11 How many slimes can you avoid?
12 Invitation to the party

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

Along with the sound of a piscian, thunder skills fell from over my head.


I twisted my body in a hurry, but Thunder hit me straight in the foot.

Understand that he was attacked by a feeling of paralysis and went paralyzed with the damage.

No, no, no, no, no!!

"[Heels]! Damn, the paralysis won't heal............!!"

Indeed, state anomaly recovery is something for which another skill is available, not a heel. I regret I should have bought a healing pill at a tool store or something, but it's too late.

In the meantime, the damage has been healed. And then there's what to do with the feathered slime. Worst of all, I can't get away from this place because my legs are paralyzed.

The big bouncing slime with Ponyo is his adorable eyes, but now that's horrible.

Yellow body and white feathers.

"'Cause you just went one tier and you're getting too strong, slime!


"Ah, usually an attack can be avoided......!

The feather slime has hit the body, not the skill.

I'm raising evasion, so that's somewhat of a relief to avoid. He hits me as he jumps, but it's all wrong.

So far, I'm relieved I don't see anything but this feather slime.

No, although I don't know if it's safe.

"I should have asked you a little more about this cave..."

Po Bing.


Po. Yo.






"............... what shall we do"

The paralysis will also heal in a while...... I thought so but the leg paralysis won't go away. The attack can be avoided, but it's an anomaly that can sometimes be dealt a skill attack and permanently paralyzed.

When this follows Endless, what awaits will be the end of starvation.

Absolutely not.

"I don't know, I don't have the means to attack..."

Well, what am I going to do - I heard you talking.

"Dia, I can't, let's not..."

"'Cause it's okay. There's Freud, too!

Oh, these are Tina's.

You were struggling with a few slimes of meadow, and you came this far through that slime hell? I thought so, but Dia's words showed that Freuds was with me.

I have parents, and I guess I won't have a problem if I don't build up the slime.

"He said he'd just take a look and go back. There's a strong slime after the second tier, right? If you only look for a moment, do you want to go right down the stairs - Hiroki!?"

"Oh, Dia, it's been a long time..."


"What are you doing... you say it's feather slime!?"

Laughing and greeting the serpent, the three of them opened their eyes to surprise: Dia, Tina and Freuds. And soon, Freuds said, "Don't get out front!" and control Dia and Tina.

"He's a feather slime. You're so aggressive, what a blow you guys are going to get in right now. I'm gonna use my paralyzing skills, so if I can't move, I'm done... Hmm?

Oh, I see.

Was it the attack style of the feather slime to paralyse and bump the prey? Nevertheless, it is the defeat of the feather slime that prevented me from normally attacking that has the power at heart even if I successfully paralyzed it.

Well, I didn't win either.

"Well, you've always been safe. Bear the attack, no, are you avoiding it?

"Because it's an evasive healer. Actually, I ate paralysis in my leg and couldn't move..."

"Don't you have the skills to recover a state anomaly?... after you defeat the feather slime first"

If he can't afford to talk, Freuds pulls out the sword he was lowering to his waist.

I left Dia and Tina on the stairs and ran out toward this one. The feather slime is desperate to attack me and I haven't seen Freudian.

As unintentionally struck, Freudian swords tore off the back of the feather slime.


"I'm gonna help you now...... dude!

Freuds screams and cuts into feather slimes over and over again.

I didn't realize the attack itself was dodgable, but this feather slime is pretty strong, huh? Because even Freud is an adventurer with experience there.

When Freud attacked several times, Feather Slime changed the target from me to Freud.

"Ah, Freuds!

"It's all right!

The attack of the feather slime may strike his left shoulder - Freuds waves his sword down as it is. I use heels to heal and heal Freudian damage.

Noticing it, Freuds waved a second blow to the plume slime by holding the sword with both hands.


The feather slime was knocked down and only the stone in the shape of a small feather remained on the spot.

"... okay. This hierarchy is dangerous, so once we get back to the stairs, There's no demons in there."

"Oh, thank you"

Then he said he was going to treat me, and Freuds dragged me back to the stairs.

"Are you okay!? Mr. Hiroki!

"Yes, I'm fine. Oh, thank you."

My legs are still paralyzed, but the crisis escaped.

I thank the three of you for coming through, and I bow my head once again. It was quite helpful to avoid the worst ending of starvation.

No matter how much dodging power you have, you can't avoid all this.

"Look, it's a healing pill to relieve the paralysis."

"Thank you. True, it helps......"

The bottle with the thunder painting contained yellow liquid.

Roughly when I drink it, the bitter taste spreads through my mouth just a little. Although the aftertaste was bad, Freuds gave me water so I could calm down.

"Good, you look okay now"

"Yes, I almost starved to death if Tina and the others hadn't been on the street"

"Starving to death...? Uh, I wasn't really planning on, because Dia really wants to see the hierarchy below..."

Tina told me that she was going to show a little face off the stairs and turn right back when she saw the strong slime.

"Thanks to Dia, thank you"

"But I couldn't do anything.... all of it, Freuds knocked it down."

"If it weren't for you, I'd probably be dead, so I just have to thank you for coming. But this is a slime full bocco cave for herb collection, right?

Why are you here? And I tilt my neck.

Dia laughed, "What's that?" and told me how she got here.

"Slime is weak, so I was trained to deal with more than one. When the numbers get high, get Freud to deal with them."

"I see."

"There were a number of slimes in front of the stairs..."

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's me. I left the slime and ran in..."


Right, was there still a ton of slime in front of the stairs? But the dias were safe, too, okay.

Gently apologizing, Dia sighs a grand sigh. Tina is hallucinating beside it, and Freuds is tilting her neck.

"What, what do you mean? Hiroki, you didn't knock down Slime?

"Oh, well. Wasn't Freud there when me and Tina were hunting in the meadows?"

"I slept at the inn."

Dia tells Freud that I can avoid slime attacks but I can't defeat them without attack. Hearing that, Freud laughs out loud with his belly in his arms.

"Hahahahaha, what the hell is that! You didn't have the power to defeat me, did you fight Slime? You're an idiot."

"Leave me alone. When I said I'd raised my dodging status, no one would let me into the party."

That's why I had to go solo to the dungeon or something.

When I tell him that, Freuds laughs even more.

"Buha, haha - I'm hungry. Well, healers don't ask about status to avoid it."

Laughing for a while, then Freuds gets his breath ready.

"Ha, I laughed"

"Mr. Freuds laughs too much. Even Mr. Hiroki, just because he's not aggressive, is he good as a healer? You shielded me..."

"Oh, did you? Then why don't you come into our party, Hiroki?


I doubt my ears when it comes to lightly spoken words.

I've been told so many times about dodging healers... but this is the first time I've been invited to a party. Next to Freuds, Tina laughs, "You're welcome," and Dia nods, too.

"That would be so helpful..."

"A healer keeps the party stable, that's all right. Even when Freuds isn't around, he'll be somewhat impotent."

"But I just got out of the country and I don't know much about this one."

"Is that it?

I'll try to tell him implicitly that I'm going to get my foot together for the price, but Dia doesn't seem to care. I'm upset.

"Let's remember together, Mr. Hiroki! I'm studying a lot, too."

"Tina. Thank you, then... I'd love to."

"Ok, then we need to have a heroic welcome party!! Swallow!"

"Oh, already! Mr. Freuds is drinking too much!

Freuds tensioned at once and Tina trying to stop it. Dia, watching how it goes, laughs bitterly, "Here we go."

Apparently, this is the everyday scenery of this party.

Looks like it's going to be a fun day, I think I'll watch.

But - if you're gonna be the first to hunt, you should have been with those guys. Oh, my God, I just thought about it a little bit.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

13 I want to get out front, but I can stop it.