16 Close meeting with Ruri
17 I want firepower. To the truth.

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The day after I had a close meeting with Ruru.

I was wondering how I could break the lotus curse. I think of a way to unwind the curse as I change from bedtime to gear.

Uncurse Pojon, magic...... but Ruru said this was tough. It would be quite harsh to say that the potions prepared by the country for the brave will not work.

So, I come up with a different possibility.

"Non-human race......!

In this other world, besides man, there is a continent inhabited by beasts and a continent inhabited by demons. Even if humans can't create a curse potion, it could be that if they are other species.

Though, I only know about Mr. Halla that I'm not human...

"I was summoned to defeat the Demon King, but what does the Demon King look like in the first place?

Unlike us humans, do we look like demons? Or does it have the same appearance as a human?

Looks like you should check it out here and share information with the ruggers.

When I finished dressing and made a big stretch, the sound of Conn and Knock echoed into the room.

"Good morning, Mr. Hiroki! Let's go to breakfast"

"Morning, Tina"

When I opened the door, there was also Dia and Freuds with Tina. Today, I plan to go hunting in the dungeon. Of course, I want to go hunting, too. of, but I want to gather information today.

Shall I ask the Freudians while I get breakfast first?

"Do you want a cursing potion?

"I hope you want it, but you also want to know the kind and stuff"

While eating my breakfast omelet, I just spoke to Freuds. As an adventurer, I think I have some experience there, so I might be able to get some information.

Freud, while thinking about it, taught me the basic type of potion.

"Potions are basically made from medicinal herbs. You put different ingredients in there, you increase the variety."


There are three types of potions on the market, he said.

Primary potion, intermediate potion, advanced potion. So there is a primary cursing potion, an intermediate cursing potion, and an advanced cursing potion.

Basically, they say there are many adventurers with intermediate potions. When something happens, I don't feel like it's elementary. It's hard to always have it because it's too expensive in advanced.

"Isn't it better than advanced?

"There is.... but it's pretty hard to get it because you're not going out there"

He said most of them made it from crates, research institutes, etc. by knocking down dungeon bosses to get a better potion than advanced. Even if they know how to make it, it's going to take time to collect the ingredients and just make one mass production instead.

A king would be able to retrieve the curse potion from the research institute. Still not possible means it seems like it would be a good idea to go to other continents.

"The curse is part of the Demon clan. I don't think we're doing much research, either."

"The Demons?

"Oh. You're characterised by more magic than humans. They have a lot of research facilities."

Then I think it would be a good idea to go to the Devil's Land.

Or they told me to take down the Demon King, but it doesn't look like it's another bad demon group based on how Freud is. Credit to the king is somewhere near zero.

Looks like you should find out how to get to the Devil's Lands.

With that in mind, she was listening to a conversation between me and Freud. Tina came to the conversation.

"Has anyone been cursed? I have heard that there are essential medicinal herbs for cursing. But you think it's so hard to get it?"

"Is that true? Tina, tell me about that herb."

"I'm sorry, I don't know the details either. With that, I've just heard..."

"Oh well."

I didn't know the details, but I did find that there were valuable medicinal herbs. If you gather information in the Adventurer Guild, someone might know something.

"Okay, I'm gonna ask you in the guild before you go hunting for a second"

"Oh... no"

I rushed in for breakfast and left the inn alone.

◆ ◆ ◆

In the morning, the Adventurer Alliance is busy.

This world hasn't developed something called science, so it doesn't mean the city is bright at night. Street lights are on, but the minimum required. The inhabitants go to bed early and wake up with the morning sun.

"Good morning, Mr. Halla"

"Good morning, Mr. Hiroki. What's wrong with you today?

Actually, I'm looking into the curse.

"Uncurse, is it? If it's Mr. Hiroki's level, I don't think there's any demons to curse."

Demons who curse are often troublesome. He advised me that I should not go to such a place yet. But unfortunately, it's not me.


Maybe rumors are circulating that the brave men have been cursed. The cursing potion, or if I said I wanted to know how to curse, I might get suspicious.

"I'm a healer, so I want the knowledge to be able to deal with whatever happens."

"You're enthusiastic"

When I told her the best reason, Harrah believed me. "Then I have a good book," he said, taking a book out of the back of the counter.

The old red cover says letters, but unfortunately I can't read them.

"De-cursing potions and research records to de-curse. The highest point of the curse potion is, uh, apricot grass."

"Apricot grass?

"Yeah, it's a herb with plenty of magic."

...... apricot grass!

I didn't think I'd get this much more specific information. I just want to check my habitat and head out to collect it right away.

But for that, there's a problem.

Road bank and firepower. Road banking can be gathered in a grudge, but you can't just go with Tina and the others. I guess I'll have to hire a strong adventurer for one money to become a bodyguard.

Still a pile of problems.


"Hmm? Oh, Tina and Dia"

"Welcome? Good luck today. I'll lend you this book."

"Thank you, Mr. Halla. It helps."

At this busy hour, I can't let Mr. Halla explain all the time.

Just the two of you picking me up, and I decided to go to the dungeon. Let's check where we collect first, and we'll make some money on the road bank.

And do something, get some firepower.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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