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It was still a little early for breakfast, though we went back to the inn from the Adventurers Guild. Go back to your room and check your status because when you fall asleep, you will be on a sleeping course until night.

The level was up to 2, but I was too busy to even confirm.

"[STATUS OPEN] Well, what's going on?"

Hiroki Sakrai

Level: 2

Occupation: Priest

Attack: 1

Magic: 1

Recovery: 100

Defense: 1

Hit: 1

Avoid: 51

Skills: Language Acquisition, Heel Regene Shield

Status Points: 1

Uh, I see. I see, I see. I see.

Level goes from 1 to 2 and only 1 status point awarded. Sure, this may not help if you think you're incompetent if you're swinging besides the required status value.

They say you have a strong status of 50. It would be hard if the status value only went up by 1 the whole time like this... well, I just have to level up and check this all out.

"Let's shake it off."

Evasion is now 52.

To be honest, I didn't really expect anything to change, but I did. With a few more levels, you'll know the changes too. That could avoid 50 slimes.

◆ ◆ ◆

After breakfast, I came to the stone dungeon with Dia and Tina. By the way, Freuds is off for a hangover.

The ten tiers here are very well taken care of by herb collection. Yesterday, or just been there all night.

I tried to get a book on acquiring skills from a crate in the boss room, but unfortunately there was no crate. Maybe there's a cycle for a new crate to emerge.

"Okay, we'll do our best!

"Hey, Dia! You can't go too high. Mr. Freuds, he's not here."

The strained dia walks further and further forward as she steps into the dungeon. A little further away, me and Tina follow Dia.

I'm checking my mapped notebooks so I won't get lost. That's why I have Dia move freely, but Tina is annoyed and a little pitiful.

... Is that it?

As I check Dia's path, I realize that it is the shortest distance in the next hierarchy. Exactly, the firepower seems a little uncomfortable for these three to go...

Nevertheless, it is the rat demons that are in the next hierarchy. You don't have a problem with me walking solo, so you can handle it. There aren't that many of them.

"To both [Shields]"

"! Thanks, Mr. Hiroki"


With my support, Dia strains even further.

I seemed to grasp the directions on the first tier and was able to get to the second tier relatively quickly while knocking down the slime.

"Yeah!? Dia, I guess the two levels are just tough......"

"It's okay, 'cause we have Hiroki!

"Oh, my expectations are so high, but I don't have any offense!?"

"I know that! If you can recover, you can afford it at all!

You can never afford it!!

and screaming in my heart, but riding Dia's maneuver that it would be better than being defeating the slime right away. Tina looks uneasy the same way, but even if a rat demon comes along, she'll figure it out if I'm attacked.

Enter the stairs that move through the hierarchy and just take a short break.

This is a safe zone where demons don't enter, so many parties rebuild. Tina is taking out the water bottle and rehydrating it.


"Hmm? What the hell, Hiroki"

"It's avant-garde, so Dia's gonna walk the lead, right? But sometimes demons come from behind, don't they?


In Slime Cave, the formation collapsed when the avant-garde dia tried to defeat the slime that emerged from behind. If you do poorly, Tina in the firepower position will be in danger.

For that reason, I tell Dia to "never leave the demon behind" with the meaning of confirmation.

"Dia focuses first on demons attacking herself. I'll take the demon out of the back and put it behind me."

"... ok"

"All right. Let's take down the demons in the order they attack me, Tina, Dia."

Make sure you prioritize before you start hunting. This way you will be able to respond without too much haste when more than one demon comes out.

If you decide, you only have practice.

"Okay, we'll do our best. The two-tiered demon is a rat. Because fire is a weakness, it may be easier to defeat than slime"

"I see."

Listen to Dia, I snort.

Tina's skill in magic is Fire. He just thought I was good at it on my own because I used it a lot, but it seemed to fit.

As I descended the stairs and entered the second level, I just jumped at the rat demon - a rat showing his sharp fangs to Dia.


"[Shield] [Regene]"

"Uh, uh... [Fire]!

Although Dia is a little frightened by the rat's momentum, I use my skills to help. Don't forget to apply Regeneration that will restore health on a lasting basis so you can be attacked.

I just want to get my shields back on before I run out of five shields. I also shield Tina, who uses magic, back on, and also on Dia.

I was able to defeat Tina with two skill shots against one rat.

"Piron ♪ Level Up!

Oh, the level's up.

Just checking, I had 1 more status point. Swing it around and keep it at 53.

"[Heel] [Shield]"

When the three rats get together, Dia looks a little bitter, too. He's attacking with a sword, but the rat doesn't really hit Dia because he's small and lumpy.

Only Tina's magic depends on fire power.

"Phew. [Fire]!

"Alright, level up"

Defeat all the rats you were fighting for and take a breath.

When I looked around where I had settled down too, there were several other groups of adventurers hunting because it was daylight now.

"This hierarchy is full of parties."

"Oh. Rats aren't that aggressive, and when magicians are at parties, they're relatively easy to defeat."

"I see."

Sure, it's smooth to be able to defeat Tina's magic twice. The gushing of rats is just right for fighting, so it doesn't mean it's not enough or too unscrupulous.

I even picked up some light green herbs while I watched them fight. This will be money, so I've never done it to pick it up.

That's how I did it, one rat came from behind and attacked me.


"Hiroki is strange."


Miss! Miss!

Dia sighs when she sees me avoiding rats at her leisure.

"Uh, aren't you afraid?

Now Tina sees me roughly.

"I was surprised at first, but I'm used to it"

Haha and laughing, Tina says "wow". He works hard as a magician, but he still gets scared and limp when demons come at him.

Well, Tina's still small, and she's a girl. From me, I think it's amazing how you're just here hunting in the dungeon.

"Wouldn't it make sense, after all, to walk forward and not be able to attack?

"No, no, you're not going to be attacked. Isn't that great?

"Er... I feel avant-garde"

"Out of the way..."

That's what Dia says and looks at the rat.

The same goes for Tina, and as for this one, I want her to attack quickly.

"Uh, can I knock you down?

"No, fine!? Rather knock it down quickly!?"

I guess Tina thought Rat was my pet or something?


"Todome is mine!!"

Tina weakened the rat, and Dia toddled him with her sword.

Compared to when I was in Slime Cave, I think I've been working a lot more together. And when I was relieved, I heard a man yelling from behind.

"Hey, come on, Lusha, come on!

"Ha, ha!

It's a five-man party, passing beside us.

What pissed me off was the girl walking at the rear of the line. bow of a weapon and for some reason only one person walks with a large package. I tilt my neck saying it was a sight I saw somewhere, and I immediately recall.

"It was a party then..."

"Hmm? You, the healer I've been speaking to in my guild then"

As I shrugged, a man from the past leader looked back at me.

"I'm glad you let me in the party."

"Ha, ha"

"We're going down to the lower level now. I hope you can do your best to get to the bottom of this place."

I told him so and proceeded with pleasure.

I'm sure you don't even dream that I could go to the lower level if I were a solo.

"It was kind of an awesome party..."

"We'd like to get to the lower level as soon as possible."

"I'll do my best! But why did Archer's people have the luggage?

Tina says it's terrible to push luggage on just one person.

"Isn't that the order?

"I don't know... if it's being held, poor thing"

Dia says lightly, but Tina tilts her neck.

"I certainly don't like the idea of just carrying luggage."

If I were you, I'd want to walk forward, and she'd want to fight with a bow.

Nevertheless, you would also need luggage if you were to hunt long hours in the lower level. Is there a system in this other world that looks like an item inventory? Magic bags that contain as many items as possible, etc.

If there is, I'd like to get it someday.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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