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I may have already been forgotten, but my full name is Hiroshi Sakurai.

In other words, this message to Sakurai will be addressed to me.

... Hmm.

"Rusha, please leave a message for Sakurai."


"It's about me."

"Family name or something? In the meantime, you should read it, right?


I can't read it when I get a message, so ask Lucha to read it.

"Uh, 'Long time no see, it's Watanabe. The level has risen, and we're headed to the Devil's Lands in two days. I want to say hello before I go, so can you wait for me tomorrow morning at the big rock just a short walk out of the town gate? It says'... do you know him?

"I don't know who I know or what..."

I put my arms together and think uh-huh.

Ruru contacted me before, but at that time it was properly addressed to Hiroshi. This time, the lotus is addressed to Sakurai for some reason. I wonder if I accidentally made a mistake - can't believe that.

And I have to tell Rusha a little bit about my situation.

We partied in pairs, and I'm sorry that I'm going to cause you some trouble without knowing it. No way the king hates me...... what the hell would he react to if I told him?

"That's a bit of an explanation here, so when I get back to the inn,"

"? Mm, okay"

From the look on my face, you must have guessed there was something. Lucha doesn't pursue anything about the message. Relaxed by that, Mr. Halla spoke to me just as the counter seemed to have opened.

"Good luck! Mr. Hiroki, Mr. Rousha. Are you buying the material?

"Yes, please"

Passing the material to Mr. Halla, he said, "That's massive! I said," I took it back. Because of the amount, the counter alone doesn't seem to confirm it.

"I'm assessing in the back right now, so wait a minute."


When I was thinking about how to kill time, Mr. Halla cut out the story "Speaking of which".

"Anything, there's a brave man in this city, and he's going to the Demon Continent to defeat the Demon King. So, there's a parade before we leave."

"... Huh!

"Oh, the brave man made the demon king!? Or the brave man existed."

I almost blow out of my mind, and I rush to press my mouth.

Parade of Exits!! I didn't know that would be happening, and if I had to, I might have run away with embarrassment.

But unless Lotus does it.

"I would love to see that!!"

They're showing interest in the brave. When I tell them I'm going to Rousha, they say, "Right!," he said in great agreement. I look forward to this tomorrow.

"Mr. Hiroki seemed calm... but surprisingly, you're meeher. Looks like we're going to have the parade after lunch tomorrow."

"Well, a line of brave men is limited."

"Really? You admire strong people, if you're an adventurer."

That said, someone with a tray of money underneath Mr. Halla, who laughs joyfully, came. Apparently, they finished confirming and brought me the price.

Me and Rousha picked up the bill for the material and went back to the inn.

◆ ◆ ◆

Back at the inn, I told Rousha what I'd been up to.

"Huh! Hiroki and the brave are home?

"Yes. I came here from a distant country. Can you believe that?

"... yeah, I believe. Hiroki is kind of unusual, he avoids my arrows, and if they say he's one of the brave guys, he kind of sticks around."

"Oh well."

You really took my story more than I thought.

I came to this country with the Lotus, and only one of them bought the King's wrath and got kicked out of the castle.

Only that I'm from another world, I'm not saying. He explained that he didn't know much about this country because he came from a distant country.

"Oh, that's why I can't even read the letters. Okay! Anytime you don't know anything, just tell me."

"Thanks.... but if you can pull it out, now's the only time, right?


If I tell you so, Rousha gets pompous. It says on its beautiful face that you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

I sigh loudly, with my head resting.

"So that being with me will cause you more trouble. It's no good being hated by kings, is it?

"Nothing, that's not bad for Hiroki, is it? I'm on Hiroki's side."


Lusha laughs like a soldier, and it hits me unexpectedly. I can't thank you enough enough for being a good partner.

"... Thankyou"

"Yeah! In the meantime, it's the king who summoned Hiroki tomorrow morning, isn't it?

"Probably. I wonder what the purpose is, if I'm in the way, I could have sent a soldier long ago... wouldn't I have caught him and used him?

Lotus, a brave man, goes to the demonic continent and leaves under the king. Under that circumstance, I guess you don't like me choking on you.

"For now, tomorrow"

"Hey, no ops?

"Operation... I don't need that."


Lucha, with a good smile and a bow, is apparently willing to defeat the person who's coming tomorrow. It's a very reliable guard.

"... there's me and Lusha. From the front, you can take them down."

◆ ◆ ◆

The next morning, rub your sleepy eyes and wash your face with cold water.

To meet Lotus fake who called me "Sakurai".

Leaving the city, Lusha and I split into two hands in front of a large rock. If I get attacked, I can avoid it, but it's possible that Rousha could get hurt.

In front of the Great Rock, there is no one but the lotus.

- I knew it was a trap.

I have a parade of brave men starting today at noon, so on second thought, I can imagine enough that Lotus can't make the time to come here.

Well, what shall we do? That's what I thought, and I saw an arrow flying in a straight line.

"- Huh!!"


Surprised by the sudden attack, the arrows were heavily attacked by Rousha. I'm a little surprised, no problem at all. The flying direction of the arrow is diagonally forward to the right, the opposite of where Lucha is waiting.

"Isn't that Watanabe...!?"

When I called the lotus name, a few more arrows flew for me.

Miss! Miss!

There's no way you can hit me.

When I laughed anyway, three knights with swords appeared, along with the sound of throwing away a bow named Gashan.

He didn't hit the arrow and seems to have come out with his paralysis cut off. Only that king's knight makes me laugh with short temper.

"... Watanabe called me here?

"There is no problem with the matter from Master Watanabe if we are here"

"Uh, what can I do for you? Isn't it noisy to point a sword?"

A man with his honey-colored hair cut short takes a step forward with his sword in place.

"Master Watanabe is going to the Devil's Lands! Inability like you is an obstacle to wandering."


"Something's happened to you, and Master Watanabe needs to be concerned. If you don't keep quiet, this one's in trouble."

Oh, I didn't mean it!

I see, right? When Lotus and Ruru were in this country, they couldn't finish it because they could confirm me right away. But it means that if you two travel, you won't be able to know my cheapness.

What a short-circuit thought.

Lotus even tried to keep me under contract, and this is the deal?

Hey, it's not acceptable.

"But how do you keep me quiet?

I couldn't even hit the arrow - and tell him sarcasm.

These knights are terribly short-circuited, so I immediately rode the provocation and cut them with my sword tip to me. There's no way a blade that light could hit me.

Miss, Miss, Miss!

The attack of the three knights ruthlessly cuts off the universe.

"What's going on!

"You're such a dumb healer for swinging to dodge or something!? Because you're so... Huh!

Cut me off again and again, but all wrong.

At the end of the day, the moving knights' breathing is disturbed. How embarrassing of you to have the status of a knight.

Accidentally, I can't help but say it in my voice.

"I can't believe you can't scratch a healer."

The look on the face of the knight who heard my words distorts me into anger.

It's a secret that I almost laughed.

"But even you won't be able to attack us!!"

"Yeah, I can, though."

If you can do it, do it.


The moment the knight raised his provocative voice, the blade of the wind tore its arm apart.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!"

"Hey, what!? You mean you could have used wind magic!?"

To a sudden attack, a knight screams in confusion.

"Damn, you weren't a healer, Ugh!

Now, my flank is cut with a wind blade and I groan.

The three knights staring at me dropped their swords to the ground, which were supposed to be their pride. When I saw it, I laughed like I was dry.

"Of course, I'm a healer.... Are you knights, so is your profession Knight? You don't want a sword, do you?

When I laughed and told him, the knights shouted "Don't be ridiculous!!" and hurriedly picked up the sword and cut it to me - but now my whole body was attacked by a blade of wind.

My cheeks, my arms, my torso, my feet, they're all scratched.

"Shit, it's retreat!! What the fuck!


After seeing the three knights run away, Rousha turned up perfectly.

"Phew, what do you say! The power of the skills I remember!


What was making me look like I was using wind magic was the effect of the new skill [windarrow] that Rousha acquired.

Lucha doesn't have any hitting power, but if it's just more or less in position, we can set a target. What Rousha is after right now is a far rear location than I am.

Therefore, the arrows you shot at the soldiers never hit you directly.

This skill flies with arrows becoming wind attributes and wind magic wrapped around them. The speed of the arrow increases exceptionally, and its wind pressure allows you to tear things apart around you.

And these dumb soldiers, I guess they don't have enough mobile vision. I can't see Lucha's arrow, and I'm in a very dumb state.

Yes, the blade of the wind that attacked the knights - an additional effect emanating from the arrows.

If the arrow hit him, he would have died, but Lucha's hitting power was low and the arrow never hit him. Thanks to that, life was saved.

"That's the end of the errand, right? Let's go have breakfast."


With Lucha smiling with her bow, I went back to the city.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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