13 I want to get out front, but I can stop it.
14 Disturbing Rumors

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"Ahhh! Mr. Freuds, are you already drinking!?"

"Nice, it's a good day!

Take a seat with Tina.

Freuds, who has already started drinking, is blushing and Dia seems to be depressed somewhere. Leaning her neck wondering what was wrong, Dia opens her mouth.

"Tina, Hiroki! I'm sorry about the day. I can't stand around."

"It's okay, Dia. Even I'm still weak on offense, so it's not very helpful."

"Well, you can use reflection next time."

Tell Dia and Tina not to worry too much, but I think I would have been the unusable guy for a miscellaneous fish healer if they hadn't summoned me either. This resilience and evasion is a subpoena perk.

Before you say anything about people, you have to do something about yourself. After all, I couldn't get any herbs today. If we don't do something about it by tomorrow, the money sucks.

Whatever you're thinking of doing, a drunk Freudian gets tangled up in me.

grabbed my shoulder softly and said, "Dude, you don't drink ~!" he seems to be having fun. I'm a minor and I drink tea, even though I think I would be too weak for alcohol at all costs.

"I don't know, I drink too much Freudian...... Weren't you hungover yesterday or something?"

That's why I was able to meet Tina and Dia in the meadow.

"Well, well, well, well."

"You're a guardian, aren't you? Tina and Dia are stronger."

Contrary to Freuds involving me, Tina and Dia were talking about daylight. Oh, these two are more decent than their parents, huh?

"Speaking of which," he says cheerfully when he thinks Freuds will hold on too.

"Anything. There's a brave man in this country."


"I can't believe you're a professional brave man."

Drinking ale, Freuds says he wants to see me once, but I'm not quite there. I never thought the Lotus were known to the city.

Even though it's only been a few days since I've been summoned here.

"What, Hiroki is also interested in the brave?

"Well... well"

"It's a child's job."

No way am I in the middle of that line, the king hates me and kicks me out, looking for a different route back to Japan...... I just can't say.

"Even if you're a brave man, they don't have that high a level. So you're raising the level all the time in the dungeon or something."

"Level up…"

Somehow, they're going to leave you two.

I just finally got to level two.


"They're going to a pretty dangerous dungeon."


The dungeons we're in fall into the relatively safe category.

Dangerous dungeons seem to have many traps, abnormal state attacks, multiple strong demons and deep hierarchies. I wish I could be in this world, but such a dungeon would be tight in a few days after coming to another world.

... I hope you're okay.

"What the hell, Hiroki, look at me like that. It's not like we're going to that dangerous dungeon. Besides, the most dangerous dungeons don't go in by mistake because there are people at the entrance."


More than a certain size of a dungeon, and even closer to the city, people are stationed at the entrance so that people don't enter without knowing it's a dangerous dungeon.

"But I want to be strong too."

"What, what, inspired by the braves?

"It's not like that..."

I just don't like it when you two leave me.

"No, there's a powerful curse on the dungeons where the brave men go."


What is that dangerous word?

"I don't know the details, either. The demons that curse you are always troublesome and strong. For once, I also sell the cursing potion to the tool store... but if it's too powerful, it can't be cursed by itself."

"Sure, it's troublesome"

"Well, yeah, you won't even encounter that. I've never been to a dungeon with such a horrible demon."

Wahaha and laughing Freuds.

We've all been summoned by Japan to level one.

That king would make it as easy as ordering you to go to a dangerous dungeon to force you to raise your level. The honor student type lotus is not the kind of man who takes the lead to dangerous places because of the rubbing.

I mean, it's all, if anything, the king's fault.

Don't be too relaxed, I think I should move too.

If you don't stay strong fast, you won't be able to keep up with those two when something happens.

And so - whoa, I started hearing snoring from Freud.

"Hey, you get drunk fast..."

Even the food is still half as good as I ate it.

Should I take him to his room without putting him to sleep here? When I look at Tina and Dia with such distress, I get a reply, "The usual thing".

"Damn. You never want to be like this...... I'm sorry, Hiroki. Freudian drinks all the time because you're weak..."


That would be a bad one.

"If you're not drunk, you can count on me... to keep you asleep. You'll be fine. I think I'll wake up after a while."

"Yes, yes. I'm sorry it was a welcome party for Hiroki."

"It's not about Dia apologizing. Let's eat and have fun too."

Exactly, though it's hard to travel to the world of dreams as happily drunk as Freuds.

"Right. Let's eat all of Mr. Freuds'."


I nodded to Tina, who told me so in trouble, and we decided to enjoy the food.

◆ ◆ ◆

Finish the welcoming party, late at night.

In a slightly chilly breeze, I changed into gear and came to the dungeon alone.


I'm here to collect herbs for my money!

I couldn't get anything in Slime's cave, so if I stay like this, I won't be able to stay in the inn.

This is where I came once, so I'll pick up some herbs and go home, but it's lucky. Fortunately, I know the shortest distance because I was note-mapping.

So I went to the ten tiers of the dungeon, picked herbs and went to the Adventurer's Guild.

By the way, it's been all night.

Sound Karan and Bell, and I'll knock through the Adventurer Alliance door. Straight to Mr. Halla's consultation counter.

"Ah, Mr. Hiroki!

"Good morning, Mr. Halla"

"Good morning. Uh, there's a message for you."


"Yes. You're a Mr. Luli. Do you know him?

I snort right at the name Mr. Halla gave me. We thought we'd contact each other when we got settled, but we didn't expect to hear from each other so soon.

Is something wrong?

"What's in the message…"

"Two nights later, at the tavern Smomo."


I didn't know where it was, so I'll have Mr. Halla tell me.

Cheap, delicious and reputable, they're always crowded. Opposite the royal castle, close to the city entrance and exit.

"Okay. Thank you."

"No, because this is part of the job."

Smiling with a grin, Mr. Halla says if you need anything, talk to him.

The Adventurer Guild also accepts messages, which is useful. If you need anything, let me use it as a means of keeping in touch with Lotus.

"We're refreshing our gear, and I look forward to Mr. Hiroki's work. Didn't we need to talk to you today?

"Oh, I was. Please buy."

Remove the herb from the bag and ask Mr. Harrah to make the purchase. Now I could secure a few days worth of accommodation.

Nevertheless, it is still not enough because we also want to impart an effect on the equipment.

"The quality of today's herbs is good too...... helpful, but don't be too impotent, eh?

"For a lot of use. You want to buy everyday goods."

"Oh, speaking of which, you got out of the country, didn't you? Then you have to work hard to make money."

"Yes. Well, I'll do my best"

"Here you go, be careful"

Today, I plan to go to the dungeon with Tina and the others. All night, but I wouldn't have a problem with a day or so.

If there was anything to worry about, it would be about Freudian hangovers.

After the guild, I rushed to the inn.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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