12 Invitation to the party
13 I want to get out front, but I can stop it.

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"Hey - I knew there was a healer at the party, okay"

"Yeah. Glad Mr. Hiroki got into the party"

"……… [Shield] [Heel]"

I had Tina put me in the party and decided to hunt just a little bit on one level in Slime Cave.

And then a new piece of gear was added to my arm. An item called the Party Bracelet, where your experience in defeating demons goes to non-combat members as well.

Simply put, combat experience is averaged across all party members.

"Piron ♪ Level Up!

"Oh, level's up"

"Oh, you did it. Congratulations, are you going to level up in the slime? Hiroki, how old are you?"

"I'm now at level two"

"Ha!? Level 2!? No, no, no, you can't!? You're not mistaken!?"

"Oh, uh, oh, could have been a mistake..."

I laugh bitterly when I see Freuds so surprised that his eyeballs might pop up.

The early status of me, Lotus, and Ruru is very high because of the summoning of people from different worlds. Even compared to a normal adventurer, it would be pretty superior.

However, in my case, that's recovery and avoidance, so it's harder to understand than someone who specializes in offense and defense.

The party is the style of the avant-garde dia walking forward and the rear guard Tina attacking the demons from the rear. And further behind, I'm with my guardian, Freuds. He's a healer, so Dia's instructions are to stay one step back than the rear guard.

Well, that would be a normal hunt I see a lot.

But I wasn't asking for this kind of party.

I sigh softly in my heart.

Patience, patience.

I put my shield skills on both of them and if anyone gets hurt, I'll be in charge of healing. Yeah, it would be reasonable to act as a healer. But I can avoid enemy attacks.

To be honest, it was more honest that I wanted to walk forward and move on than to proceed with caution right away.

"Dia, you're tired, aren't you? I'll walk ahead."

"Healers are the rear guards! I'll take care of it."

"No, I can avoid slime attacks..."

"If you don't have an avant-garde, that's it, but now you have me, okay?

"... Okay, I get it"

Telling Dia that he wants to go to an avant-garde position is also stubbornly refused. Tina also says it's a good idea to leave it to Dia because it's dangerous.

"At the level of Hiroki, the slime here may not be enough"


When I smiled bitterly at Freuds, who said with laughter, I heard a pompous and adorable noise from behind. Looking back, Slime is hitting me, and I even feel kind of smiling.

Avoidance is no problem, so let's have Dia defeat the slime he's fighting before he attacks us. I had no idea - Dia, who saw the slime sticking to me, rushed over here.


And he swung up his sword as it was, cutting it into the slime that was hitting me!

"Hiroki, stay back!

"Oh, yeah......"

So, as much as one slime attack, it's totally, really, totally okay.

Dia, who saw me dodging Slime's attack in the meadow, should also know that... when in battle, an enemy went to the healer! They get the idea that we have to deal with it first because it's dangerous!!

Well put, will you work hard?

"Dia needs to be more calm," laughs Freuds, who is watching next door.

"Ugh, I'll do it!

Dia attacks and defeats Slime. But soon, Tina screams. As Dia left the front, the newly emerged slime attacked Tina in a straight line.


"Shit, Tina!!"


They say it's a party because of it, but the collaboration is terrible. It's also convincing that Freuds tried to get him used to fighting multiple fights with slime.


"- Huh!!"

I put a shield on Tina to prevent slime from attacking.

And I'm relieved. Tina and Dia stopped the attack, so I rush to rough up my voice.

"Look, I didn't knock down the slime!!"


"...... [FIRE]!!"

It was Tina who reacted quickly to my words.

Immediately release your skills toward the slime in front of you. I was able to defeat them in one skill because of an increased level. I tried to move on, but Dia seemed depressed.

"Sorry, because I left..."

"It's okay, thanks to Mr. Hiroki's shield, and no injuries. You just have to be strong from now on, because you're still running out!

"Ahhh! I'll try harder. Me!

Dia makes a temper scream and moves forward gnarly.

"Hey, wait Dia!!"

"It's okay, because I can't go wrong this time!!"

"Brain muscle cool!?"

We rushed after Dia.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Ugh - I'm tired..."

Back from Slime's cave, I sink into the bed of the inn. No, they're going to make my welcome party a dining room, so I have to get back to the dining room on the ground floor right away.

I'm a little heavy...... I can't believe I'm telling you this to someone who put me in the party... but I'm heavy.

"But I can't take it down solo, and I can't get to a level... Huh"

In the meantime, change from your gear to a shirt and pants in your personal clothes. Exactly, I'm not comfortable staying in gear when I get back to the inn.

Get dressed and try to roll into bed again - the sound of a ton of knocking on the door shortly after going to bed.

"Mr. Hiroki, let's go to the dining room ~!"

It's Tina.

I'll be right up and out of my room.

"Oh, did you change?

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Because I'm sweating..."

Look at my outfit, Tina surprises me. She stays in gear, so maybe she doesn't have much of a habit of dressing here. Gear is also personal, like.

When the two of us went to the dining room, Freuds had already started drinking and accidentally laughed with Tina.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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