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8 Experiments and markets for new skills

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When I use my heels for The Book of Skill Acquisition, my body gets hot. I'm surprised this power was asleep on me, but I can't stop being excited about the feeling.

"Skill acquired [Shield]"

- Hmm?

I get the feeling of a voice flowing through my brain, and I know what skills I've acquired.


As the word goes, it's defensive system support skills. It would be something that would put a barrier on the subject and protect itself from enemy attacks.... Honestly, I can't say it goes so well with me for evasion specialization.

But, well, that's a pretty competent skill for a buddy.

... but I don't have any company.

"Did you gain new skills?

"Huh? Oh, yes. Looks like we got it."

"Congrats ~!"

"Thank you"

I was thinking about my skills, so I had completely forgotten that Mr. Harrah was here. You're as happy as you are about yourself, celebrating me.

"Because some people get depressed because they can't get the skills. It's... it's a lot harder to drink."

"Uh, that's a hassle"

If you can't acquire skills and get eclampsia and ravaged like a child, it's certainly out of your hands. All the more so because you are an adventurer who makes battle a business.

"Somehow, Mr. Hiroki is going to be an amazing adventurer..."


"I don't know how many levels there are, but you didn't know where the dungeons were or the common herbs when you went to the guild yesterday, did you? Yet now I've even got the Book of Skills..."

This is incredible speed! And, says Mr. Halla.

I feel like you think my level is pretty high, but unfortunately my level is one.... although I don't exactly teach it.

Because level one is going to make it harder for me to get you into the party.

"The strange treat called chocolate was delicious, too, and who the hell is it?

- I've been summoned from another world.

That's just not what I can say.

"I'm just a country man"

It's a country called Japan.

Answer with a bitter smile and I'll tell him it's time to go. I need to find a place to stay and buy supplies.

Then I also want to try the effect of the shield once. How much damage can you prevent and can you use other people against you? It would be a big laugh if it was for me only.

"If you need anything else, talk to me"

"Yes, thank you"

Thank you, after the Adventurer Alliance.

It's busy going outside because it faces the boulevard. Even though it is still early in the morning, shops are open everywhere and there are many people shopping. There seemed to be a market a little further ahead, as well as a stall for breakfast.

Grr ~.

"First of all, you're hungry."

Reminds me that I was in the dungeon all night.

I haven't eaten anything, and I haven't drunk water. When I realized that, my body really started looking for nourishment. There must have been something wrong with the tension inside the dungeon. I never thought of that at all......

When I got to the market, there were a lot of shops out there.

One corner from the boulevard on a curved street and you can't see the end of the store. One kilometer long steps in, surprised by the scale it is crossing.

groceries, total dishes, groceries, etc. I don't have any weapons or other equipment, but I sell rough clothes like I usually wear.

Among other things, I see an eye for a single stall near the entrance to the market. It's a simple one made of wood, but I can't wait to smell the fragrant meat because it's cooked on a charcoal fire.

"Welcome, how about skewering? I just hunted some meat, so it's delicious. 300 lots a bottle."

"I'll take it!

Immediately responding to the owner of the stall who has spoken up, I buy three skewers and bump into each other.


The flavoring was a simple thing to just shake the salt, but it is very tasty because it brings out the original flavor of the meat. Flatten with pepper, I also buy a drink from a nearby stall for a rest.

When I observed those who wanted to go, most of them were human beings. Few people, like Mr. Halla, have animal ears on them.

... I guess I don't really interact with other countries.

Though I don't know if that's good or bad.

"And when it comes to fantasy, it's an elf."

But as far as I can see, no one has long ears.

I hope you mean living in the depths of the woods, but if the elves don't exist, that's a little... no, that's pretty unfortunate.

"Time to go"

Standing up, I decided to look at the market a little bit.

Of course, shopping is the purpose.

"First, clothes and bags..."

It stands out in Japanese clothing and backpacks.

A short walk away, there was a shop that handled daily necessities. Let me look at the item and check the price. Clothing costs roughly 700 to 2,000 lots, and bags could probably be purchased as much as 1,000 lots.

"You're wearing unusual clothes..."

"Uh, it's my hometown clothes."

The store owner's old lady has spoken, but laughs vaguely.

Don't let anyone get into my qualities any more. It's not something that would have happened if there had been some weird rumors and the king had laid eyes on me.

"Uh, bags for now. And rough clothes, one up and one down."

"Well, is it cheap around here?"


Looking at those shown, the price is certainly cheaper.

If you take the shirt in your hand, the cloth is very thin. Compared to what was made in Japan, but now I can't think of going into the dungeon. Even if avoided.

Buying here is rough clothing like when you go to bed, and what you wear during the day would be reasonable to buy in a few more decent stores.

It's only when I go to bed, and it's the cheapest, so let's go.

"Then this shirt and trousers. And your backpack, please."

"Maido. 700 lots for shirts, 800 lots for trousers and 1,300 lots for backpacks."

I paid the fee and my balance was reduced to 21,300 lots.

Just a little less money, but don't get a little nervous. I need clothes for my gear, and it was my parents' life that the inn cost me every day, and it's a spiritually hard expense for me.

"... All right, let's get out of here once we don't make an impulse buy"

I'm going straight to the gates of the city, after the market. You can get out of here, and it's not strange to have demons when you take a step.

I didn't go to the inn, I went outside once to test my skills.

Nevertheless, it's a long way to the dungeon, so look for demons nearby. The street is tidy, but right next to it is a beautiful meadow, and Harrah tells me that if you walk a little, you have a weak demon.

Walking in the meadow for about five minutes, one slime appeared before me.

"Oh, nice, you're a mess fish!!"

Po Po's trying body is adorable and you can pet it... what a thought.

Although the idea of slime pets probably isn't in this world because no one was taking slime in the city.

Slime's gonna hit me, but of course it's a mistake.

I use my skills while avoiding attacks in a gorgeous way.

"Okay, to myself...... [Shield]!


"... hmm?

A light membrane wrapped me as a result of shielding myself.

That's good.

It's great to be able to see that you have proper defensive magic.

Slime, you don't seem willing to hang out with my experiments, and you never get to rest hitting on me.

This is also really great.

Miss! Miss!

"...... I avoid it, so I don't know if it works Shields!!"

My grieving scream stuck to the meadow...

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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