman right now."

"Oh, you did it! Oh, I'm up, too."

Lusha and I celebrate each other "Congratulations" and reflect the status points we have gained.

"[STATUS OPEN] Mmm, 15 levels."

Hiroki Sakrai

Level: 15

Occupation: Priest

Attack: 1

Magic: 1

Recovery: 100

Defense: 1

Hit: 1

Avoid: 74

Skills: Language Acquisition, Heel Regene Shield

"I'll shake my stats on offense, too."

"Lusha, how aggressive are you now?


When I asked him that, Lucha gave me the status lightly.

Lusha Plum

Level: 18

Occupation: Archer

Attack: 33

Magic: 1

Recovery: 1

Defense: 1

Hit: 1

Avoid: 1

Skill: Creative Arrow Wind Arrow

"Ooh, attack pole swing until clear"

I don't hate this stuff.

I rather like it.

"But it's a little below the average status of the adventurer... so we need to be stronger!

"Surely if you have more than 50 status values, you are top notch in that field."

"Yes, yes."

... Hmm, I'm top notch in recovery and dodging.

Nevertheless, I would like to increase the status value more when it comes to avoidance. There is no inevitable demonic attack, but there is no outrage in numbers.

I want to be an evasive healer who can beat a number of violence one day.

"Ah, Killer Marman and the Crying Bovine!

"Two at a time...!

I don't even seem to have time to slowly check my status, and a new demon showed up. Plus, now four at the same time.

"Once, [Shield]"

You'll miss anyway, but you should use it because you have a handy defense skill called Shield. I'll step forward and deal with the demon.

Miss, Miss, Miss!!

"Okay, it doesn't look like there's a problem"

Avoid demonic attacks, and I'll ask Lucha to attack. Lucha's hit is one, so we can avoid everything, so there's no problem.

Lucha stares at three arrows at once and releases them in a crying cow's eye. Nevertheless, I wouldn't struggle if I hit where I was aiming.

"Oh, I hit Killer Merman!


You seem to have targeted a crying cow clutching at my feet, but you promised me an arrow would have flown around Killerman's waist - more or less a metre above the ground.

Without loosening the hand of the attack as it were, Rousha annihilated the demon.

It took less than five minutes to defeat the four demons. I thought it was tough... but isn't it?

Going through this dungeon to the Apricot continent also has the purpose of raising the level. For a moment, we decided to move on to the back of the dungeon.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Wow, that's what I'm here for!!"

"Oh no, that's an absolutely quick system demon!!"

I thought we were going through a submarine dungeon with no problems, but the change happened on seven levels.

Light Fenrill was added to the demons that were two types: Killerman and Crying Bovine. He's a demon of Fenrill's lower race, looks like a wolf and looks quick.

Glossy furrows look elegant, but uncovered fangs and nails are sharp and horrible.

"Rousha, keep your distance than usual"

"Okay, but don't be impotent, okay?

"Of course."

For one thing, I hope we can avoid the Wrightfenrill attack -.


Miss! Miss!

"Oh, I could afford it"


When I tell you, Rusha breathes in relief.

After all, I guess some say you're on a higher level.

Rousha immediately sets up a bow and launches an attack toward Light Fenrill. Several attacks hit the arrows, but they still don't seem to knock them down with one blow.

"Ugh, come on now...!

Many more arrows could be released and Lightfenrill defeated in the fifth shot.

Here again, I wonder what's going on.

Moving on will increase the frequency of even stronger enemies and light fenrills. When that happens, I honestly don't feel comfortable with the firepower of one Lusha.

Seeing me troubled, Rusha came this way with her shoulder dropped. Shortly after entering the dungeon, there was no shadow of how well he was.

"Hiroki, I think we should turn back here"


"'Cause we're still on seven levels here. I don't know how long it's gonna take to get out to Apricot, but I hear it's a tough dungeon, so I think it's probably over a dozen levels."

Regrettably, Rousha says I'd like a route back here through the tree sea.

Sure, that's what I was thinking, too. It's hard to tell Rousha, but if he keeps going, and the demons grow stronger and their numbers increase - he'll have an overwhelming lack of firepower.

"Okay. Let's take the Tree Sea route to Apricot, not here."

"... yeah"

When I admit it, Rousha looks depressed despite what she said. Maybe I was expecting the word to keep going because it's okay.

Sure, how good it would have been to say that.

If we don't break the curse within a few months, the lotus will die - if there's no such thing as a thing, I would have concluded to move on because I can take my time, too.

But not now.

There's not enough room for me right now to make that decision.

"Sure, this dungeon is tough on us right now"

"Yeah. I know."

That's why.

"Come dominate this dungeon when you're stronger"

When I told her that with a laugh, Lucha blinked her eyes.

And a turn from how depressed you were, laughing just like me.

"That's good!

"So first, apricot on the tree sea route! Be strong and come back here again."


- So we decided to give up 'Undersea Dungeons' and take the ground route to the Devil's Continent - Apricot.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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