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Without getting a blow from my boss, Orc, I reached the room in the back. Can it be so easy to win?

It's hard to break through a boss room without defeating the boss.

"Well, I wonder what lies ahead"

It was a small room, with a chest in the center and a magic formation with light behind it.

I'm sure it's a transfer device to the ground. I'll go under the chest first.

It sounds good when it comes to crates, but it's made of wood, so I don't really appreciate it. Maybe the luxurious chest won't show up unless it's a dungeon with a stronger boss......

Well, now it's this crate more than that.



I open the chest and peek inside.

What was inside was one book.

"... maybe a magic book or something?

Is it equipment?

Is it an item?

Or is it really just a book?

I take the book and see what's in it with the paralysis. Nature and heartbeat faster for a thrilling exhilaration. This is the first item I've come to this world and got myself.

Expectations keep growing - but soon I'll be desperate.

"Blank paper?"

No, no, no, no, no way.

I'll check it out during the parallax, but it's not written anywhere, pictures, or even letters. An unpleasant sweat tells my back if something stupid like that happens.

"Wait a minute, give back my expectations"

I tried turning from page one, but it was blank until the final page.

"You're kidding, at least write about your wife!!"

Badly, I tried to throw the book away - I stopped my hand.

"Wait. Maybe it's a pattern that needs a special way to read"

What a different world this is.

Games are what you need to read a book. Probably. All right, I've decided to put my hopes on that, and I'll take this book home.

Take the books and the herbs and I'll go under the magic team.

The magic formation is written directly on the floor area and glows in a light warm color. I'm a little worried about getting on. There is no convenient explanation for 'how to use magic formations' around.

... Well, even if it did, you wouldn't be able to read it.

"I mean, the choice between riding or turning back"

Even though I laughed bitterly that it was extreme, I decided to join the magic team. It's an experience, and if the destination is a monster house, you can avoid it.

When I hit the magic team, the heat blew up from the bottom. When I accidentally closed my eyes, the next moment I was already - standing at the entrance to the dungeon that came in.

"Ha, that's awesome..."

It was already dawn at night and the sun was rising.

I know it's still early in the morning, but there are several adventurers in front of the dungeon trying to get inside.


Something tells me a lot of people seem stronger than they expected.

This dungeon could have avoided all the attacks, and I don't think it's that difficult. 'Cause I, I'm staying level one.

Some parties carry large baggage, large numbers of people. In contrast, some parties are lightly dressed. I guess they predetermine the hierarchy in which they hunt.

There's a slime on the first tier, and at the end of the day, it's a vicious bear.

Well, is it available from a runaway beginner to some skilled adventurer?

I started walking towards the city, contrary to the adventurers entering the dungeon.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Ah! Mr. Hiroki!!"

When I entered the Adventurer's Guild, Mr. Halla, who consulted me, called me. Seeing a relieved look somewhere, maybe he was worried about me.

"I'm glad," he laughed as soon as he went to Mr. Halla's counter.

"Welcome back"

"I'm home."

"You said you were going to the dungeon alone, so I was worried. Seeing where you were safe, you didn't go to the dungeon, did you?


"Oh, could you possibly find a party to let me in? Good for you."

I accidentally laugh bitterly at her for assuming that I, the healer, can't do anything alone. And when he took the herb out of the bag and placed it on the counter, Mr. Harrah was very surprised.

"Damn, so much!? And isn't this a light orange herb! It's pretty valuable, growing only on the 10 tiers of the dungeon I taught you..."

Mr. Halla said, "Excuse me," and then began assessing the herbs I had picked.

"It's in good condition, too. They often fight before picking them and get stomped by demons. Mr. Hiroki's herbs are all in good condition. Did you get me into a party that strong?

"No, I'm alone."


When I told him it was definitely a solo, Mr. Halla tilted his neck properly. What's this guy talking about? and pretend not to notice it written on its adorable face.

"You said you were swinging to evade. We've avoided demonic attacks."

"…… I see"

With a completely uninformed look, Mr. Harrah nodded.

... Well, okay.

"In the meantime, please settle your quest"

"Yes, a bunch of light orange herbs 1,000 lots, 20,000 lots because there are 20 bunches. 500 lots for a bunch of light green herbs and 5,000 lots for 10 bunches. That's 25,000 lots in total."

"Thank you!

Yay -!!

Now I can shop. Long live the money. Lotus and Yuri's have never been left behind as much as possible. I caressed my chest relieved that I was able to get my own money.

It's rice and sleep for now.

I thanked him and tried to leave the guild behind - I hadn't heard about the book. I'll take the book out and show it to Mr. Halla.


"This was in the crate, but it didn't say anything, did it?... Could it be some kind of item?

It's blank - and I turn the page.

However, there has been no response from Mr Halla. Maybe it's a garbage-like item, so it's not even a word.

Yeah, I thought I might be garbage too...

But that was worrying.

"Mr. Hiroki, that!! Isn't" Book of Skills Acquisition "!!"


I opened my eyes wide when I heard what Mr. Halla said.

"Does that get you skills? But on blank paper..."

"Uh, I have a way of using it. The Book of Skill Acquisition shows scarcity in the color of the book cover"


The Book of Skill Acquisition I got is a light brown cover. Paper quality is not very good and is about to break by the way.

As I expected, Mr. Halla told me that this magic book was the least valuable one.

"Nevertheless, you still do 50,000 lots, don't you?



If you are an adventurer, you can also get it yourself and use it yourself, but it is bought by nobles, ordinary people who really want skills, etc. As a result, demand and prices rarely fluctuate.

"For once, I'll ask..."

"Of course I'll use it!

There's nothing to sell.

If you need money, you can take another herb collection quest. Getting new skills is much more appealing now.

"Then I'll show you how to use it. Try using the skills you have in your skills acquisition book. Then suck in Mr. Hiroki's magic and give him new skills."

"I see."

"However, they sometimes fail..."


"Yes, I don't hear much, but I've heard that people with a lot of skills can fail"

Does that mean you don't have any more skills to acquire?

Sure, then there's no point in using the Skills Acquisition book. But I still only have two skills: heel and regeneration.

Because the profession is Priest, is it a recovery skill?

"In the meantime, I'll try"


First, open the magic book and put your hands on the blank page.



This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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