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10 Dwarf Store Owner

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The drowsiness was Max, and I headed straight to the "Star-Down Pavilion" in the inn where Dia taught me. Three floors made of red brown brick and wood with plants planted next to the entrance.

She only recommended me, and the receptionist was clean and responsive, and the general was a good person.

And I took the room, and now I'm asleep.


The room I was put through is on the third floor.

If you look out the window, you can see that the sun is up directly and it's daytime.


Sure, I ate skewers early in the morning and then went to the meadows to test my skills. We arrived at this inn because it was busy breakfast time.

I mean, I've only slept for a few hours.

No, there's no way.

"You haven't slept all day!!"

It's even more noon to go around.

"Ha, I haven't slept this long"

The rough clothes purchased are currently worn as bedtime clothes. I just didn't like going out like this, so I had no choice but to put my sleeves through my personal clothes. Buy everyday clothes as gear today.

The room doesn't have a sink, of course. The well behind the inn is a water field, free and free to use. If you want hot water, you can have it prepared for a different fee.

The toilet is shared and is located on each floor. There was no bath.

When I just washed my face and went to the dining room, lunch was already open.

"Morning, you've been asleep a long time..."

"Ah, good morning"

The attentive general, smiling bitterly, prepared breakfast for me.

"No, he said he knew the Freudians. I heard it in the morning."

"Oh, yeah. I came out of the country, and I know one of the few people I know over here."

"Oh, my God, did you? If you don't know anything, ask me anything."

The general laughed slightly at me, adding dessert fruit.

◆ ◆ ◆

I asked for a room for the rest of the day, and then I left the room. It was 3,000 lots a night, so my possession is only about 15,000 more lots.

Looks like you should buy gear and do some herb collection for the money.

20 minutes to get out on the main street and walk straight.

I reached the armor store recommended to the innkeeper general. It's a wooden shop with a season in it. A peek through the window into the store reveals plate armor and more.

"... hello"

"There you are."

Around the corner, I didn't expect it from the exterior, but it was full of colorful and stylishly designed gear.

And the shopkeeper who welcomed me was a man of low and disappointing stature. I have an impressive low voice, but I would predict that the launch would be Dwarf.

"That's a strange outfit, an adventurer?

"Oh, yeah. I'm a healer."

"If it's a robe, it's over there."

"Ah, uh..."

When you call yourself a healer, you are advised to have an indicative robe.

It's not, it's not.

"I'm a healer, but I'm an evasive healer."

"? What's that?"

"I'm talking about healers who shake their status to dodge and avoid demonic attacks. For example, I paired up with the guard and went into the dungeon, and I did the avant-garde."

"... you're an unusual one"

The owner tells me he's never seen a healer swinging around.

"So what I want is a moving gear."

"I see. What's the budget?"

"Less than 15,000 lots..."

"That wouldn't be so good. Equipment protects your body, it's given special effects, and it's not cheap."

According to the store owner, we need at least 50,000 lots in a set if we want to get it right.

With the current holdings, it is not very much but cannot be purchased. I'm going to have to pick up some medicinal herbs and make some money for the tunnel.

"Is it a special effect, as money accumulates?

"It's a skill for blacksmiths that we Dwarves specialize in. For example, this armor has a Defense status of +3. Anyway, anything with a status greater than +3 will be higher."


I knew it was a dwarf!

No, I'll check the armor. Ask me to tell you that I can feel the effect when I touch it, as far as what the effect is being granted.

When I just touched the armor, information did flow into my brain called 'Defense +3'.

"Has avoidance been granted, especially total avoidance?

"You know, there's no one who wants equipment that's been granted evasion. About you."


Out of the question.

Though I thought for a little while, I can't believe there have been so many dodging healers in different worlds. When that happens, you have to have the equipment made with evasion status.

"Then I'd like a set of gear with a dodge. I don't have a hand right now, so I'm going to pick up some medicinal herbs and make some money...... can you?

"Well, I don't mind this one..."

"Yay! Thanks!!"

If so, we should just go pick the herbs.

When I try to leave the store behind, the owner tells me to wait.

"I guess I'll be made to order. I have some clothes for the base. There, give it effect."

"Oh, I see..."

If it is a piece of equipment with no effect added, it is possible to buy it critically even if it is now in hand. Although it is a sturdy garment that is more functional than gear because it has not been granted an effect.

When you look at the clothes arranged in the back, they are all highly designed.

"... how do you prepare these clothes?

"Oh, my niece's making it. I'm giving it effect and finishing it as a piece of equipment."

"I see."

"It's just that design and functionality make me disagree."

I don't have a lot of ornaments, I take simple clothes. I want to focus on ease of movement because I'm going to step forward and avant-garde.

Skinny trousers with an inner that fits the skin perfectly and a thin top.

"If this is it, how much...?

"Hmm, well, it sounds like you're gonna ask my workshop to grant you an effect. I'm gonna make it 10,000 lots."

"Yay, thanks"

I rented the store's fitting room and just got dressed.

"Oh, you don't look like a healer."

"I don't want to lie about my profession."

Though I'm actually faking Priest's as a lower ranking healer.

"Well, hopefully when you save your money. I'll grant you the avoidance effect."

"Yes, thank you. I'm going to pick up all the herbs now and save my money."

"Are you even going to Slime Cave to pick all the herbs?

"Slime Cave?

I tilt my neck at words I can't hear.

No, although I can predict that it's a hunting ground full of slime.

"Oh, you don't know. It's a cave of dungeons with all sorts of herbs and only slime of living demons."

"Well, isn't that, like, a really delicious place?

"That's what we all think at first. However, the number of slimes is high, and if you go back, a strong slime emerges."

That's why Slime's opponent is having a hard time, and he says he can't take the herb slowly. Even if it's weak, it's troublesome if there's a lot of them, and this one will take away their health.

A beginner caught off guard because of the slime told me that there are so many cases every few years where the slime makes me full bogged down and irreversible...

What, slime...... scared!!

Nevertheless, with my dodging powers, I would be able to pick the herbs without worrying about the slime.

"Heh... you have an interesting dungeon. Can you tell me where it is?

"Fine, but don't push it, okay? I can't believe you're full of slime because I'm not sleeping well."


Thank the store owner and leave the store behind.

And on my way is Slime's Cave, which I was taught.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

11 How many slimes can you avoid?