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"Damn, what are you gonna do with such useless healers!

"Your Majesty was angry, too, and you want to take a shot? You incompetent bitch!!"

Two soldiers with a gusty grin can push me into the barn. And keep your fists up, punching me as if I were going to bump my daily stress - Miss!



Miss, Miss, Miss! Miss!!

The soldiers try to beat me up, but they don't even blur.


Well, that's dodging 51.

If this is a two-man attack, you won't be attacked first if you're one-on-one. And I laughed and I said, "Hey!" and walked out of the storeroom wearing a throwaway dialogue.

"Ha, no. Which is incompetent about a soldier who can't get a blow into a healer."

The innkeeper was in the basement of the royal castle, as I said it was a promise. It has some mildew odor but is cleaner than I imagined.

The soldiers push me in, and I take a breath.

They don't have a lookout nearby, they don't make a single noise. The inn I was put in has one door that is the entrance. There are no other entrances or exits. There's just a stiff platform and a simple toilet in the room that seems to replace the bed.

"I don't know what to do..."

I didn't expect to be called incompetent without checking other status values. Of course, we have a status value of 100 for recovery now! Oh, my God, I won't tell you.

I wish I had checked and thought with my head, but I think that's not a good idea.

- No.

Conversely, this expansion may be easier to move later.

"It might be better to get out of the barn than to be that king's. Ah, but when you get out, it's hard to move freely."

Thought, speaking of which, I float in my brain wondering what the other two summoned together would be doing. I'm sure you didn't want this to happen, but all I can say is it was a disaster.

It's not even a question of what I can do.

"In the meantime, do you want to check your future policies and skills?"

I think so, but there's not much I can try that's Priest. Because to heel, you have to be hurt as a big premise.

I can even dare try to get hurt, but honestly I don't like pain that much. That's one of the reasons I chose to dodge healers. How much defense did you get and if you hit it, it hurts somewhat. Then you should do everything you can to avoid it.

When that happens, the skills you can try will be regenerated.

This is also one of the orthodox recovery skills. Not a lot of healing per time, but it is possible to sustain and continue healing. It would be common to put it on a avant-garde position that would become a wall.

"[Regene] to myself"

Then it is wrapped in warmth, just as it was when you used the heel. Breathe in relief that your skills have been activated safely. but unfortunately I don't know the restorative effect.

I decided to check there and wondered if I could understand the number of times I used it. Since there are no items such as magic points, it is opaque how much can be used.

Well, why don't we hit him in a row...

"[Regene] [Regene] [Regene] [Regene] [Regene] [Regene] [Regene] Hereinafter abbreviated as"

My whole body pounds because of my excessive skill. I feel like I took a sand bath. I've never actually been in there.

I've tried my skills a few more times, but I don't see any change in my physical condition, etc. There is probably no limit on the number of times. When it does, it can be inferred that the amount of magic you have is quite large.

"Oh, my God, it looks like a strong category with a status value of 50. My recovery is 100, so I'm not surprised it's the most powerful class of humankind."

Thinking about it, I'm really glad my recovery value didn't show up for the king.

Heel-based skills, including the number of uses, don't seem to be a problem. Speaking of greed, I just want a few more types of skills... but given that I'm still at level 1, there will be room for more.

"... Huh"

Loose drowsiness strikes me because my body is pounding.

I decided to see a little more about jailbreaking, and I decided to let my desires take me to sleep.

◆ ◆ ◆

"You can often sleep in a place like this..."

"A lot's happened, so I think I'm tired"

"Well, I know you're tired... but how gutsy are you sitting there sleeping belly-up"

Behind my brain, where I slept comfortably, my voice sounded.

It wasn't until a while before my consciousness awoke step by step and realized that it was the two summoned together.

"... yes"


"Good Morning"

Watanabe-kun and Toriya-san were watching me. I was dressed in the clothes of this world, not in the uniform when I was summoned.

Watanabe is sometimes a brave man in knightly clothing. Deep red is elegant and looks adult somewhere.

Mr. Little Bird Play is wearing a dress, although he must have been a wizard. The air just seemed different around her, even though she was dressed badly as a dress in a storeroom.

Yes, I am, as I was when I was summoned.

"I heard the whole story for now, and I just calmed down. Sakurai-kun has been given permission to leave the store, so let's move the place."



"No, thanks"

Somehow, I was wondering if I would be abandoned - Watanabe put in words that cared for me, whether I was feeling okay or not hungry.

Out of the cabin, the room was reserved for Watanabe. in a room with luxurious ornaments but somewhere restless. Too flashy.

"You're restless in this room..."

"Honestly, I doubt my taste"


Watanabe, who became the room owner, seemed to have the same idea, and laughed bitterly.

"Then again. I'm Lian Watanabe, 19 years old."

"I play with little birds, 18. Nice to meet you."

"Thank you for saving me from the barn. I'm Hiroshi Sakurai, 19 years old."

Briefly introduce yourself and ask me to tell you about this world.

This is a place called the Kingdom of Piznut, one of the countries on the Loquat continent inhabited by man. In addition, there are the Apricot continents inhabited by the Demons and the Tangerine continents inhabited by the Beasts.

Because this is adjacent to the Demon Continent, there are many demons entering the territory, and it seems the kings will want to destroy the Demon King to stop it.

"Most importantly, it's a return to Japan... but they can return when they defeat the Demon King. When I left, the time and place would be the same."

"You're an abbot."

"Yeah. Honestly, you only smell frigid."

Watanabe tells me that, and Mr. Toriku is nodding next door as well.

"We can't believe we luxury ourselves and entrust important tasks to strangers"

"Yeah. Me and Little Bird Play are stepping on the idea that defeating the Demon King won't get us back to Japan."

"That, I agree with you, too. I was a little relieved to see what I would do if Watanabe, the brave one, was a bloodthirsty bastard used to do the kings good."

When I told him with a laugh, Watanabe said, "Really?" I say and laugh.

"Lotus is fine with me. It's the three of us in the same town, and I'm tired of being too uptight. And the language."

"... is that true too? Call me Hiroshi."

"I'm glad you called me Ruru."

We shake hands with each other, and this reassures me that we're going to be able to work hard. I played all the games, so here's the thing, I'm not good at communicating. Guess what.

The two of you told me what you thought while I was sleeping in the bungalow.

"Those kings can't be trusted. But it's not a good idea to leave this country completely. If the summoned method is here, there must be a method of return or similar research."

"Looks like there are other demons and beasts out there, but given the intelligence aspect, I don't think we should make fun of humans."

Sure, I snort.

I hope it's all-purpose magic, but if it's managed under the item Skills...... it wouldn't be a good idea to get away from where you're studying. It doesn't matter how much you don't care about the king.

Nevertheless, we cannot even say that there is no clue between the Apricot continent inhabited by the Demons and the Tangerine continent inhabited by the Beasts. Given the magic, Apricot just wants to get there early.

Moving with the three of us is, to be honest, inefficient. But acting alone is also dangerous.

"As far as I'm concerned, I'm going to stay here. To Hiroshi..."

So Lotus whispers untold.

Apparently, the thought was the same. It makes sense that the two accepted by the King gather information here. Hated me. It's natural for me to go to other continents, and there won't be any problems.

"I'll look elsewhere for information."

"... but there's also a lot of danger"

"Aim to avoid healers, so no problem"


"Avoid all enemy attacks."

"I see, that's invincible"

If you try this, it looks like you ran for high-risk intelligence gathering, but the truth is that I don't want to be here.

That's why I told you I was a gamer.

"Nevertheless, I have to get used to this world, so it's tough to go to other continents right away"

"That would be so. Even I don't think I'll find a way home soon..."

It's our three perceptions that it's going to be a long fight.



"Speaking of which, you're thankful for getting me out of the store. You heard the king very well."

"Uh... right"

I saw a lotus that seemed unspeakable somewhere and knew immediately that I had been blown through some exchange terms. And he turned his sleeve and showed me his bracelet.

There are no decorations on the rugged surface. Where I leaned my neck to say what the hell that was, Lotus tells me.

"We could find out someday anyway, so I'll tell you what. I really want to keep it to myself, but because I'm one of them, I never want to hide anything.... This is a contract bracelet. I asked you to allow the freedom of the three of us, subject to attachment."

"Ha!? No, no, no, you, because it... Lotus isn't free at all!? What kind of contract is that?"

"It's not that restrained. You can't go to another country without the king's permission."

"... fuck"

I would prefer a substitute for immediate termination of the contract, but if it is rare and difficult to break the contract, you will also need to look for a way to do so. What the hell do you think of the brave man who summoned you? No, I only see it as my pawn...?

Nevertheless, you can't strongly blame the lotus for thinking about us.

If I hadn't acted recklessly, this wouldn't have happened.

When I look for a way to cancel absolutely, I swear to my heart.

"I wish I could have done something too..."

"It's not something that Ruri cares about. See, I'm older."

If I wanted to be useful, I would regret it. Lotus follows it, but he shook his head and said, "Because I'll be absolutely strong".

"I understand the circumstances for now. Oh, for once, my skills are heels and regeneration. When it comes to recovery, I think you can trust me because I have a status of 100"

"I kind of get the heel, Regene?

Explain the effects of Regene to the neck leaning lotus, and ask them to also tell you the status of the two. Lotus apparently waved a few bonus points on offense and defense, or magic and defense.

Status values were [Attack] for Physical Attack, [Magic] for Magic Attack, [Heal] for Heal, [Defense] for Defense, [Hit] for Hit Rates such as Bows and Stones, and [Evasion] avoided of course.

"I'm your cousin who decided to contact you when something happened, but I don't know... In the meantime, from now on, I'll pass by Hiroshi, who's not named after the Kings. Both of you, when you get in touch, use the name below."

"Okay. If I hear from you by your last name, I'll think of it as a trap."

"Right. Let's move carefully for a while."

That's what I said, we nodded face to face.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

3 Escape from the Royal Castle