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The next day, Tina came when I was having breakfast in the dining room with Mr. Rousha. When I fell out of magic, my earthiness was gone and I had beautiful, bloody skin.

Apparently, he's recovered, relieved.

"Really, sorry for the inconvenience!!"

"It's okay. Glad Tina's feeling better."

I guess you realize that falling down is something you shouldn't have, which is firepower. Tina burst into tears in her eyes and apologized, "I'm sorry."

"Nothing's fine. You just have to be careful next time."

"Nobody cares. Glad you're feeling better. Tina, let's have breakfast together."

"Thank you, Mr. Hiroki, Mr. Rousha"

Tina also got to her dining room seat and ordered breakfast.

This time it was okay because Freuds was there, but it would have been dangerous if only the avant-garde had a dia in the lower hierarchy. It's also important to identify your magic power and retreat.

Nevertheless, I'm not going to tell a young kid like Tina to do all of them perfectly. You just have to take your time to remember.

Mr. Rousha chuckles when he sees Tina mouthing a breakfast ready to be served.

"I'm glad Tina's okay. Especially Dia. I was so worried about you."

"Dia? Speaking of which, did Dia and Mr. Freuds...?

"If those two, they're still sleeping in their room"

"Yes, yes. Diane, I've been up all night because I'm worried about Tina."

Worried Dia was hanging out with Tina overnight, and Freuds, who hung out with it, was up until late. It's probably after noon for the two of you to wake up.

"That's a good party. Tina would be worried if there was anything in Dia, too? So I guess I just need to say thank you"

"Mr. Hiroki...... right, I'll thank you both later. And I'll buy a treat and give it to you."

"I like that."

Listening to Tina's suggestion, me and Mr. Rousha agree. Dia in particular would be very happy to receive a present from Tina.

Finish all the breakfast bread and tell them I'm going one step ahead to go out.

"Which way are you going?

"Oh, Mr. Hiroki, you're going to miss the party..."

Mr. Rousha leaning his neck and Tina sogging.

Going through the party to the Demon Continent is a decision, so I can't help it all. Today, I'm looking into transportation to the Demon Continent, necessary expenses, etc.

Then I also want to gear up before I embark on a journey...... this could be difficult. Because even if you go into a dungeon with a solo, you can't get the material because you can't defeat the demon.

"I'm sorry you let me in because of you"

"No, never mind. I hope you find the apricot grass soon."


We have to gather information at all costs and break the lotus curse.

Make a covenant with the king, and die as you are cursed further - for God's sake, let him definitely stop you.

"... Mr. Hiroki"


First in the Adventurer's Guild, Mr. Rousha stopped me as I was about to ask Mr. Halla how to get there.

Looking back at her, the look on her face is somewhere serious.

"Would you please make me a... partner?

"Huh? But then..."

"I'm an elf. I'm familiar with herbs and stuff, and if you're looking for apricot grass, you can predict where it lives."

I open my eyes to Mr. Rousha's offer.

Very, very grateful offer. She's got enough firepower, and if the two of us could throw a party, it would spread out where we could go.

When I look at Tina, I'm surprised to see her eyes as wide open as I am.

That should be it, too. 'Cause Mr. Rousha had Tina and the others put in the party.

But it's also true that I can't take advantage of Mr. Rousha's firepower.

Since an arrow could hit Dia and Mr. Freuds, the avant-garde, Mr. Rousha stops the hand of the attack once the battle begins. That's amazing, I don't have any body.

- I could take advantage of that.


"Mr. Hiroki?

"Oh, no. I'm very happy with that offer..."

In front of Tina, there's no immediate reason to say yes. Because we're going to have to pull Mr. Rousha out. I don't like being able to rub it later.

Freuds came yawning as I was about to conclude.

"Oh-ho. Oh, Tina's recovered. Good. Good.... So, what's going on?

Freuds tilted his neck, feeling a different vibe than usual, and Mr. Rousha explained a series of flows. Freud looks at me with a slight "I see" look.

"Wouldn't that be nice? If we were to take advantage of Lucha, Hiroki would be the right man. You two go to the dungeon."

"It's light."

Freuds tells us he "doesn't care" when he says he's right after joining a party member. However, because it is compatible and so on, I say I should go hunting in the dungeon once.

"... ok, I'll go"

"Okay, good luck"

◆ ◆ ◆

Freuds pushed me on the back and me and Mr. Rousha came along as the most challenging dungeon I've ever been to. Where veteran adventurers go, saying [a deep forest dungeon], an hour's ride from the city and another thirty minutes' walk from there.

Even more difficult dungeons are not in places where you can go on a day trip, so you have to get ready for a lot more.

It's a high-difficulty dungeon within walking distance of the city.

Nevertheless, it would be my first experience considering that while defeating demons in pairs. We have to go carefully, keep our heads tight.

"Oh, there you go. There are many people."


There were many adventurers before the dungeon that walked through the woods.

According to information given to Mr. Rousha, this dungeon has been mapped up to fifteen tiers. The difficulty is increased downstairs at once, so they rarely go there.

You're hunting in a hierarchy that matches your level.

The cave is the entrance to the dungeon, and surely this will go in unknowingly as a dungeon. There is a cabin right next to it, which seems to combine accommodation when something happens.

Watching the inflexible adventurer go in, we decided to have an operational meeting first.

I sit back at the roots of a large tree and ask Mr. Rousha what I have always wondered.

"I was shooting amazing, but where do you have the arrows?

"What! That's so much more now."


When I could afford it, I was picking up the arrows I removed... but there are just too many copies. I made an anticipation that I might have special storage space or skills. Because Mr. Rousha doesn't have an arrow barrel.

"The arrow is made of this ring."

What Mr. Rousha showed me was a platinum ring lowered to his waist.

Looking surprised at what it meant, Mr. Rousha put his finger inside the ring and slowly took out the arrow.

"What do you mean?

Others were looking at Archer, but everyone had an arrow barrel. I bet you've never seen anyone with an item like Rousha before.

Would it be a pretty valuable item?

Mr. Rousha gave it to me, so I'll show you the ring. If I put my finger in it, the arrow wouldn't show up and I have no idea how to use it.

Looking at me trying to get the arrows out somehow, Mr. Rousha chuckles.

"I'm not being stored, I'm building arrows with my skills. The ring is made from precious ore, so you can make many arrows."

"Oh, I see..."

Was this ring the material of an arrow that processed the ore?

What the hell kind of ore is that? Is it made of orihalcon, adamantite, or something else? Ask Rousha, but she says she doesn't know her name.

"Well, I was a little refreshed to solve the mystery. So it's a hunt. My goal is to raise the level and gather materials for use in gear, money. … you'll need a lot of things to get to the Land of Demons."

"I... would be glad to have Mr. Hiroki as my partner"

"Ugh, yeah."

When they say it face to face, it's so embarrassing.

Just to get off topic, I'll show the pedestrian in front of the dungeon.

"Oh, yeah."


"Hate...... erm, here's what I thought when I hit Mr. Rousha with my hand to keep the demon from going"

We checked our position in the dungeon, and we walked out under the pedestrian.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

23 Dungeon attack initiated