3 Escape from the Royal Castle
4 Avoidance healers not required

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

The Adventurer's Guild had walls made of something slightly different, like ore, than bricks.

"Sounds sturdy."

"Oh. When things happen, the Adventurer Guild plays a command role. The building's pretty sturdy."


That's right, if you get on a dragon, it'll crumble, but if you're attacking Giant Bear or something like that, Freuds says with a doorface to prevent it.

No, no, that's not the problem.

"Do demons come into the city that often?

If that's the case, we should review the city's defense first.

"No way. That's rarely the case. My memory tells me that happened... over a hundred years ago."

"Oh well."

But is that possible about once every hundred years? Looks like you should raise the level early.

Inside the Adventurer Guild, it was busy.

Many adventurers are bickering in the rest spaces set up or talking about their work at reception. There are many flyers on the wall, but unfortunately I can't read the letters, so I don't even know what they are.

The job description is probably written because a set of parties are watching as they announce their plans to hunt. The big man, supposedly a leader, has a great sword, as well as a wizard in a robe. Some girls have big luggage and bows, but I worry about agility even though I'm Archer.

It's strange because I just looked around inside the Adventurer Guild, but I'm kind of excited about it.

I'm sure it was the dream of all gamers to actually adventure like this. Of course, though I wouldn't expect such a summons.

"Well, we'll report the quest. What are you gonna do with Hiroki? From the back left counter."

"Back left, I see."

"I mean fine. I'm like Tina and Diane's guardian. Speak up whenever you have trouble."

"Thank you"

Thank you and go to the back left counter.

The other counters are crowded, but there was nobody here. Maybe there aren't many people to talk to. The woman at the counter looked at me and smiled gently.

"Hi, you're the first face I've seen. I'll be in charge, my name is Halla."

"I'm Hiroki. Yeah, I wanted to be an adventurer."

Sit back on the chair provided and see the woman in charge. The cat's ears are growing, so I quickly found out that he was an animal man.... but I just thought the continent I live in is different. I stared, and the woman I noticed taught me my doubts with a bitter smile.

"There aren't many beasts around here. I'm half beast and half human."

"Oh, was I? Sorry, I just stared..."

"I don't care, it's okay. You're registered as an adventurer today. Do you know the details, etc?

"I'm glad you explained it"


Mr. Halla nodded and gave me an explanation about the guild.

Adventurer Guild is an institution founded as a neutral position on man, beast, demon, and all continents. Because of the world with a lot of demons, it is also supported by various countries for the reason of securing a certain amount of combat power when something happens.

As a result, border crossings on each continent are allowed by showing the adventurer's identity card.

Once registered, you can order and order quests.

That's detailed on the flyer on the guild wall, but when I tell you I can't read it, if you come to this help desk, you can tell me the description and what was on your level.

"Mostly I get it. Uh, do adventurers have ranks or something?

"No, there is no rank. So be careful when choosing an order request. … there are not many who lose their lives…"


I got a disturbing air at once.

By the way, the quest can be ordered immediately and will be rewarded as soon as it is completed.

However, if you fail, you must pay what percentage of the compensation. This varies depending on the difficulty of the quest and the client.

"Will I be registered?

"Yes, please"

"Now fill out this form and the registration fee will be 3,000 lots"


You have a registration fee ~!!

I was trying to be an adventurer right away and get paid, but yes, it doesn't seem to work that well. Then, it seemed to be on his face, and Mr. Harrah leaned his neck and stared at me.

When this happens, let's just say I'm out of the country.

Even in Japan, prices are higher in Tokyo and cheaper in the region. This is Wang Du, so the price should be extraordinarily high...

"Actually, I just got out of the country, and I don't really have a lot of company. I thought I'd sell what I brought from my hometown, but I came here first."

"You were. If it's a buyout, we can still do it here for once... what is it?

It seems that Mr. Halla will continue to consult with me, and I am relieved.

But what I want to sell is what I brought from Japan. Looks like you shouldn't show your lotus notebook and ballpoint pen to see the registration form that Mr. Halla has. When it comes to it, a rugged mirror or a handkerchief. Or my chocolate.

Anyway, I want to consume chocolate fast.

"By the way, is food okay?

"Uh, if it's preserved food or potions, I'm buying it away... what is it?

"This is it."

From your pocket, remove three bite-sized chocolates and place them on your desk.

"I've never seen it before. Glossy, colorful... wrapped in strange paper."

I said I would take a look, and Mr. Halla stares seriously at the chocolate package. With regard to Japanese, which is somewhat written, he explained appropriately that it is a simple letter to be used in the village.

"It's unprecedented and even harder to eat."

"Is…. By the way, with 3,000 lots, what can you buy in Wangdu? Village, it's a pretty good forehead."

"You've come out of quite a bit of the countryside. With 3,000 lots, would it be a bare night in an inn used by adventurers? I don't really recommend cheaper accommodation because it's an insecure district."

I see, for one night.

If that's the case, it doesn't seem like a very high registration fee.

... Yes.

Even Harrah, the receptionist, would be able to pay.

"I need to talk to you for a second."


"This is a treat called chocolate, and it's very rare in my hometown....... can you get me to pay the registration fee because mr. halla eats one and if you like it I will also give you the other two?

- Mr. Halla looks sinister at my suggestion that

"What do you do if it doesn't taste good?

"At that time, you'll earn your own registration fee. I'm not charging you for eating."

"... then, fine. But don't complain if I say I taste bad!

"Of course."

I was suspicious and wondered if you could accept it, but I'm so admitted and surprised the other way around.

If it was Japan, they would probably call my worst boss, but that's the other world. Freedom.

Mr. Halla opens the wrapping paper and confirms the aroma of the chocolate.

"You smell it for the first time...... I'll have it."

And puffy, to the mouth.

"... Huh!

Probably surprised me because I tried to bite it but the chocolate started to melt. Are you moving your gaze in such a way that you encountered an unknown taste...

I held my mouth down with my hands and leaned over, but from me, I could see the cat ears tickling. His throat rang very loudly, and Mr. Harrah raised his face with momentum.

"Mr. Hiroki...... this, this, this is sooo yummy!!"


Apparently, chocolate is acceptable to residents of this world as well.

The other two I had on my desk were also taken by Mr. Harrah, and I was supposed to get my adventurer registration done safely.

"Oh, be careful, chocolate melts when it's in a warm place or in hot water"


Mr. Halla nodded loudly and smiled happily as he proceeded with the registration process.

"Paperwork, I'll represent you, but no problem?

"Yes, it would help if you did that"

Mr. Halla takes the feather pen and fills in the paperwork items.

"Your name is Mr. Hiroki. I'd like to ask you more about your profession and style of combat."

"He's a healer, and his stats are healing and swinging a lot to avoid it."

"Yes. A healer, dodging... eh, dodging, is it?

Listen to my words, and Mr. Halla blinks her eyes wide.

"Uh, you can also recover, right?

"But you're also swinging to avoid it, aren't you? Healers only shake their status on recovery. Healers who have raised evasion......"

Mr. Halla frowns and bothers me.

"Mr. Hiroki, what about the party members?

"I'm alone, so I wish I could find you in the Adventurer Guild..."

"I don't think any adventurer wants to put a healer in the party who waved his status around"


Exactly, could you give me a trial period or so?

That's what I thought, but Mr Halla said.

Other than healing, healers who shake their status have no knowledge of combat, and raising other status values makes it a decision that the amount of healing is not good... No one needs it, he said.

Totally dodged healer, even though he's invincible.

It seems that the inhabitants of this world have no idea how good it is.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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