5 First Dungeon
6 Avoid Boss Attacks as well

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Inside the dungeon, it wasn't more intrusive than I had imagined. Relax and continue to the back, and the stairs descend into the basement to reveal themselves.

"How deep is it?

It's dim, so I can't see downstairs.

And on my leg, about 10 slimes were hitting me desperately.

Miss, Miss, Miss, Miss!

"Hey, slime"

There were no demons in this hierarchy, other than slime, and no Quest herbs at all.

I guess I'll have to go further down.

Stepping down the stairs, the slime that had clumped up on me slimmed away.


What the hell happened?

"Oh, can't you possibly move the hierarchy?

If so, I can also nod that the slime has gone away. I'm just poking around the stairs, and I'm not coming this way.

Don't do anything about this.

You can't even walk with a demon all the way as you go back into the dungeon. There will be limits to avoidance, and I don't like dying too impotently for the first time.

But if demons don't follow the underground hierarchy, you'll be able to get pretty far back.

"Okay, let's just move on to the limit of evasion!

Next in the hierarchy was the rat demon.

What's more, dog demons. Since then, multiple demons have emerged at the same time.

And I reached 10 levels underground.

"Oh, the interior of the aisle has become a little extravagant."

The more luxurious you go in the back, the more temple you get. I look around excitedly and notice a thin orange herb growing.

While I was here, I found a few light green herbs and picked them. What I found this time was a rarer herb than that.

"Okay, that sounds good!

When I just started picking medicinal herbs, the roar of my low voice stuck.

"Wow, what!?"

It was sudden, so my shoulders wobbled in surprise.

Until I got here, even the big demon was about my waist height.

But now the roar sounds my alarm that it would definitely not be such a ratio.

Hurry up and pick the herb, I pushed it into my bag.

... What do we do?

Run, or do you believe in your evasion and move on like this?

If you're going to consider the safety aspect, of course, the choice to escape. However, given that I haven't had a single blow until I got here, I still think I can afford it.

"No, you can't if you run away here!

Let's just move on.

If the attack is blurred and injured, withdraw at all costs. I swear to you, I will proceed with caution.

Until the first bend, there is no demonic appearance. That's about 30 meters straight ahead.

An unpleasant sweat tells me on my back, but not the other way around. I walked to the corner, took a deep, deep breath, and then looked at the end of the aisle, trying to gently peek into my face.

"... Huh!

It was a scream, and I blocked my mouth with both hands.

"You seem stronger in different stages than previous hierarchies!

Lower your voice and be vicious, and turn your gaze again.

What was there was a bear demon beyond my height. No, say bear, but from the head there are also horns apart from round ears, with red eyes.

It's disastrous, it's like the air is trembling.

Can I just say I'm lucky I was one...?

Exactly. If there's more than one of these, they're pretty strong.

But I don't know if being aggressive is quick. I go before a fearful demon and look straight ahead. To be honest, I decided not to see it because my legs are shaking but I don't look good.


The bear demon came at me in a straight line.



Miss, Miss, Miss!

"I mean, more than I thought, I could totally afford it..."

The bear demon hits me with an amazing figure, but he doesn't even blur.

Though I can't even defeat the demons.

- I knew I wanted to be able to defeat you somehow.

Well, I'm not going to wave my status on the offense. Even if you wave halfway, you will surely not defeat the most powerful ranked demons. Then you should party with your firepower buddies and knock them down.

"Okay, do you want to keep picking the herbs"

Warm futon, bath, delicious rice. To clean clothes, so that we can celebrate tomorrow without anxiety.

I ignore the bears that beat me up and pick the thin orange herbs.

According to what they explained in the guild, this herb counts as a bunch in three to 1,000 lots. Pretty good job financially.

But it's such an easy quest... you should be able to afford a lower unit price - oh well. I usually have to fight this demon, so maybe it's more difficult.

If it takes a while to defeat, I can also be convinced that 1,000 lots in this one bundle.

Miss, Miss, Miss.


"You're growing more than I thought..."


I was able to pick quite a few thin orange herbs because they fit at regular intervals. Count it, it's just 20 bunches. In all, it will be 20,000 lots and I can stay in the inn.

"Phew. That's a relief."

I was kneeling and picking, so I stretched my body a lot longer.

And looking back -...


There was a bear demon who was alone, three of them.

"Seriously, I was scared..."

Nevertheless, I don't have a problem with it because I avoid it all.

Of course I can't attack you.

"I'm glad I can avoid it, but that's just a nasty sweat. We have to move on or go home."

The quest could also be accomplished, so it would be nice to return to the ground once.

Yes, on the ground......

"Walk from here to the ground?

Wow, it's a hassle.

I came down to the 10th floor, so I have to go up the stairs for the 10th floor again, and I have to walk in the dungeon.

The climbing stairs are determined to be more tiring than the descending stairs in the first place.

- You don't have a transfer device or anything?

This is the 10th floor, so I like the separation. If there is, it would be on this floor.

So I decided to explore this hierarchy with just a few more bears.

◆ ◆ ◆

"... hmm?

"Grrrrrrrr, Gao!!"

As a beast, I have five bears. Gargal is barking and she looks like a cute kitten because she was scared at first but she's used to it already.

Fast adaptation is my advantage.

And what appeared in front of me was a slightly lavish door decorated with gems.

Beautiful watery doors, unsuitable for dusty dungeons, have lights on both sides. There's a door on the stairs leading down to the basement? No way!

"In a room with a chest... or, boss?

I heard that the difficulty itself is low because this dungeon is near the city.

"Considering that, the boss is thick!

Even if there are 5 bears, they are spare and Miss Smith, so to the extent of the boss in this dungeon, I would be able to afford them. Laughing, I put my hand on the door and opened it without hesitation and went inside.

Just like when I go down to the basement, the demons don't follow me.

Inside, it was quiet.

"Don't you have a chest..."

It's in a room about 50 meters wide, dark shadows in the center.

My eyes are getting darker and darker, and the guy I saw would certainly be the boss here. He holds a big stick in his hand and looks at this one in a royal manner.

Coming out at the beginning of the game, it's an oak.

A sharp glance is catching me, and it's going to hit me now. - No, he's kicking the earth up with his thick legs and rushing out at me.

"It would be nice to have a sword here or something to pick up..."

Unfortunately, there are no weapons.

I didn't even have the money to buy it in the first place.

- Misu!

"Huh, that's a mutton fish..."



"It's a hundred years early to beat me, Oak."

It's just that you can't beat me.

It hurts one stomach when you're an orc to give me a blow.

Whistling, I make the stick of the oak gorgeous. Slowly going through the room from the front, there was even more door in the back.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

7 Crates and Quest Rewards