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On the full train in the morning, I certainly should have been sitting there playing the game as usual. Students staring at smartphones to sleepy salesmen.

Yes, it's not a different routine.

"... here, where?

Unconsciously, I wouldn't have any choice but to whine like that.

I was on a full train because I was sitting on a cold cobblestone sometime. In response to the words spoken, the blurring reaches my ears. When I looked up at the face I was leaning over and looked forward, the sight was spreading as if it were a game.

A soldier dressed in armor stood beside a red carpet, and two knights stood at the end of it to compel the cape. Just looking at me faraway, I'm not trying to get close.

Behind it - on the throne at the end of the red carpet sat a fat man with plenty.

You're like a king.

I just had a lot of patience for inadvertently wanting to laugh with my nose, and I heard a confused voice coming from next door.

"There he is, what's going on?

"Are you all right?

"Thank you......"

There were men and women my age. I quickly found out that men are in private clothes but girls are in high school because they are sailor clothes.

Is it reasonable to assume that it is some kind of movie location? I thought maybe these two might know something about the situation, but from the look on their faces, they seem somewhere anxious.

... just like me, not sure?

Then I just have to ask the suspicious adults around me. How am I supposed to cut this out? That's what I tried to think, and that ended up in jail.

Because the man who sat on the throne opened his mouth.

"Welcome, brave line!!"


No way, there's no way. - And while I thought about it, some word was thrown that I had hoped for in the depths of my heart. Exactly the temple of the game, I ran into.

"I, Joseph Lower Piznut. My Piznut country is close to the demonic continent where the demons live. I ask the brave men to crusade the Demon King."

"For more information, let me explain"

The man who named himself King doesn't seem to have a lot of rings and ornaments and trouble with words and backs. I don't like it very much just because I wear luxurious ornaments and flirt with them.

The man who then told him to explain is as thin as the king. But I know that the clothing that wears it is a luxury product, so I guess it is a person with an identity. Gold, embroidered loose, white robe. He's like a magician.

There are demons, so it's no wonder there's magic.

"First, may I ask your name?

"... Sakurai"

"It's a little bird game."


It's me, the girls, the guys in order. Neither of us named the name below because I only had my last name.

Little birdie is stretching her beautiful dark hair to her waist. My eyes are a little watery and very pretty. Probably out of fear, a little trembling.

You're definitely younger than me in college because you're dressed in sepia sailor clothes.

Watanabe has red brown hair because the pigment is a little thin. Because it's beautifully organized, I can easily imagine that it's an honor student type.

Khaki jacket, black trousers. I have a bigger tote bag, so it would be about a college student.

And me.

His name is Hiroshi Sakurai.

On my way to college, I got caught up in this strange phenomenon. Ruffled 3/4 sleeve big t-shirt with black trousers.

You'll be lucky to have left your backpack on. My wallet is also in my pocket, but I don't think I can use the Japanese yen.

"Over the years we have done summoning magic. And he succeeded in summoning a line of brave men..."

To sum up the man's story, here's the deal.

Because there is a demonic continent next door inhabited by demons, they summoned us, brave men, to crusade the Demon King. You should be able to be stronger than the civilians, so work out a little bit and defeat the Demon King

Are you stupid?

When I sigh small, the two summoned together have a frightened look. I'm relieved that I'm not a bloodthirsty person for nothing, and I'm going to predict future developments.

I'm telling you to be strong, so maybe you have a concept like level. Demons, dungeons, often conceivable. Nevertheless, there is nothing I can do about it in the present situation where I do not know my aptitude.

"Now let's see how strong the braves are. Please view the status plate"


The word of a skinny man was a wind that he would know and deserve. The man must have noticed right away, too. "This is..." he continued.

"Didn't you know? [STATUS OPEN] So this is how you can see your condition."

When I told him that, a window appeared in front of the man.

Names and levels, occupations and proficiency values are displayed in numbers. It really sounds like a game, but then I fucking laugh that it's convenient. If it's a world similar to the game, it must be easy for me as a gamer to live in. Probably. I'm sure.

"… [Status Open]"

As I continued my words, the two people next door showed the same status.

Hiroki Sakrai

Level: 1

Occupation: Priest

Attack: 1

Magic: 1

Recovery: 100

Defense: 1

Hit: 1

Avoid: 1

Skills: Language Acquisition, Heel Regene

Status Points: 50

... a lot of biased status.

Seeing language acquisition, I notice the language wall for the first time. I didn't care because I could normally have a conversation, but there's certainly no way the other person is speaking Japanese.

Then, on heels of recovery, regeneration of recovery persistence. It's a better skill to live in this world. Whatever happens, it's strong to be able to treat yourself.

Priest means restoration. I mean......


When Boosh and I squeal, ooh, cheers from all around us.

"Restorative jobs are rare. There is something called Priest in the top position of a healer, which makes it possible, in extreme cases, to heal any injury. There are only a few of them in the world, but they were summoned with the brave, so I'm sure they can be Priest. That would be the first Priest in our country."


I said healer because of my game habits, but was it a lower position in Priest?

If you're mistaken, there won't be a problem.

I decided to put it through with a healer, not a Priest. Whatever it was, it flushed, but the man said there was no Priest in this country. They're in other countries, but it still doesn't make any difference that they're in a rare position.

"I'm a Wizard"

"Oh, that will be the top position of a magician. Excellent!!"

"I'm like a brave man..."

"Oh, was Master Watanabe the brave one? Hmm, it's a balanced party, very nice."

Watanabe, confused, was anxiously looking at the status.

I think it's pathetic that it's the profession under the most pressure, but honestly I think it's the bravest of these three. This may be easy to understand when it comes to the disciplined student chairman type.

"When the level increases, you can optionally increase your status. Don't forget."

"Are you going to raise it yourself...... Sure, you have 50 status points. But which one should I raise?"

"Oh, my God, do you have a status point? You're the brave man who summoned you, so maybe you have it. Normally, you can earn points when the level rises."

Listen to Watanabe, and I'll check my status window again. Sure, there was a status point notation down there at 50.

To assign, check first.

"Um, what is the average of the status values?

"If you are a businessman in battle, is it about 20-30? If you are over 50, you can name it a lot stronger and it is top notch"


Hearing the words, I am convinced that Priest is indeed a superior position. If resilience is top notch at 50, how amazing am I at 100? Perhaps the recovery won't have to be raised any more...... I'd like to try to verify.

And then, I remember my old wounds. When I was young, it was a wound to my arm when I was in a car accident. Though it has healed, the scar remains firm and severely painful. I care enough to avoid half a dozen even in the summer.


I whisper so no one can hear me.

Then the body was wrapped in warmth and the old wounds disappeared. Wouldn't it be quite amazing to be able to heal an ancient wound rather than just a presently progressive form of injury?

We decided that no further recovery was necessary.

I reflected my bonus points in my status.

Hiroki Sakrai

Level: 1

Occupation: Priest

Attack: 1 Magic: 1

Recovery: 100

Defense: 1

Hit: 1

Avoid: 51

Skills: Language Acquisition, Heel Regene

Status Points: 0

"Mm-hmm. This is it."

I swing to evasion.

Resilience is first and foremost required for resilience. And secondly, not to die. And thirdly, stand around. - And I think.

Everyone would think that what it takes to not die is defensiveness. Even when attacked, you better be able to withstand a lot of health. Well, everyone thinks about it first.

But that's not funny then. Sure, defense matters, but if you get attacked, that's damaging. When I use healing magic on myself, I can't help other members for that matter.

So what do I do?

The answer is simple.

You can avoid it.

That way I can focus on supporting others because I won't be attacked. It may not be mainstream, but it's my theory that it's the ideal form to be a healer.

"Sakurai-san, have you waved your point yet?

A little birdplay who was lost and watching the status window asked me. I'm unfamiliar with these things, and I'm probably having trouble figuring out what to do.

"Yeah. I swung it all, avoiding it"

"Avoiding? You mean avoiding?


"Heh heh heh heh heh heh!? Dear Sakurai, did you really shake everything to avoid it!? Speaking of healers, isn't that a choice to shake to recovery!! This is not resilient enough and it doesn't have to help!! Why didn't you ask me before you did it!


Until earlier, a thin man, somewhat polite, stares at me in a tremendous shape and stands fast. It's nothing. I have 100 recoveries, so I don't have a problem...

Now I was wondering what to do, and now the king who was sitting on the throne rose with his face red.

"You're a fool to say you're a valuable healer!! Take him to the barn! What do you mean, the incompetent guy is a line of brave men like this"

"Hey, king! Exactly. That's tyranny, even for Mr. Sakurai, there must be a reason!

"Don't give me orders."

Watanabe tried to help me, but the king kicks me in the ass.

I was branded an incompetent healer, and I was supposed to go into a cell.

This novel has been translated by JPMTL.com and if you are reading this somewhere, they have stolen our translation.

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