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3 Escape from the Royal Castle

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

The story came together and I decided to get out of the royal castle with that leg.

Because of this, they decided to stay here and even made an unpleasant pact with the king. I was told that I had changed my mind now, and if anything happened, it wasn't something that I had accumulated.

"I don't care, I don't know where to go."

Look out over the city through the great gates that connect the royal castle to the city.

Dusk illuminates the city, and we know the night is coming soon. I have to find an inn early, but unfortunately I don't have the money for this country.

It's not like there's anything, though.

I have what I had when I was summoned.

They took it from me when I was put in the barn, but Lotus took it back for me, Luc. It has a smartphone or charger in it, but it will soon run out of charge and become useless.

Speaking of things that might work, there are three bite-sized chocolates.

And if it could be money, from the lotus, a ballpoint pen and a small notebook. From Ruru, I got a small hand mirror and a beautiful pink handkerchief.

The goal for now is to replace this with money so that we can somehow live on our hands.

"First, we need to gather information."

As soon as you enter the city, you will see the standard of living in this world.

The building is mainly made of wood and bricks, and I feel uneasy about some seismic resistance. The roads are paved, but not flattened. With carriages running on the boulevard, it's obvious that it's a medieval kind of world.

Some people walking quickly find out from their outfits as ordinary people that they are in combat positions with swords and bows.

It's a game world.

"Are you wearing a robe, a magician or a healer?

Nevertheless, I think I'd rather have clothes that move easier than robes because I'm a complete dodge. Am I the only one who doesn't have to wear a robe even though I'm not agile?

Well, maybe it has some kind of amplifying effect.


The city appears to be inhabited by aristocrats, from left to right of the royal castle. The size of the house is huge, and when it comes to the mansion, it doesn't suck. Conversely, the south side of the Royal Castle appears to be a neighborhood where ordinary people live. There are many markets and stalls.

We have to do something about the chocolate first.

I can afford the expiration date, but I want to consume it early because it is food. I don't even think there's a fridge, so it could melt.

... but it's subtle if you'll buy me some chocolate. And just three. There won't be much profit on the buyer side either, as we can't trade on an ongoing basis.

"Oh, yeah."

Maybe I can use that hand.

I look at the food on the market and decide how to use chocolate. To do this, gather information.

And then I realize that people are looking at me too far down the street.

If you are a small village, you can also see that strangers are rare. But this is a big city, and a king's capital. There's no way you can care less about me, even though a lot of people live there.

"Oh well!

It's a rare outfit.

Considered at this world clothing standard, it falls into the higher category. If you get the money, you should buy some clothes early.

Walk the boulevard early enough and I'll look for the building I'm looking for.

That is where people in combat positions would have their jobs mediated. In games and comics, they often say guild, but what about in this world?

And very unfortunately, I realize it.

I can't read the letters!!

I thought there was a sign that said guild, but I don't know the letters. I don't have a problem with talking, but the letters are extremely unfriendly that they don't allow me to read them with my skills.

For the status plate only, it is possible to read it because it is my own information. I mean, mine was written in Japanese.

"Ah shit!

I held my head and sighed, "What's wrong?" I heard a lovely voice.

There she was, a girl I think was in her early teens. He's a cute, watery bob, and he ties his sides together a little bit. Orange eyes stared at me wondering.

"Ah, erm. I just need to go. I don't know where."

"The place?... Lost?


I didn't expect a girl to recognize me lost, unconscious.

"I'm off with Freuds and Dia, too, so you're with me. Lost."

"Oh, no, I'm not lost."

I can deny it, but I can also wonder if this child is lost.

I find it hard to take care of a lost child, but when I often look at a girl, I realize she's wearing a robe rather than a regular outfit.

Could be.

"Magician?... or healer?

"Yes. I'm a magician. Freud and Diane are at night, and it's a threesome party."

"I see."

I don't know who Freuds and Dia are, but I'm sure they're having an adventure with this kid.

... but the party between the two Knights and the magicians is not balanced. No, it might be a common configuration here because healers said it was rare.

"By the way."


"Can we even fight and get money?

"You can. We fought Slime for the first time just now! I was on my way to the Adventurers Guild because my quest is over... and I'm way off."

I see, the Adventurer Guild?

If you're going now, I'd love to follow you. But he doesn't know where the Adventurer Guild is either. In the end, we just have to walk and look.

"I was looking for an Adventurer's Guild, too, so you want to come with me? Maybe there's two of us."

"Yeah! I want to go with you"

All right.

Though a child, it was nice to get to know someone in this world.

For now I thought of the Adventurer Guild - and the call was "Tina ~!" and the girl made her face shine all the time.

"Are you one of them?

"Yeah! Mr. Freuds, Dia!"

It was two men who came.

"Great, I was worried about you because you're gone, Tina! Hey, where are you?

"Ah, nice to meet you. I say Hiroki. I was looking for an Adventurer's Alliance, too, and if I didn't know the way and I was in trouble, this kid called me out."

"Oh, I see. Then let's go together. I'm Freud, an adventurer."

"I'm Dia."

The man who named himself Freuds, probably in his early 30s. Short brown hair with orange eyes. I can see the goodness of my mind from a smile I grin at.

And the other guy I named Dia was a mid teenager. Red hair, cheerful green eyes.

Speaking of which, I realize I didn't introduce myself to the girl, and I didn't hear her name.

"I wasn't named, I'm Hiroki. Tina, can I?

"Yeah. It's Tina, nice to meet you"

"Oh, nice to meet you"

I was offered a hand, so I shook hands.

"What, what, you didn't introduce yourself yet"

"I forgot. Mr. Freuds, let's go Adventurer Guild."

"Oh, you did"

Mr. Freuds nods and starts walking. Dia-kun walked beside Tina and said, "Are you okay?" He seems worried. I want you to stop saying things like I did.

I decided to walk side by side with Mr. Freuds walking in front.

Then you look at me strangely.

"You're wearing strange clothes."

"Oh, it's my hometown clothes. I want to buy clothes that are easy to move, but I don't have anything to get ahead of me."

"I see. So it's the Adventurer's Guild. If you want money soon, you're quick."

After all, in the Adventurer Guild, they can get instant money if they work. If you work normally, I'm sure you'll get paid every month, so it helps to get paid right away.

"No, what's the occupation?

"I'm a healer."

"Seriously! Speaking of healers, that's a rare profession. But it's tough to fight on your own, like recruiting parties?

"I'm considering it. Mr. Freuds, it's a night... after all, is it unusual for a healer to solo?

Well, you won't want the healer to be aggressive.

I have no offense at all, either.

"You can't be sarcastic, don't do this."


"He said it's going to get rough. A healer solo? It's unusual, it's impossible because you're not aggressive. The one who runs a clinic in the city."

"Uh, you know..."

If you make money in a safe place, I'm sure of it. but then the adventure isn't funny, so in my case, it's dismissed.

I knew I had to find a firepower job and throw a party.

While I was thinking about that, I arrived at the Adventurer's Guild.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

4 Avoidance healers not required