The world's strongest hard worker

Enda Marimo - Aono Hakuto・ongoing

Main Genre


In this world, people are more talented than the goddess at the age of twelve. Ironically, the main character, River, was endowed with the talent of "effort." There is nothing special to mention, and unlike other talents, there is no growth correction. He was just a talent to endure his efforts, so he was ridiculed by others. However, only River found the possibility in [effort]. Because Rivell was born with the skill to get the information he wanted to know, "Wisdom". Using his talent and skill, Wisdom, River begins a nonstandard effort. This is a heaven of effort while came up the stairs of talent is to stretch the strongest, is the story overthrow a number of formidable enemy.

Sub Genres


  • Sekai Saikyou No Doryokuka: Sainou Ga (Doryoku) Datta No De Kouritsu Yoku Kikakugai No Doryoku O Shitemiru
  • 世界最強の努力家 ~才能が【努力】だったので効率良く規格外の努力をしてみる~