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A grand trumpet fanfare and a magically launched spark colors the city's sky. A knight on a luxurious horse led the city's boulevard from the castle, and there was a lotus sleigh about in its line.

Yes, a brave line of pre-departure parades.

Lotus and Ruru, each on a horse. He's very much like him as if he was waving his hand in a smile, and he's like a real royalty. In contrast, the lotus is waving. My face was red and I knew right after seeing that I was quite nervous and embarrassed.

Looking slightly, Lucha snapped my sleeve.

"Hey, are those two in the same town as Hiroki?

"Yes, I am."

"To the brave, you need apricot grass, right? I can't believe you're under a curse at all. I wonder if it's not painful..."

I agree with Lucha, who worries.

Lotus is supposed to be suffering under the curse, but she hasn't shown any sign of it. I guess you don't want to worry about people, that would be a lotus personality.

You won't have to be unassuming on your own until you come to another world.

I'm really glad the three of us did a full boggle about the king. But I didn't do it in order to leave a little chance that I could go back to Japan.

It has not yet been decided that there is no way to return to this country.

But now I have something to do before that.

"I have to get to Devil's Lands as soon as possible."

I'll be traveling as soon as I get my gear, so I'm almost there.

Now I want to help the Lotus. Lucha will cooperate, so the firepower is impeccable. I will find Apricot grass before anyone else in the Devil's Land.

Thinking about it, I overheard him calling me.

"Hiro - not Sakurai!!"


Oh, this guy was about to call me by my name.

I replied, laughing unexpectedly.

"Long time no see, Watanabe. Does that make any difference?

"Yeah. That's the one that's okay - and that one?

"My partner. It's Lucha from Archer."

"Wow, brave......! Nice to meet you, I'm Lucha."

I guess I thought we just had to watch and never actually have a conversation.

Suddenly surprised, Rousha greets him in panic and shakes hands with Lotus.

"I'm Watanabe. Regards, Sakurai."


Lotus laughs at him and tells him, "I'm relieved."

He was worried about me leaving the castle alone. Lotus told me that she wanted to make sure with her own eyes, although she had heard reports all along the way.

"I have no problem. What worries me is you.... you're so lame."

"Yeah, how far do you know about me if I'm Sakurai?

"It's all, hey... bu!

When I tell him that, Lotus laughs, "Oh, my God."

"Right now, I'm getting my gear made. If I can do that, I'll go to Devil's Lands with Rusha."

"! But the Devil's Continent is dangerous. There are quite a few ways to get there."

To get from here to the Devil's Land, there are three things.

In fact, the human and demonic continents continue on land. but it's very difficult to come and go.

Connect the continent, through a deep forest called the Tree Sea.

Enter the dungeon connecting the two.

Use the sea route on the roundabout.

The least dangerous is the sea route, but the cost of the ship is quite high.

It's me and Lusha, so it's even more double. Even if I used all the property I have now, it's not enough. For that reason, this path is dismissed.

Now, I'm worried about going either in the dungeon or in the tree sea.

"Well, I'll do something about it. Watanabe, think of yourself more than I do. I'm here, and don't worry about girls all the time, okay?

"Right. Even so, we still rely on the firepower of the Ri."


Sure, it's high firepower.

If the level is going up, it's going to be stronger than a brave man's attack... what a thought.

"I'm a little focused, or broad-spectrum firepower? That's the one. So they're always helping us."

"Oh, I see. Sure."

Wizard range Firepower is very attractive.

But I think if I remember my skills, Lusha will get more firepower than she can beat. To do this, level up first. Then it's a book about acquiring skills.

... Shall I go all the way to the back of the dungeon by myself and just bring home the contents of the crate?

When I was thinking about that, I heard a loud voice from behind.

"Ooh you, why are you here!!"

"! You sure..."

Who is it?

It's the man who's screaming. "Why," he mutters over and over, poking his puffy trembling finger out of Robe's sleeve at me.

- Ah.

I remember, he was the one who summoned us.

He was polite at first, but he got angry as soon as I told him I'd circumvented his status. And he's the one who joined the king, turned bright red in the face, and put me in the barn.

"Oh, maybe you're the one calling in the morning?

"Behold! What are you talking about! I don't know that. You're the one who's coming to Lady Watanabe's parade!

"I won't do anything about it. If a friend of mine in my hometown says we're going to have a parade like this, isn't it normal to come and see it?

When I say hello, the thin man turns red and stares at me.

I said something. I do, but there's actually been quite a crowd since just now. Well, yes, a brave man is bothering to stop and talk. Everyone cares.

Besides, there's a great man from the country, so it's harsher to tell the wild horses not to get together.

"Huh! Master Watanabe, the parade will stop. Please move on."

"Oh, excuse me. Proceed."

Lotus smiles bitterly, acknowledging the man's words.

"Then it's time to go. Sakurai, don't be impotent, okay?

"No, no, because that's my dialogue"

Wave and drop off the lotus moving on.

He appeared tired somewhere, although Rin had a good posture behind him.

"Hiroki, are you okay?

"Oh, I'm sorry. You two talk."

"Fine, that's right. Mr. Watanabe the Brave? You're a good man."

"Yeah. Pretty nice of you."

I'm sure I've struggled to live with it before. Lotus takes good care of herself and can't leave someone in need alone.

In a way, it would be a difficult personality to live with.

Would it have been different if I had been a brave man?

"No, stop thinking"


"... it's okay. In the meantime, would you like to have an ops conference to go to the Devil's Continent with something to eat?"

"Right. Find Apricot Grass Quickly"

◆ ◆ ◆

The dining room of the inn, Kaji, will consider the journey to the Devil's Continent while spreading the map in this seat.

"We are here, in the heart of the Piznut kingdom."

"If it's a ship, will it be considerably outweighed because of the current"

"Yes. Plus, I hear there's no place to land and rest for a while because there's a pretty strong demon along the coast where the ship lands."

They say ships from the Tangerine continental side are the least dangerous, but they are hard because they have to go to neighbouring countries and then board ships.

Nevertheless, I have no money to board the ship, so I have to reject it.

"We have to go either by the sea of trees that connect directly or by the dungeons beneath the sea that connect the two continents."

"Hmmm...... the dungeon makes the staircase a safer area, so I think I can afford to feel better than going through the tree sea"

Make my point, but of course there's a problem.

There's a boss in the dungeon. I don't know how strong that is, but if I can't take it down/it's hard to avoid, I'll have to turn back.

Turning his gaze to Rousha, he was equally troubled.

"I've heard that dungeon enemies are pretty strong... But if you're going to the Devil's Lands, I want to raise our level too. Given that, wouldn't it be a good idea to move on with a level increase in the dungeon?

"It's certainly a challenge to level up."

Lotus and Ruru and I would have had quite a level difference.

The Devil's Continent and I want to do everything I can on that road.

Then it's settled.

"Make it a dungeon route"

"Yeah, I think that's fine!

We chose the Han-like route of forcible breakthroughs while raising the level.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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