20 You're gonna hit me with an arrow and shoot me!!
21 Applause from the Adventurers

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

"Freud, is Tina okay?

"Oh. Looks like you overused your skills and lost your magic."

"Out of Magic......"

In this world, the number of times skills can be used has not been clarified. It signals that if you feel the magic that exists in you, and you feel sloppy, etc., you do not want to have magic left behind.

You have to learn the feeling and figure out for yourself how much skill you can use.

You're a jerk.

That said, I still don't remember feeling tired or anything. Probably enough magic.

"Are you on the ground for now? Hiroki will carry Tina because he will defeat the demon with me and Dia?


Mr. Rousha helped me as I tried to carry Tina, who was letting me sleep on the stairs. I feel heavier than expected because Tina is unconscious.

... Me, can you walk to the ground?

Think about your lack of strength and get anxious. Definitely going to breathe on the way and demand a long break when it gets to the stairs. For a man's sake, pity is all I have.

"I'll support you, too, so let's do our best on the ground"

"... right, I'll do my best"

Mr. Rousha called me, and I started walking.

I thought Tina, the firepower, would struggle with the demons because she was incapable of fighting, but that didn't happen. He's back on the ground, so he's becoming a weak demon, and Dia was becoming a fighter.

But more than that, Freudian strength is greater. Compared to standing around earlier, the movement is better on each step.

- Were you saving the movement for Dia?

You usually don't, but you impress me because you're a proper guardian in weird places.


"Thankyou, Hiroki. All right, cancer, let's go. - Whoa!

"Even I... Huh!!"

Pulled by Freudian momentum, Dia moves better as well.

There's nothing wrong with that, we could get out of the dungeon.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Aren't you tired, Mr. Hiroki?

"It's okay. Mr. Rousha is the one who got out of the party..."

"That's enough, that's fine. That party wasn't right for me!

After we left the dungeon and followed the city, we figured it out.

Freuds and Dia take Tina home to the inn. Me and Mr. Rousha will sell the material we were collecting from the demons we defeated to the Adventurer Alliance.

Though Freuds said it wouldn't be a big price because it's a shallow hierarchical demon.

Because I put him in the party, or Mr. Rousha walking next door is somewhere light on foot.

When I get to the Adventurer Alliance, I move on to the counter where Mr. Harrah is in the straight line.

"Good day, Mr. Halla"

"Oh, isn't that Mr. Hiroki?... Is that you, Mr. Rousha?

"Hello, Mr. Hiroki helped me where I fell and was abandoned by the party."

"Abandoned!? Is it true!?"

Listening to Mr. Rousha's words, Mr. Harrah sighs in disdain. Apparently, the party Mr. Rousha was having a little trouble with. "Be very careful," he murmured, writing on the paperwork.

"But good. You've always had luggage. I was worried."

"If you look only at the results, I'm glad you fell."

"That's true."

With both of us laughing, Mr. Halla starts checking the material.

What becomes material is mainly, fangs and horns. Very rarely do they have demons with demonic stones, but I haven't seen them yet. Used for equipment, magic props, etc.

"The condition of the material is... so-so. The numbers are there, so it'll be 15,000 lots in total."

"Yes, thank you"

I received the money from Mr. Harrah, and our two assignments are over.

"Then let's go home to the inn -!"

"You put Lusha in the party!? Give me this, unusable archer!

"...... Huh!!"

Trying to turn his back on the counter and go home, the leader of the party to which Rousha belonged stood. If you look where I have the requisition in my hand, you'll see that I've come to get a new job.

What are you going to do by bothering to flirt with me...

"Nothing, I don't think I can use it. Can I help you?

"For what? No, not really."

"Oh, really..."

"I was just wondering if there was such a guy as to pick up Lusha! I thought you were a useless healer who swung away."

There are people in every world who want to get involved this way.

Now thinking about what to do, Mr. Rousha, who was trembling in anger next door, vandalized his voice.

"Mr. Hiroki is not useless! Because he's a great healer!!"

"Hey, Mr. Rousha!

"What the heck!?"

It would be too short.

I had a bad feeling I was going to eat a guy, Mr. Rousha, but I was one step ahead of him. And soon, the hunch was over. The man shook his arm wide up and hit me over here.

Mr. Halla, who was watching right behind him, also raises his voice in a panic, but the man acts faster.

"Stop fighting in the guild..."



Mr. Halla and the other adventurers who were in the guild had overlapping barbaric voices.

Everyone must have thought I'd be beaten up. How are you surprised that Mr. Harrah or the man who beat you up knows I'm an evasive healer?

"Fuck you!!"


My body avoids being chased without rubbing. Even though I haven't done anything myself, it's great that you dodge it on your own. I always think it's like a game.

The man has a bright red face, but no matter how hard he tries, that fist will never hit me. There will be no future robbery.

- I still don't have a low awareness of evasion.

"I don't want to make any more noise, and can you pick it up?

"That's right! If you make any more noise, you can also see the disqualification of adventurers!

"Shit! Huh, Lusha, what a wish from this side!

At the end of the day, the man was evil and left the Adventurer's Guild.

"Ha... I'm tired"

"Thank you, Mr. Hiroki"

"No. I'm glad Mr. Rousha didn't get beat up"

It's not what I would have accumulated if I had taken such a big man's blow. I'm glad I was avoided, but I'm relieved if I was hitting Mr. Rousha.

As the storm passed, a round of applause boiled indoors.


The adventurers who were watching us said, "Wow," "I thought I could definitely do it!" and surround me. Apparently, he admires me for avoiding that attack.

"Elf child, are you okay? I was a little worried because I saw them always holding my stuff."

"But I'm glad you moved on to a good party."

"Thank you!

Apparently, most people knew that Mr. Rousha was being carried and used with a large package. Everyone was worried, but it seemed to be static that mouthing other parties...

If we did get in between, that big guy would have gotten injured because he was quick on his hands. If you don't avoid it, you'll get hurt even if it's small.

I think so, and I'm glad I met Mr. Rousha.

After a little chat at the Adventurers Guild, me and Mr. Rousha went back to the inn.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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