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This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

Having finished my adventurer registration, I was just about to ask you to put me in as a healer at some party. - but healers swinging to dodge say they don't have a party to introduce them to at the moment.

However, since it is not a problem to speak directly to those who are coming to the Adventurers Guild, I decided to look for a party to put the healers in.

The first thing I noticed was a foursome party.

Two avant-garde positions, one with a bow and one in a robe. Because healers are rare, they must be magicians.

"Excuse me."


I spoke to someone in the early 20s who I think is the oldest avant-garde.

"I'm a healer, but I'm looking for a party to get in... Healer, what do you say?

"Oh, you're a healer! That's unusual."

Whoa, that feels good.

Seeing a brighter face, the avant-garde man gets confirmation from other party members. Everyone is nodding and I can hear you being helpful when you have a healer.

"As far as we're concerned, I'd love to ask you, but it's probably the first time we've met. Do you have combat or party experience?

"No, I haven't had any experience yet... I don't think it's going to be your luggage. I'm a healer, but I don't think you have to protect me."

The good thing about healers swinging around is that they avoid enemy attacks, so they don't have to take care not to be surrounded or hit by enemies.

All you have to do is process the enemy you're fighting and then defeat the enemy who came to the healer.

"Experience starts from scratch. But what do you mean you don't need to protect it? Even if the demon attacked you, you'd be hit by a healer, wouldn't you?

"No, I'm also shaking my status to dodge. You can avoid demon attacks, so you don't have to defeat the demon that attacked me right away."


Hearing my words, a man opened his eyes wide.

"It may not be very mainstream, but dodging is universal, right?

"No, I'm sorry. It's tough to get into our party, I'm sorry."


With that said, I pulled a party member and left Shit and Adventurer Guild.


At the very least, you could think a little more about the soundness of avoidance.

I have no choice. There are still other parties out there, so let's speak up. I spoke to the fives in the break space.

It's a party of two avant-gardes and three rear-guards. Two people with bows and one with a cane. Probably a magician, not a healer. Then there is hope.

Speak up to the avant-garde man you think is the leader and see how he goes.

"Hi, I say Hiroki. I'm a healer, but I was looking for a party to put in..."

"A healer! Look, we only have avant-garde and rear-guard offensive positions at our party."

"Is that true?

This may feel good.

With that in mind, the members of the rear guard have also joined the conversation.

"Like, you don't have to bring potions."

"If you can use the shield, the avant-garde will be much easier."

Magicians and Archers say happily, but unfortunately they don't have the skill to shield. I get anxious that they might turn me down for lack of experience.

Wondering how to explain it, a magician woman has been asking questions on a direct ball.

"What can I use my skills for?

"It's still a rush, so it's two heels and a regeneration"


"You don't have a shield," he shrugs his shoulder, unfortunately, when he asks my answer.

"If it's just heels, I'd be helpful. It's just that healers need to protect you, and they need to revisit the formation."

"Oh, it's okay. I'm an evasive healer."

"Evasion? That's the first time I've heard you swinging to evasion?

Based on my earlier failures, I strongly argued that evasive healers are a very useful and good profession. I even said I don't need to protect them if they come, and I don't need to worry because I can heal myself if I get hurt.

but the answer was the same as the earlier party.

"I don't want you to call me back. Let's go, guys."


"I'm sorry, Mr. Healer. If we can be strong, we can hunt together."

"No. Sorry for taking the time"

Depressed, but dropping off five people leaving the Adventurer's Guild. Is it the new guy or something, although only Archer's kid carries a big backpack?

If you can get me into a party with both baggage holders, that might be fine. What a thought, for a moment.

"I'm not physically fit, am I?"

I just played games, so I don't have endurance. Instead, I'm proud to say that the focus of being able to continue the game for a long time is quite something.

"All the time, no. Next."

Even though they turned me down, there are still others out there. Trying to speak up even more, looking around within the Adventurer Guild - well, everyone turned away from me.

Oh, come on?

Obviously, he indicated in his attitude that he did not need a healer who swung to evade.

I have no choice but to return to the counter and speak to Mr. Halla.

"Excuse me, where is the demon?

"Huh? The demon is outside the city or in the dungeon. However, the dangers are high because the dungeon has a strong individual called Nushi at its deepest end"

"I see..."

Essentially, the adventurers partying will hunt in the dungeons. For beginners and solos, they often defeat demons living outside the city... in the woods.

"Dungeons around here, can you tell me? And is there a quest other than the crusade you can take in the dungeon?

"I left the city and went straight along the street, and the tip of the split road to my right is rocky. There's a dungeon there...... maybe, are you going to be there?

"In the meantime, I thought I'd just take a look at the dungeon. I don't want to die, so I won't have to."

So don't worry, I'll tell Mr. Halla.

Then he thought with a sinister face for a while, "There's no limit..." he also told me about the quest.

"If you're on a quest to collect medicinal herbs that grow in a dungeon, you can accomplish it without fighting demons. But the demons will attack, won't they?

"Probably fine"

It seems to be an ingredient to make potions, and it always seems to be a quest. He only buys away what he collects, so he just wants to bring back a lot.

Nevertheless, it's getting late at night. I don't have any money to stay at the inn, so it would be nice to go straight to the dungeon to collect the herbs and take the inn with the money they bought away.

Luckily, I took plenty of naps in the lodge, and I wouldn't have a problem staying up all night for a day or so. Rather, it's only when you spare time to level up while you sleep.

◆ ◆ ◆

"Heh, this is the dungeon..."

As Mr. Halla taught me, he came to the dungeon. The location was immediately known and there was a staircase leading to the basement.

Immediately beside it was a simple tent with a rest space. No one is using it because it's late at night.

"In the meantime, why don't you go inside"

Going down a stone staircase, it's like a maze in it.

"I see, that's a dungeon for sure..."

There are pine lights at equal intervals and enough lights.

The width of the road is not a problem for a few adults to walk side by side. This would also allow us to fight using a long weapon with a blade tip.

Since there are no demons right in, I would expect them to increase as I go in the back.

Unlike the game, back to death...... what a convenient system.

Not many people, and I decided to map it by hand to the notebook I got from Lotus.

Walking out and turning the first corner, there is one light green slime with a pompous. This is my first encounter because there were no demons in the streets to the dungeon.

"He's a healer, but if he's about to slime, can I take him down?

Speaking of slime, it's a miscellaneous fish.

Even level one would be able to defeat them.

"Oh, but you're unarmed."

How about hitting him with your bare hands, honestly?

It's nebulous. It is, and if it swallows up into the body of the slime, it's not something that accumulates.

With that in mind, the slime that I noticed came toward me as Po Po. The gesture is a little cute.

You've been hitting me, but of course the attack is a mistake. There's no way you can hit Slime's attack because all the attacks of the Royal Castle soldiers have gone wrong.

Miss, Miss, Miss.

"Ha, too easy to win. After all, times are a pair of evasive healers and firepower jobs. How can the adventurers not realize that?"

If I raise my recovery to a certain value, I wish I could swing it to dodge, not defense.

However, it would be somewhat easier if you had equipment or something to strengthen your body or increase avoidance because you would need a lot of dodging if you were surrounded by a bunch of demons.


"In the meantime, do you want to attack? Tori!"

Somehow I didn't like my bare hands, so I put a kick in the slime. But my legs are pompous. Pompous. I got caught in the body, no damage to the slime.



"Sure, the status of the attack is 1..."

I didn't expect the damage to go through. I wonder what I can do if I beat you about 100 times while avoiding it, what a shattering idea.

Sure, because everyone has a minimum status of 1.

"It's the only way. Walk in the dungeon like this."

Collecting herbs and possibly having a chest.

I'm here to know the atmosphere first, so I don't have to force myself to defeat the demons. I wanted to take you down.


When I realized, there were two slimes attacking me.

There was no attack, so I had no idea.

"... for now, don't afford too much"

If you can't defeat it, you have no choice.

I won't be attacked, and for now, let's search the dungeon with Slime in hand to find the herb.

The goal is enough to stay at the inn and buy clothes.

... you're going to need such a number.

More and proceeded to the back of the dungeon with a slime of three.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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