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This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

Waiting at the end of the open door was an intimidating being - Cerberus - just to exist.

You don't care what we've done, you're resting in the middle of the room with your eyes closed. It may be adorable to have three necks leaning against each other, but it's a giant. It's about three meters, and it's over my height.

"- Huh!!"

Unexpectedly, I would have no choice but to take a step backwards.

If I said Cerberus, it would be the kind of demon that would normally come out at the end of the game. Why does the beginning also come out here at the beginning?

Oh well... because we came to the bottom level where no one was going? Well, then I escape slightly from reality that maybe I don't have a choice.

"Mr. Hiroki, that's just the wrong minute... of course I know that Mr. Hiroki's evasion is amazing"

"Ugh... in the meantime, I'll go. Mr. Rousha, when Cerberus's target becomes me, carefully move along the wall to that exit. So, what if! When Cerberus strikes, run in."

"! Wow, I get it"

Mr. Rousha is surprised by my instructions. Perhaps I was the only one who tried not to defeat the Lord and move on.

Ordinary adventurers think defeating the Lord is the only dungeon.

"All right, come on one colo!!"


When I told him to provoke me, Cerberus got up and hit me in a straight line.

The sharp fangs and pointy nails are horrible and the feet tremble with fear. But not if you run away here.

"Three-time, Strengthen [Shield]!

Using my skills, I accepted Cerberus' attack.


"... Ha, good"

Cerberus' nails, which I avoided, crept through the ground. That power is immense, isn't it instant death just because I took a blow? I think so.

No, a good percentage of adventurers die instantly in the first place, right?

Miss! Miss!

Mr. Rousha arrived at the designated position after avoiding several Cerberus attacks. Immediately set up a bow and let go of the arrow without letting your hair in.

I got shot many times at once, but the results are all off.

"Ugh, now it's time...!

If you release the arrow again, two of them will now hit Cerberus.


Mr. Rousha gives me a voice of joy, but his body is pulling a bow to shoot the next arrow right away. Its flowing behavior even makes you feel beautiful when you say you are in battle.

The question is what happens to Cerberus' consciousness. Now that I'm in the demonic potion, will you stay attacking me even if I'm attacked by Mr. Rousha?

Though I'm drinking demonic potions, I'm not a good opponent for thinking about acting with the miscellaneous fish around there.


"Damn, no!

Worst of all, the attacked Cerberus changed his target from me to Mr. Rousha.

Lousha, with her eyes wide open, shook her legs but unleashed an arrow of pursuit. That hits Cerberus on the shoulder. That's a lot of damage.

"Time at a time, hardness enhanced [shield], one too [shield]! All right, Mr. Rousha, run for that exit!

"Ha, ha!

You must have believed in my defensive support and shot me with an arrow. Mr. Rousha is attacked by Cerberus - but protected by my shield and not scratched.

Pretty good linkage play.

- Nevertheless, pointing demonic targets at the rear guard is an avant-garde disqualification.

Cerberus, who could no longer attack Mr. Rousha, immediately transferred the target to me. Of course, it doesn't hurt or itch because mistakes go on.

"Mr. Hiroki!

"……… attack from there, Mr. Rousha"


Boss, beyond the room, Mr. Rousha in the safety zone. It looks like Cerberus can't go that way, but if he's human, he can attack even from there.

As I instructed, Mr. Rousha pulls a bow and releases an arrow.

That was easy, even for me and Cerberus. Unfortunately it didn't hit me, but this should allow me to defeat Cerberus without an attack on Mr. Rousha.

... I don't know, that sounds like a trick.

"I also feel a little blamed...... I'm going!

"Don't hesitate"


Mr. Rousha makes arrows at once and shoots towards Cerberus. At the same time ten arrows released hit two, and Cerberus groaned.

And the next moment...!


Two of the three necks rested breathlessly, and the one left barked. The eyes run red and blood, showing strength as if they had amassed three forces.

What's happening?

Before me, blood was scattered.

"Wow! Ku,...... [Shield] [Heel] [Regene]"

Use skills before recognizing what happened.

Apparently, it was a serial attack by Cerberus. He took a blow to the side of his belly, and there's traces of blood. The wound has disappeared beautifully, so it is fine, but I feel relieved if I have not used the shield.

"Mr. Hiroki!!"

"It's okay, I'm alive"

"Alive, so easy... good"

Seeing Mr. Rousha, he seemed desperate to endure a face that seemed to cry even now. I'm sorry that I was so confident, but I worried about you.

We need to get my gear, my knowledge of the world, and my skills as soon as possible.

... No, is Cerberus now for now?

You're angry because I stood up to the attack. Unfortunately, however, all attacks are usually a mistake. Even if I scratch it, I will use the shield immediately, so there is no problem. Instead, if you keep using the shield all the time, it's until you don't lose.

And when I was thinking about it - a single arrow pierced Cerberus' head. Cerberus' body, which was a giant, fell to the ground and remained breathless.

"... Yay!

"Wow, you've defeated me, Mr. Rousha"


Mr. Rousha ran up to me and held me like that. Step on it so it doesn't fall down somehow and take it.

"Good, Mr. Hiroki is alive......! I thought I couldn't do it anymore!!"

"Uh, I'm fine, don't cry"

The thread of tension must have been cut, Mr. Rousha blurted out and cried. I'll gently wipe it with my cuffs, but there's no sign of stopping crying.

My body is snuggly with the cucumber and I can't move well, Mr. Rousha smells good, he's soft, and I have no idea how to make him stop crying. What should I do?

Oh, what are we really gonna do?

"Nothing, because I don't like it and I'm crying!

"Ah, right, I'm sorry about something. It worries me..."

".................. How was I?


"As a partner, did you think you deserved it?

Speaking of which, I recall in Mr Rousha's words that he was.

But there's a lot to worry about. That's not about being a partner, it's about taking girls younger than me to the demonic continent that is said to be more dangerous.

Mr. Rousha is certainly strong, but I feel sorry that he has decided where to go at my convenience. Though it may be a Japanese specific idea.


Or so, you can't not not reply here.

………………… decided.

It's the belly rolling that makes you a man.

"Mr. Rousha."


"... when you become my partner, you could fight strong enemies in the Devil's Land or be chased by kings"

"What, king...?

"But I wanted Mr. Rousha to be my partner, so be my partner if you like!!"

I feel like Mr. Rousha's been saying something along the way, but I don't mind continuing the words. And finally, he let go of Ba and his body and bowed his head.


My sight just shows the ground.

I can't see Mr. Rousha's reaction, so I don't even know what he looks like. The silence flows, and I get anxiety that maybe I suddenly don't like it.

But that seemed like my concern.

"Nice to meet you, Hiroki"

"Huh! Oh, nice to meet you, Lusha"

When I looked up, an extraordinary smile was there.

I call it the same because 'Mr' was missing from my name. We shook hands, and we became a pair of parties.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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