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Boss, go through the room and go to the back room. Then there, as expected, the chest was seated. I inflate my chest and put my hands on expectations.

"I hope it's got some good stuff in it"

"Me, I've never seen the deepest chest in a dungeon!

Lusha stares at the chest with an excited face.

I see. First time? Then I wish there was some amazing treasure in there that would make me tense. When I opened it with that in mind, it was more luxurious inside than the chest I had previously gotten.


The two of us exclaim and just check the contents.

First, money. There were a lot of sparkling coins in there, and when I counted them, there were half a million lots in total. With all this, I wonder if travel costs to the Devil's Continent would be fine.

And secondly, the Demon Stone. There were two large sized ones in there, so I decided to use this one for my and Lucha's gear.

Finally, the Book of Skills Acquisition. What I used to get was light brown, but this time it's light green. It's a bit of a good quality thing and should be able to get more advanced skills than last time.

And then I realize that Rousha doesn't usually use her skills at all. No, I use my arrow making skills frequently, but not attacking skills.

"Hey, Rousha. What kind of skills can you use?

"Uh, only enough to make arrows..."

"Ah... I see"

"Already, make a fool of me! You had no choice, because the dungeon was unbridled."

Nod at Lucha's explanation. Sure, I know it wasn't the environment to dive into a dungeon and get a book on acquiring skills.

I'll give Lucha the skill book.


"Maybe you can remember some strong offensive skills, right?

When I say that and laugh, Rousha swells her cheeks a lot.

"No! Hiroki is avant-garde, so remember your skills before you do. Otherwise, I can't be relieved!!"

I know you're worried about me, but I'm a healer. Probably for using a skill acquisition book, it is likely the recovery system that can be remembered.

Skills you want are avoidance enhancement or Hate acquisition.

... In the meantime, I guess Lusha's firepower is the best.

I heard the Demon Continent is going to be stronger too.

"I knew Rousha was first. The next time you get a skill book, I'll use it. Let's start with Lucha's Attack and prepare for the Demons of the Devil's Continent."

"... ok"

Listen to my words and Lucha nods honestly. After all, if you were going to the Devil's Land, you would have wanted to give yourself an offensive power.

Lucha put her hand in the book of skills acquisition and used her skills.

Well, what the hell kind of skills did Rusha get?

"Eh, I think I can now use my wind attribute skills called Wind Arrow!

"Congratulations, you did it"


At the next hunt, let me actually show you my skills. We're both in a tight spot now.

"Well, let's go home"


"Oh, yeah. Before you embark on your journey, can I make some gear for you, by the blacksmith?

"Sure. I guess I'll ask you to take care of the bow too"

"It's important to take care of your weapon."

With the contents of the crate and the material we got from defeating Cerberus, we rode a transfer device to get back to the ground.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Hello ~!"

"Oh, you're a different healer the other day. Are you okay?"

"Hey, I got hit by slime, but I've made good money with my mouth shut,"

When I went to the store where the Dwarf shopkeeper was doing it, he welcomed me as if he remembered me properly.

"The lady over there..."

"It's Lusha. I'm pairing up with Mr. Hiroki."

"I see, is that right? To Archer, a dodging healer would certainly make a good pair."


Maybe Dwarf's grandmother is figuring out how dodgy healers are. All right, all right, I'll put the material I got in the dungeon, etc. on the counter.

I discussed it with Rousha and the materials I got and so on were meant to be used to enhance the gear for the two of us. I thought it would be unfair to spend all my money over here because my gear didn't grant me anything... but I was pissed off that I didn't care because I was a partner.

"This again, you've brought some amazing material. There's even a demon stone. This one... is it Cerberus? I'm done!"

My old man started checking the material and praised me that they were all in good condition and high quality.

"Well, I'll grant it to your gear, so leave it. And then you took care of the lady's bow."

Oh, well.

It's nice to take off your gear and leave, but I don't have any clothes to wear and go home to. When I tell them about it, they advise me that I should have a spare inner. He told me that if I were to travel, I would need a coat.

I do need to get dressed, and I'd better have a jacket. So I just bought it and rented a fitting room to get dressed.

"Well, please. Grant to gear because dodging is fine"

"Don't you need resilience?

"You don't need it at all"

"Right. I've never seen a healer say he doesn't need healing gear."

Though frightened, Grandma gave me a proper acknowledgement.

By the way, I am very excited to finish the material I gave you because I asked you to finish it. Lucha wants to be more aggressive, too! And I was telling Grandma.

Yeah, I really like the fact that Lusha's firepower is a straight line.

"Is everything else okay?

"So far, especially...... ah"


"We're going on a journey to the Devil's Continent, so if you need anything, come with us..."

"Are you going to that place?!?"

When I told her, Grandma gave her a surprise.

"Then I have something for you. Where in the devil's continent?

"You don't know your destination, do you? There's a herb I want to collect."

"Take it... then you need sturdy boots. And I'll get you a coat of special resistance."

"It helps!

Glad I talked to my old man...!!

In addition, he also taught me the essentials of the journey, such as the need for sturdy bags and processed demon stones that purify the water. Without my grandfather, I would have almost traveled with a lot of preparation.

Look at me relieved, Grandma laughs luxuriously.

"I can do it in three days, so come back."


The special equipment for the memorial will be ready in three days.

We leave the store lightly and head to the Adventurers Guild. It's to sell the material Grandma said she wouldn't use.

When I got to the Adventurer Guild, I was showing a lot of buzz.

I wanted to ask you to buy the material right away, but it looks like you have to wait a little bit for the order.

There's nothing to do while you wait, so look inside the guild. There's a bunch of sticky paper on the wall, but unfortunately I can't read it. Well, it's probably a job request.

"Was there anything that bothered you?


You thought I was looking for a favor. "But here's the message board," Lucha tilted her neck next to him.

"Actually, I can't read the letters..."

"Oh, yeah. I can read, so I'll let you know if you care."

"Is that true? It helps!"

I thought you'd be ridiculed... but apparently that was a concern.

"This is a message board, but it's not addressed to Hiroki. Uh, I have a message for you, Wilhooch, Dreg, Cal, Ben, Sakurai, five of you."

"Phew, it's definitely addressed to me..."


Sakurai is not about me, is it?

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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