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18 Wounded Girl

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"All right, we're gonna gradually rise to the next level."


"I'll fight with you today, Dia, so try to be aware of the collaboration."


Dungeon attack that became like routine.

Freuds, who was usually on the lookout, seems to be joining the fight today. Though I thought it was rare, apparently I teach Dia swordsmanship and standing around in practice.

Walk from the city to the [stone dungeon]. Before I go in, my work, which is support, has begun.


"Okay, you're ready. We're going to five levels at once."


"I'll do my best!

Under Freudian command, go inside.

Certainly a demon on the fifth tier...... a mole demon, his name is Killer Mogra. He's a bad opponent for a heart that uses sharp nails and suddenly pops out of the ground and strikes. When I first encountered him, I was surprised and wondered if my heart would stop.

By the way, the appearance is charming with crushed eyes and cute there if you haven't done anything.

Once inside the dungeon, it was crowded there. With a couple of adventurer parties walking forward, there's no demons at our party.

"It's a dungeon, but it's kind of peaceful"

"If there were so many adventurers, there wouldn't have been a shallow hierarchy of demons."

We have a relaxing chat with Tina, followed by Dia.

As calm as it sounds like it would be nice to walk while reading. I have a shield, so I don't have a problem getting rid of the cluttered fish that go out into this hierarchy.

I'll take out the book Mr. Halla gave me and take a look at it, but I knew I couldn't read the letters.

Fortunately, is there an illustration of apricot grass on it? A small bud grows and has a slightly larger eye fruit there. Light orange, looks delicious.

If this was a tree, it would be an apricot.

"Mr. Hiroki, is that it? That nut, like I saw it somewhere...?

"Oh, really?... Actually, embarrassing story, I was having trouble reading the letters. I want to know the habitat."

"Mm-hmm." Name, apricot grass. A herb whose habitat is limited because it requires a lot of magic to grow. habitat outside the Devil's Continent has not been confirmed '. "

"The Devil's Continent...... oh well. Apricot continent."

I was completely oblivious.

The official name of the Demon Continent is Apricot Continent. If Apricot grass is growing, it would definitely be here. I regret that I realized it sooner.

When that happens, it's just fine because Lotus and Ruru are supposed to go to the Demon Continent on a Demon King crusade.

"Come on, you can both afford it. Even though the hierarchy is still shallow, this is a dungeon."

"Ah! I'm sorry, Mr. Freuds. I'll pull myself together!

"Whoa, I'll do that - whoa!?"

As Freud watched out for Tina, a demon jumped out of the side and attacked Freud. That was somehow prevented by my stretched shield, but there is no ex-child or ex-child when the cautious stretcher eats the accidental blow.

"Damn, bad timing!!"

He slams the rat he's attacked with a single blow, and Freuds takes a bad turn.

"Well, I have no choice. It's because I put out a book, sorry."

"Watch out for Hiroki, too."

"Yes. [Shield]"

I shielded Freud back, and now I went straight to the fifth tier.

◆ ◆ ◆

The fifth tier is a bit like a wet cave.

This hierarchy is hit by multiple killer mogras.

Freud and Dia take it half at a time, and Tina attacks it from the rear. Just like rats, fire attribute skills are weak.

My position is right next to Tina.

If a killer mole suddenly hits you from the ground, I'll take it on. I can avoid attacks, so if they attack me, I don't hesitate to impersonate them and tell them to leave.

He proceeded smoothly as he defeated Killer Mogra, and after a while the dirt behind him suddenly rose.

"All right, next one. - Gotta go."

"Tina, be me!

"Ha, ha!!"

Killer Mogra's attack, which appeared unintentionally, is somehow prevented by a shield stretched on Tina. Still there was fear, Tina rushes to get behind me.

"Okay, Killer Mogra, come to me - say, eh!?"

I just thought Killer Mogra's target was moving from Tina to me, but it didn't. Killer Mogra is blind to me and continues his attack on Tina.

"Damn, what's going on! [Shield]!

"Tina! Come here!!"

"Mr. Freuds...... Huh!

Freuds, who figured things out, runs in a straight line toward Tina.

"This............ [POWER SLASH]!!"

I swung up my sword as it was and broke off the killer mogula that was coming at me.

Where Freuds fights with his skills, he may have tried it for the first time. From the skill name, it must be a highly aggressive blow.

Go to the reassuring Tina's and I'll apologize immediately.

"Sorry, I thought you were going to attack me..."

"It's okay. Mr. Hiroki had his shield, so I'm intact!

"Everyone can fail."

"Well, now you're glad you know the dungeon shouldn't be alarmed"

Tina and Dia encourage me, and I get advice from Freuds not to be alarmed from the next. Reflect on the fact that my thoughts were cheap, and I'll have a proper operation in the future - Ah.

"Right, Hate..."



When I whined about the cause, everyone in Freuds, Tina and Dia tilted their necks.

"Uh, Hate is... in brief, the subject the demon attacks..."

"It's the avant-garde cutting himself up that demons attack, isn't it?

"Oh, you know...?

Without questioning anything, Freuds ran out of saying it was avant-garde role to confront the demons.

"But the rear guard...... what if Tina is attacked by a demon?

"A party with a lot of members will have people behind it who can make melee wars. The basics are that if a guard like Tina is attacked, we try to take him down as a top priority."

"I see..."

Oh, well.

So when I was attacked by Slime, Dia tried to help me first.

In the game, the basics are that demons attack players with a high Hate value. For this reason, Shield jobs and others often use skills and items that dare to collect Hate. This will focus the attack on you and keep you from attacking magicians and archers.

"Eh. If I could focus the demon attack on the avant-garde position, it would be fine if the rear guard didn't attack me."

"Oh, you mean that. Sometimes a demon attack attracts one's attention."

"Yes, that's it!!"

Oh, my God, you manage Hate properly!

"How are you doing?

"Even so, I don't get to use it much because it's pretty hard to concentrate an attack on one person. Except if you have a good healer or Priest at the party..."

Right, we're tight on walls due to lack of healers.

Sure, then it would be tough for one avant-garde to be attacked by demons.

"The demon shelter potion and the demon collection potion are for sale. Basically, we're gonna use that."

"I see... you're adjusting in the potion"

Sure, it's a classic.

Maybe I have the skills to make Hate, but it's not very common. In the first place, items are expensive to learn skills from.

Looks pretty tough to go for a complete avoidance healer.

"In the meantime, once we get a break,"

"Oh, yes......"

The battle was temporarily interrupted because of me, so I decided to take a short break. Freuds takes the lead and leads to the stairs in the safety zone as Dia walks at the rear.

There were a few killer mogras out on the way, but me and Tina never got attacked.


"I knew I'd be nervous if it was five levels, and don't get pretty tired"

As Tina and Dia sit around, Freuds laughs, "I haven't done that yet."

"Well, hydrate me. - Hmm?

"? What's up...... a party?

"Sounds like..."

The five floors divide the roads to the left and right as soon as they descend the stairs. A different party was walking this way from the opposite direction we came.

- Oh, it's the party I saw before.

There's a girl with a big bag on her back, she just offered to join me and turned me down.

It has a giddy vibe and you can see it rubbing.

"Is something wrong?

"Sounds nasty."

Tina frowned anxiously, and Dia frowned.

Soon the party got here and said, "Look, we're leaving soon!," climbs the stairs as the leader's man speaks.

I guess he was hunting in the lower tier. Everyone has dirty gear and minor injuries by the way. I'm lost for a moment wondering if I should offer you a heel, but you're looking like you're leaving now, and you don't have to - huh?

Shishi then made a noise, and the big baggage girl who was walking at the rear collapsed.

"That's it, Lusha! I'm putting you in a party that you can't use, and you can't even hold a lot of baggage."


"I'm tired, so I want to go home soon. I'm coming home first, you come back alone."

"No, wait!

"Look, let's go!


I can't block my open mouth from talking to a girl who fell in with a big man. It doesn't look like I was the only one, and it says on my face that there can't be all three of them: Freuds, Tina, and Dia.

All I'm saying is that I don't need you anymore, and the big man and the rest of the party members just went up the stairs.

That's not true.

"Are you okay!? [Heels]!

I use my skills more quickly than I do under a girl.

Freud unloads his big stuff for you, and Tina is gripping her back worryingly. Fortunately, the injury soon got better thanks to the heel.

"Thank you"

Girl with exhausted look has long ears in pink honey color. Pearl pink eyes were adorable elves. I'm about seventeen, expecting it to be a little below me. - Hmm?

Even elves -!?

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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