19 Useless Archer
20 You're gonna hit me with an arrow and shoot me!!

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"Speaking of which, Mr. Rousha, do you have a party bracelet?

"Yes, I do"

When I asked, Mr. Rousha showed me his bracelet.

Though I was anxious that maybe I didn't get any experience, that seemed worrying. Changing the setting of this bracelet is a mechanism by which EXP is distributed.

Tina taught me how to set it up, and now I'm ready for a party that includes Mr. Rousha.

Trying to start the hunt immediately - somehow, Freuds is thinking about it.

"What's up?

"Even with two guards, don't bother with the sequence because Rousha's attack is Hiroki exclusive"

"Oh...... then how about getting Mr. Rousha to take a blow in from afar first? After that, Dia and Mr. Freuds attack. And then Tina's the firepower."

Me and Mr. Rousha will move to the back of the party and deal with the demons if they come from behind. There's a lot of room, but this would be the best way to think about Mr. Rousha's hitting power.

Mr. Rousha shines his eyes on my suggestion.

Until now, I'm sure, no party member would have thought about how Mr. Rousha could fight.

"I see, if you do have no one, you can shoot an arrow. I'll do my best!


"Then why don't you go with that operation? There's a lot of people, and you want to go a little further down the hierarchy?"


The Freudians also agreed and decided to go down to the seventh tier while hunting slowly.

I've already been through the hierarchy, but this is the first time the Tinas have. Moving forward carefully, when I arrived, the party collaboration was working well there as well.

Seven tiers of enemies are mini oaks. With a pig's nose, bipedal. Every individual is about a meter tall, so I don't know if I can say mini... but they attack me with a weapon in their hand, horrible ones.


After I use my skills, I lead Dia through the stone dungeons. When you see the demonic shadow, Dia paves the way and Mr. Rousha leads the arrow to the bow and releases it.

Almost no bow or arrow hits a demon, but sometimes a hit can defeat a mini oak with a single blow. Pretty high firepower, makes me want it every time I see it.

"Yay, we hit it again!

"Mr. Rousha, wow!

Look at the dead mini oak, jump a little and Mr. Rousha shakes. When I compliment you, you give me a buoy sign with an extraordinary smile.

Lots of mistakes, but the one-hit special is strong after all!

Even games are easier to attack than strong Special Attacks.

"Even I do my best...... [FIRE]!!"

"Tina, Nice!


Tina also unleashes defeat and magic on Mr. Rousha.

Dia praises that, pointing todome at the dying mini oak. But another mini oak is slashed with a sword from Dia's blind spot - which Freuds follows by taking an attack with his sword.

"Thankyou...... Huh!



Plus the mini oak shows up from the front, and he says he just knocked one dia and Freuds is dealing with two. Tina desperately magically defeats him, but this situation is going to continue for a while because we see mini oaks in the distance.

"Hey, are you coming out of here too!

Looking backwards, two mini oaks were rushing over here wielding their swords. Back off immediately, I go under the mini oak, and Mr. Rousha takes a step back, bows up and leads the arrow.

The mini oak waved a sword at me when I came in front of him.

Miss! Miss!

"All right, Mr. Rousha! Shoot me!!"


Me and the mini oak, the arrows fly. You don't hit the first shot, you pierce the ground. Make sure of that, Mr. Rousha fires a second shot.

... hmm?

The mini oak that attacks me is fine.

But I have a few doubts about Mr. Rousha's style of combat. The interval between shooting arrows feels kind of long. Can't we shoot him with a bang at shorter intervals?

As I watched Mr. Rousha closely, my hand with the bow was shaking somewhere.


Are you thinking about the possibility that a single shot could make me inevitable? If that's the case, I can also convince you to shoot me one at a time.

"You can shoot more bangs, Mr. Rousha."

"What, but..."

"After all, you were thinking that shooting me in a row was inevitable."


Look at her making me feel sorry, I laugh.

This much aggression doesn't make it inevitable.

"It's okay, shoot as much as you want. It's a series of strikes! You can hit me with an arrow."

"~ ~! Okay! You don't even know if you hit it!!"

That said, Rousha connected two arrows at once.

Can you shoot two at once, not one at a time?

I open my eyes to surprise, but from here on out, more than that, Lucha surprised me. Probably can't do more than three, but if we can shoot arrows more at once, we won't even have the gaps that demons avoid.

I shot two, and I immediately shot the next two. Unlike earlier, it's pretty fast.

"Ha, wow...... Huh!


Bash bash!!

Mr. Rousha's arrow pierced the mini oak and he was out of breath.

"Awesome, Mr. Rousha"

"What are you talking about? What's amazing is Mr. Hiroki avoiding all my arrows..."

He looks more tired.

I wonder how anxious you were that you wouldn't put an arrow on me. But that, too, would have safely changed in this series of attacks. From now on, hunting is easier...

Oh, well.

I'm out of this party now.

Then, inevitably, there will be no more hunting with Mr. Rousha.


"Mr. Hiroki?

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's nothing. We need to support the Diamonds, right? [Shield]"

Shake off the stupid idea behind my brain, and I'll use a shield on Dia and Freuds. There are still a few mini oaks, so I can't lose my mind.

"... Phew. That's amazing, Mr. Rousha."

"Ugh. Oh, my God, not yet compared to Tina, who lets the demons hit her properly."


He was watching me and Mr. Rousha fight on the sidelines, and Tina is depressed. From me, Tina has grown up all at once in the last few days and she's amazing enough... but apparently not satisfied.

"Even I can work harder! [Fire], one more time [Fire]"

"Ooh, Tina!?"

When Tina fired magic in a row, she fell into the spot fluttering. I don't know why, I run over to Tina with my heels on.

I'll try to hold him up, but he seems to be loose and unconscious.


Dia and Freuds also raise their voices and look this way.

Soon the mini oak waved the sword, but Freuds used his skills at his disposal to exterminate the remaining demons.

"Damn, it's out of magic! We'll be right back to the stairs!!"

"Yes! I'll take the lead [Shield]"

Fortunately, it's only a few minutes from the current location to the stairs.

Freuds holds Tina back and we run out.

"If I'm attacked by a mini-oak, don't worry about following me!


The two mini oaks from the front leave me alone. Unless someone else strikes, the target never shifts from me.

Three, four, five...... up to seven more, came up to the stairs. I don't go in the stairs, I just walk by.

"Freudians, get in the stairs! Mr. Rousha, attack from the front of the stairs. If any other mini oak springs and gets attacked, head right into the stairs!!"

"Wow, okay!

Freuds and Dia enter the staircase space, and Mr. Rousha bows down the mini-oak attacking me. The annihilation was complete in about five minutes, and we finally took a breather.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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