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11 How many slimes can you avoid?

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

Slime's cave, where many herbs can be harvested.

Farther from the city than yesterday's dungeon, it crosses the meadows and is in shallow forests. I'll walk, two hours. It was a pretty tough road for my body, which usually just plays games.

"Ugh, [heels]"

I'm tired, so heels on my body.

Soon my body will be easier and I will recognise one person that I still need a healer for the party.

The cave of slime is marked with a precautionary sign with a painting of slime at the entrance. Although I can't read the letters, the Dwarf shopkeeper was telling me that there was a sign.

A stream runs right next to it, and a small wildlife living in the woods, not demons, drinks water. Rabbits, deer, raccoons and... I feel soothed watching. Mixed with such an animal, I decided that there was some slime but I didn't see it.

"All right, come in."

As I caved in, Slime just showed up.

"Avoid it even if you say so."


Slime hits me, but it's a mistake of stability.

The cave is humid and mossy. Water is also dripping from the place, and slime might prefer water...... what a thought comes to mind.

And if you look closely, you notice that there were herbs growing between the mosses.

"Ah, it was hard to tell because it was dim, but lots of medicinal herbs!!"

I was wondering exactly if the weeds were growing off the ground, but they were all light green herbs. Sure, this is a great cave for herb collection.

I just need to think about the number of inhabitants of the slime - though.

If you noticed, I had five more slimes on my feet. The welcome is fierce, even though he says it's only a minute into the cave.

"Growing up at the entrance is an inferior herb... why don't you go deeper"

The amount I can hold is limited, so it would be more efficient to collect higher herbs than cheap herbs. I want to gear up quickly and find a party to go to the dungeon with me. And, of course, gathering information to return to Japan.

"Even so, that's a lot of slime"

Even though I've only been walking five minutes, I've got a little over 10 slimes at my feet.

Miss, miss.

Dodging is comfortable, but I get a little anxious when all this slime swarms up in this short time. Even if a powerful blow can be avoided, this one would be disadvantaged if it were inflicted with a number of violence.

I can't even take down the slime, so I just have to go back. This is a dungeon, so if we go to the next tier, the current slimes won't follow us.

Increase the speed of walking, and I'm going deeper and deeper. I want to check the location of the stairs quickly.

"Wow, slime on before too!

This is more than expected.

Straight away, there were about 10 slimes waiting.

The slime at your feet is increasing to 12, no, 13.

"The 20 slimes... can you hold them?

Exactly, it's not weird to be unavoidable and attacked.

But whichever way you go forward or back, the slime increases. Then you'd better move on and attack the boss room too and get the chest.

I don't flinch, I pull the slime back.

Fortunately, I'm relieved to find a staircase to go to the next tier soon. And then the question arises as to how many of them I would be able to hold a slime.

There are about 20 slimes hitting me right now.

Miss, Miss, Miss.

Miss, Miss, Miss.

"If it's a little bit more, are you okay?

I decided to call it an experiment and see how many slimes I could hold. I think having a bunch of slime-based demons is something everyone should go through once.

Trying not to get too far down the stairs to the next level, I walked a little inside the dungeon. As a result, he immediately drops in with slime straw.

"I wonder where the hell it's coming from, this slime..."

Is the slime that lives in the dungeon forever dividing and growing? Walking with such doubts, the discomfort I visited.


I tilt my neck to feel something bump - I notice.

"Ah! Could it be a shield!!"

Miss, ton, miss!

Tong...... it definitely feels like the shield played around the body of the slime. I'm not eating everything, though. Most attacks are still mistakes.

Five shields have been consumed twice.

Hurry up and see the slime you're hitting on me, and that number is roughly 30 or something.

It's just hard to keep dodging over 30 slimes, or...

With a little regret, if any more slimes come together, it becomes an example full bocco assassination. I'm only waiting for a tragic future if I can't get away with a healer who hasn't waved to defense.

Tong, tong, tong!


Suddenly, the shield, which should have been three times left, was broken.

Seeing it, there was even more slime. I feel like I'm drowning in a sea of slime already.



Moment - the shock blew me away.

It's the slime body I've always avoided. No way, I didn't think it was so powerful. I got my buttcake on, but if I don't get up soon, they'll attack me even slimmer.

"[Heels] [Shields]!

Heal the damage I've taken and I'll run up the stairs to the next level.

Worst case scenario, about 40 slimes are rushing towards me. It only looked like a cute mascot if it was a small number, but now all I have is fear.

Po, po, po. I even have a feeling I'm going to be nagged by the sound for a while.

"So, Dash...... Huh!!"

He rushes out and avoids the attack of the newly encountered slime at his leisure.

"Good, Slime's legs are slow"

If it had been sooner, I would have definitely been full bogged down and looked crippled. I made it to the next level, and I moved on.

"Ha, ha, ha... I'm tired"

To run and get some disturbed breathing, sit back.

I was relieved that there was no slime right away on the move.

"But you made a monster house of slime..."

They don't have many visitors to this cave, but let's hope they don't get into that herd. I mean, if I can't move on, I have to turn back...

"Well, the slimes will be scattered in the cave in a while,"

That's why I'm fine.

Don't think too much, I'll conclude alone.

"In the meantime, the possible slime is moving through the dungeon to the upper limit of 30. I don't have to worry if the offensive position stays with me."

Equipment, firepower, money… and too much to use.

I'm anxious to stay on level one, and I can't get skills without using items. To do this, it's best to attack the boss while collecting herbs in this dungeon.

I've calmed down, so I'm moving on.

Then I walk out for a few minutes and meet the first slime. Compared to the first hierarchy, I am relieved because of the small number of slimes - the type of slime had changed.

"A feathered slime?

Po, po, po, po, po. The slime that was going on, but this time the feather slime is so bouncing, let it make the sound of po, bouncing higher than my height.

And the magic above my head - I've used my skills to attack.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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