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Message from Ruru via Adventurer Guild. It was the meeting day.

"Oh, Mr. Hiroki, aren't you eating dinner yet?

"I have a little business to attend to today."


I left my stuff in the inn's own room and Tina called me when I was out in the dining room. Next to it is Dia and Freuds, who are also asking for dinner.

"What a woman to plan from this hour?

Slightly, Freuds looks at me. Because they are, well, women, no mistakes, but they're not the ones in that sense.

"It's not like that."

"Really? He's a weird guy swinging around, but I don't know why. He seems like he can take care of Hiroki."

You're hot, aren't you? What a joke they throw at me, and I laugh bitterly. Unfortunately, she's not here.

One way or another, he's hot as a refreshing, gentle good-looking guy like Lotus.

Though I don't know about it in this world.

"Mr. Freuds, don't make too much fun of Mr. Hiroki and trouble him"

"Nothing. Just a little bit, okay?"

"Not at all -!

Even though he hasn't swallowed it yet, Freuds is in a good mood and asking for ale.

Being caught here makes me late, so I cut up the conversation and headed to the liquor store Smomo.

◆ ◆ ◆

The tavern Smomo was a two-story wooden building. The wood has a flavor and the appearance of a long history is a good impression.

When I open the door and go inside, once I hear the lively voices of the adventurers. He drinks ale while eating and laughs out loud for fun.

"There you are! Are you alone?

"No, I'm meeting you."

"Is that the kid in the back?

When I told the clerk who welcomed me that I was meeting him, he indicated the deepest part of the store.

When I look, the woman in the dress robe just looks back at this one. I'll gently raise my hand and head for the back seat.

"Sorry, have you waited?

"I just got here, too, so it's okay"

"Oh well."

As long as I was wearing a dress at the Royal Castle, I'm no different from an adventurer now. No, although the grade of the gear is a little above.

The deep purple tone of the dress robe is used as a soothing pink colour for the sophisticated lace. Her legs look long due to her high waist and her knee-length fishtail skirt is elegant.

Damn, I'll make a dodge gear soon, too.

Order meals and drinks from the clerk and chat for a while.

At first glance, he doesn't look particularly injured. I'm not relieved by that, but I won't be relieved until I confirm what happened today.

What happened...?

"Is Hiroshi doing well? Because I was particularly worried about money."

"Not so far. I did some herb collection in the dungeon, so I could stay in the inn."


"What about you?

Asking him how he was doing with a relieved look, his eyebrows dropped. After a little silence, he began to talk: "Actually..."

"Me and Lotus were immediately told by the king to go to the dungeon and raise the level. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with that because my initial talent was way higher than that of the inhabitants of this world..."

"Oh, right. I'm level one, too, but I swing my status to dodge, so I can go pretty much anywhere."

We reaffirm our high talent, but the problem was elsewhere.

"Defeating the demon in the dungeon was easy.... but me and Lotus had no knowledge of this world"


That's also what I'm concerned about.

I haven't hit a big problem yet, but I guess that's because I was going to a low-level dungeon one way or another.

Ruri says that dangerous dungeon demons weren't just strong.

"Skills and most demons that attack abnormally"

"Uh, you got hit by a slime that's paralyzing me, too."

"Hiroshi too? Oh, my God, that. Essentially, I had no problem with it because I had defeated it before I was attacked by a state anomaly, and I was also given a potion to restore the state anomaly."

"Potions are handy."

Although injuries can be cured, recovery skills for abnormal conditions have not been acquired. When I went to the tool store with Tina and the others, I bought just a little so I have it.

"What we mourned about our lack of knowledge was the [Mourning Volcanic Dungeon] place. I fought and defeated the boss at the bottom... and the demon was a snake, and I put a strong curse on the lotus that stabbed Todome."

"To Lotus!? Are you okay...?


To my inquiry, I shake my head without force.

"I used the potion, but the curse never went away. Looks like he's letting his men look for a way the king can un-curse him, but when..."

"Damn, you can't be such a king."

I think it would be quicker for us to find our own way out of the curse.

In fact, Ruru Lotus apparently checked the books in the library or asked anyone studying that aspect. but so far they haven't gotten any powerful information.

"Do you have the effect of a curse...?

"It's like a snake's demonic curse. There are signs of a snake crawling like a lotus body. Now it's still a little bit, but if it turns all over your body, you'll be tightened up and killed... let's curse it like that"

I don't know how to solve the curse, but I can only discover the statement about the curse.

Until the snake's crawling marks turn all over his body, he still has about a few months of respite. Lotus herself says she is occasionally stuck and seems to suffer, but is able to live her normal life. I'm relieved about that.

We have to do something about the curse before we go back to Japan...

"I'll find out about the curse relieving, too. If you're in the library, I'll ask the guilds and the adventurers."

"Thank you, Hiroshi. I would never let a lotus die. The three of us are going back to Japan."

"... right"

Ruri grips his fist all the time and gives him a spicy look. Even I'm perfectly sorry about the future being used for the Kings.

"Don't the Ruru feel bad about being under the King?

"It's okay. For now, level increase is paramount. When something happens, I want as much level as I can against the country"

"... Ruru, how many levels are there?

"[Status Open]"

Luli Takanasi

Level: 16

Occupation: Wizard

Attack: 1

Defense: 60

Hit: 1

Intelligence: 118

Recovery: 1

Avoid: 1

Skills: Language Acquisition, Magic Attack Improvement (Passive), Magic Recovery Improvement (Passive), Fire Water Wing Earth Search

"Wow, so strong! I'm still level three."

"I'm hunting with Lotus. It's been in the library the last few days, so it hasn't come up. You just have to raise Hiroshi from now on."

"Right. I'll do my best."

Ruru follows me as he plays with his fingers with his saggy dark hair, "It's okay".

"No, that search is a skill..."

"Do you know where people and demons are? Now I'm out checking the Royal Castle's security position."

"I see. That's a pretty good skill."


When one person at a party has enemy skills, you can count on them. I live in the royal castle, so I feel safe that Ruru is holding it for me. Because even if there is any danger, it will be easier to escape.

The level is up, and Ruru tells me that I can do it without any problems because I got a new search.

"Can we talk like this today?"

"Oh, my God, you look like you're having fun with your beautiful sister."

"Mix us up!"


Two men called out, blocking my words.

A big adventurer with a sword on his hips. I quickly found out that my face was red and I was drunk. Apparently, he was looking at this one because Ruru is beautiful.

"Sorry, we're leaving now."

"Don't say that, okay?"

I stand up and stand between men.

I was stared at, but I can't back off with this one. She looks like an adult, but she's a third-year high school girl. If you get tangled up by a big man, you'll be scared.

Before I left the royal castle, Lotus and I talked to each other, and it was there that this lady would be fine.

"Oh, my God, isn't a pretty girl going to be alone?

"No, no, no, no."

"Let's have a drink."

"No, no, no, no."

There's a way to get involved.

I'll say no gently, but the men gain momentum. After many times of saying no, a frustrated man shook up his fist and hit me.


That's right.

"Oh, my God."

"Fighting can be annoying to the store, so you should stop it."

"Fucking guh."

I'll try to insist on quitting, but it doesn't go through the drunk men. When crude adventurers get drunk and numb, is it so nasty? No, I guess it's a nasty race even if you're not drunk.

Now, what am I going to do... thinking about it, as long as I was sitting up, I picked up from my seat.

"Oh, I thought you'd drink with me."

"Hiroshi, let's go home"

"Oh, yeah..."

I wondered what I was going to do and I let the guys through lightly -!!

I thought you'd be more scared, so I'm taken lightly. While I'm more coolly surprised than I imagined, I just have to affirm.

Of course, not the guys who snort at it.

"Whoa, whoa, lady. Exactly. Isn't that awful?

"You're gonna make us look terrible."

"You guys...... Huh!

I stare at the two obviously aggressive men - they don't look good on the field, and a little laugh got in my ear.


"Oh, I'm sorry"

I laughed, I laughed.

"I'm sorry. I'm not scared compared to our young people, so I didn't think..."



I felt disturbed for a moment, but I'm sure it was my fault.

Take the money out of your wallet and put it on your desk. Oh, I thought I was late, but I can't even take it easy accounting in this situation.

"Let's go"

"Oh, oh."

With graceful footsteps, Ruru passed in front of the men, so I follow suit.

The men are coming after us, so it's just not good this way. But I use my skills before I do anything like this.

"[Earth] [Wing]"

skill chanted in a quiet voice, but was immensely powerful.

A hand grown from the ground at the feet of two men grasps and seals the movement. And the wind skills that went on tear the men apart. Besides, it's gear destruction, not scratching your skin.

"... what, wow"

Destroyed did not stay in gear, but also reached skin wear.

Of course, I don't want to see such filthy things. I turn away from the men before all my clothes fall apart and go to the entrance and exit of the store.

Ruru's about to knock over the store door.

"Ruru, are you okay?

"I'm fine. Thanks for protecting me, Hiroshi"


Can you say that I protected that one by fulfilling it?

After all, I failed the men, so I'm of no use at all.

"Well, it's not a good idea to keep the store that way."

"I've got multiple eyes on the chip, it's okay"

"You've been thinking about that."

I don't have a man's face.

Any attempt to give you money immediately will be rejected as far as possible. Well, I can see you're more overwhelmed than me in both your earnings and your levels.

"Next time, look for a delicious store"

"... Okay, I get it"

We walked a little in the wind and we figured it out.

I thought she was a weak younger girl... but it was probably the night that made me think that she was the hardest of the three of us summoned.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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